All Is Well

My soul got happy today…I was absolutely overcome with joy and The Love of God cancelled out every bit of negativity and confusion that the enemy attempted to throw my way.

On today my son called with great news concerning his Dr appointment…with showing no signs of cancer. He still has to wait on results from blood work because he got a full check up but my heart and mind is at ease.

I was literally talking to God about him and looked over at my phone and had missed his call while in the midst of my prayers that had concluded with me trusting that all was well…and it was…we both got a little laugh out of that, simply because we understand the kind of God we serve.

He celebrated at birthday last week…32 years of life. A life well lived and I couldn’t be any prouder of the man he has become and is becoming.

I love him completely… and that is a mother’s love!

I’ve been super busy lately. Real Estate classes, caring for my husband, enjoying my garden and making time for self care.

Self Care is truly a gift from God…

My husband received the results of his PET Scan which indicate that the cancer is shrinking… Praise God!!! There are other medical issues that he is dealing with but the news of this cancer shrinking far outweigh the other. His spirits are high and he is ready to fight through it all. Chemo treatments are scheduled to continue and in the end…he wins!!!

His appetite has increased and he weighed in at 115lbs; the most he has weighed all year…we both were so tickled with excitement and thankful.

On the home front all is well…my inside babies are thriving and the jungle is slowly reappearing and I couldn’t be more pleased.

I’ve eased up on the emotional eating, started riding my Schwinn more often and even went for a short walk the other day.

And as always, I get most of my exercise from working in my garden.

Vetta’s Garden is thriving… and so is Vetta!!!

Life might not be perfect but life is good and all is well with my soul.

Blessings Abounding and Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water!


For The Love of God

One thing I love about God…is He Answers and He Answers according to His Will.

I’ve been praying that my husband not have to be so dependent on these pharmaceuticals. When this chapter began he was only taking one, which in my opinion is the worst of all that he takes now. Last week I began to become disgusted every 4 hours when it was time for his meds. He was prescribed them for pain management when the cancer was diagnosed and they definitely were helping him but I also know that in the long run his dependency on them will be a problem. I continue to monitor his pain and over the last few days we have agreed that instead of every 4 hours he can do every 4 1/2 or 5 hours as long as he is not experiencing any pain.

Well I’m pleased with the fact that this week has been relatively a low pain week for him and so the amount of pain meds have been low as well…being so he has been more energized, more coherent and more mobile…with a desire to get out of the bed as well as out of the house. Of course our Sunday drive was pleasant…to add to it we ventured out to Walmart that same night for snacks. On Monday we went to a local dinner for lunch. Tuesday we took a short drive and then Wednesday after his rehab we picked up desert and sat at the park and boat ramp enjoying the water and watching as the boats sped by. The sun was warm and the sky was bright. I had cooked his favorite lima beans and so we headed home after a while for a nice lunch and a nap.

I’m so happy for him and proud of his efforts…he is certainly doing better these days than before. And so I continue to pray…I lay hands on him and pray to Our Father in Heaven and He Answers according to His Will.

I spoke with a support member from the cancer support group today…she wanted to remind me to take care of me as I take care of my husband. I shared with her how I spend my self care time in my garden and how it brings me peace and the joy I feel growing food for my family. It was a pleasant conversation.

With the mention of my garden check out the sweet potato patch. I can hardly wait. My husband is excited for a sweet potato crumble.

Our potatoes are making their way as well. He wanted potato salad one day this week and I told him I had used the remainder of our harvest so I’d need to go to the market but that it would not be long and he just smiled.

I am just so thankful for everything…every single little thing that God is doing.

Be it day by day…hour by hour or minute by minute, I am thankful and grateful and mindful that The Power of God is evident in our lives and The Love…I am thankful for The Love of God.

Blessings Abounding,Vetta


Sunday Drive

Beginning back in the 1920’s the idea of taking a pleasure ride began and it was done on Sunday’s…On today, we did just that. No appointments. No errands. No particular destination.

Just the two of us…Like always.

It’s the first time all week that my husband has felt energized. He even showed me how to change the bulb in the Benz. It was nice to get out and ride through the city. The winds were a little harsh…we didn’t mind at all and then the sun started to peep out at us.

We made our way home and he checked out the garden. It’s grown alot from Monday to Sunday and he was definitely proud…God’s Rain has been a blessing to Vetta’s Garden.

He sat downstairs for quite a while as I prepared lunch and as always complimented me on how I had yet once again rearranged the furniture. He noticed the plants as well saying that I was working my way back to having a jungle downstairs again and all I could do was laugh. He also noticed that the aloe plants were not only getting big but multiplying as well. He makes sure he puts them to good use and I love it. I cut him a fresh piece off to have by his bedside.

I’ll need to harvest more oregano soon, it’s growing so fast…and so finally today I tucked away what I had previously dried that I had just lying around and placed it in jars so I have room for the new. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to cook with fresh herbs…even more beautiful that they come from my own little garden. I am going to make oregano oil with some of this as well.

A little goes a long way…

This evening as we talked during dinner, I reminded my husband of were we were this time of the year several years back…In California. It was our first time. We attended a two day festival in San Bernidido, visited Disneyland in Las Vegas and explored like we always do when we travel. There was a wax museum that we found but it was closed. I was so disappointed. It was an amazing experience that I always hold dear.

Let The Good Times Roll

This evening I took some of our greens from the freezer and cooked some rice…we left the meat at the market and I’m glad about it. We have certainly been indulging more than we normally do and it was time for a break.

I am thankful that he felt up to leaving the house today but it certainly tired him out, but he rested well which is exactly what he needs.

