Seeds of Faith

Today was a good day. Didn’t do much walking but I did get to walk around Walmart while I waited for some of the crowd to thin out…never one for crowds. I got in a work out though…in the garden. I’m on break now watching Mr work on Butterfly, his bimmer…his baby…men and their cars!

I dug 12 holes for transplants…all herbs. From seed, I also started more basil both sweet and spicy. Coriander in both the front and back because I love it. Of course, I’ve shared my gingermint experiment and my plan is to just let it continue to spread by properly preparing the soil, which I did. Also from seed; spearmint, peppermint and lemon balm. Even found a few lavender seeds and tossed them into the mix!

I have marigolds returning and something pretty & pink that flew over from a neighbor and I’ve already thanked her. I took it upon my self to also drop a few nasturtium seed here and there. I’ve recently put one of the citronella outback and she’s not happy…not happy at all. Life!

Our little neighbor Big Man came over for a while. He has a new scooter and knows how to ride it…He’s two but there’s nothing terrible about him. We chatted as he showed us how his Spiderman scooter lights up…he is so eager to learn. He heads over to the car with my husband like, let’s finish this up and play and follows him around the car foot to foot…I took him outback and pushed him around a little in his jeep. The battery is dead, so when I suggest we go back to the front he gives me this look of innocence and mischief perfectly paired!!! Vetta has faith that the innocence outweighs the mischief…and that goes for us all…just as I have faith that these seeds are going to produce…I just believe! And just as one plants seeds and they grow, as one reads The Word, it grows within us…becoming a part us, just as God intended!

The Evidence…Faith Is!

And that’s how life goes, all we can do is plant the seed and see if it grows. I’ve planted some seed lately and I’m trusting God to either have it grow or just say no. I’m just one to try and give 2nd chances and 3rd. I know when God has a person in my path it’s for me to bless them as well as them bless me…sometimes those blessings are lessons…lessons hard learned.

I’m simply at a point of obedience that if God says bless…I’m blessing. It’s up to the other to receive. I am so thankful that God has anointed me to receive…anointed me to believe…

Vetta believes there is nothing to hard for God and just leaves it at that…enjoying the breeze and the birds…and the sounds!!! Sooths my soul, making it easier to wait…wait on change…wait on things to get better…wait on these seeds and easier to wait on God.

What are you doing while you’re waiting on God?

Waiting On God…

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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