I am also thankful for a good week ahead for him…for us both. Thankful for our intercessors. Thankful that our strength comes from The Lord.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Something Special

There’s just something special about Saturdays…I always reflect on times when I was young and my siblings and I would watch Saturday morning cartoons and eat cereal. Eagerly anticipating the prize that would be inside of the cereal box.

On this morning, as I was talking to God I suddenly realized I was hearing the television…my husband had tuned in to the early morning cartoons. I made us some breakfast and joined him. We had a few laughs before he nodded back off.

I spent the rest of the morning in the garden…I needed to trellis a few things before the stormy weather returned so I used several palm tree limbs and some twine to secure tomatoes, cucumber and the Japanese Eggplant. I also did some companion planting; adding watermelon radish, lavender and more sweet corn to the garden.

The Best Is Yet To Come

For lunch my husband had a craving for Pizza Hut…I’d normally make us a pizza but the chemo treatments really make his appetite decrease…so when he wants something I get that to ensure that he eats. It’s been quite some time since we’ve eaten Pizza Hut and I joined him on today. I went straight for the garden after picking up our goodies; adding thai, purple and spicy basil, parsley and fresh green onions to mine…a few sprinkles of my crushed red pepper flakes and I was a happy camper. We watched a little television and chatted it up…he had questions concerning his life expectancy and I reminded him that God has the final say in these matters and as one of our intercessors had said just this morning that he has prayer all around him. He says that he feels me even in his sleep when I am laying hands and praying. No Dr’s have said anything of the sort. Just one oblivious nurse during one of his ER stays saying to him that he should be in hospice…of course I had went home to shower. People are weird and careless with their words so often. Planting seeds of doubt in a already fragile mind is disgusting and I reminded him that the only thing he needs to replay in his head is the last 8 years of our life together and couple that with looking forward to putting up with me and my garden for a minimum of the next 25 years.

I told him that we’d be growing some new things in the near future…I ordered some medicinal herbs/roots.

Health is wealth!

With the mention of wealth…check out our peanuts. I’m just so proud of my little garden. To me, it’s the grandest of any homestead ☺

This is the mindset that one must have…the appreciation of the little things open up the miracles of your life.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Stand On Your Words

According to Biblical Mathematics the number seven relates to completeness, the spiritual and perfection.

Completeness through the union of earth with heaven.

The word FINISHED is also connected to the number seven.


The last seven days of my life have been interesting to say the least.

On this morning, before the rain I decided to do some grounding before checking the garden. It’s important for me to connect with nature in as many ways possible. Centering myself after a anticipated unbalanced episode.

Stand Your Ground…Protect Your Peace

I’ve completed my orientation with my real estate course and will start work on the syllabus over the weekend…I’m excited and to celebrate I added a Japanese Eggplant to the garden.

I was gifted 2 small Berry Bush Cherry tomato plants that actually had several plants within the containers of each…I separated them and now have tomatoes everywhere that already have blooms. It was quite the surprise and an even better blessing because I only had the one Cherokee Purple Tomato and had considered starting more from seed.

Vetta’s Garden is thriving…White Mouth Day flowers showing up throughout is the tip of the iceberg and Vetta is thriving as well.

I spent one day this week repotting my inside babies. Several had developed multiple plants so I was able to add more to the jungle. Propagating two of my pothos and adding the clippings to pots that sit in a set of beautiful macrame holders that I’ve had for several years just hanging around…literally.

I reluctantly cut back my corn plant because she never recovered from being outside one day…she’s like a woman who had a big chop hair cut but she’s healthy now and that’s all that matters.

A fresh start is what’s needed sometimes…

Gee, our peace lily had multiple babies as well so now instead of one plant we have three…and just in time because I finally let my husband’s daughter know exactly how I felt about her after she let me know exactly how she felt about me….it wasn’t a pleasant exchange but necessary and long overdue. I’m so at peace with my decision to remove her from my life. You try hard to love folks but there are some that are unloveable and unreasonable…The moment I realized that she had lost her mind, I let her know how easily I could lose mine as well and how unreasonable I could be. Her father has lung cancer and she has the audacity to ask him for money while he is sitting in a chair receiving chemo/autoimmune therapy…I was disgusted. After our exchange of words. I let my husband know that she is not welcome in our home and that as she saves her money to come and visit with him, she needs to save enough for a hotel as well. There’s not enough room in here for two grown women…not even for a few days. I bent over backwards for her as a child and tolerated more than I should have…disrespectful and ungrateful children become disrespectful and ungrateful adults and I want no parts of this one. I share this so that others know that you are worthy of respect and that money can’t buy it…same as it can’t buy love. We all deserve both…especially from children that we choose to love…that are not our own. Settle for nothing less!

As my mother would say…two can play that game. Any person that can attempt to drain another and while my husband is fighting cancer among other illnesses has NO PLACE in MY LIFE. Letting my husband know my decision and why and leaving it that. He agreed that she is definitely out of control just as his own mother had spoke that she would be while she was still just two or three years old.

There is NO ONE that I am not willing to cut off in order to maintain my peace…ABSOLUTELY NO ONE!

Monday was his 3rd chemo session and soon he will get another PET scan to see how things are looking from the inside. His oncologist has already scheduled 3 more sessions.

He weighed in just under 112lbs which is the most he has weighed all year. It’s Thurs and the B12 shot has finally wore off which means he will rest more and that’s exactly what he needs.

I was finally able to schedule an appointment with a endocrinologist concerning his nerve pain for next month…until then the Rx he was given is helping somewhat.

Friday is a visit to his urologist and I’m praying for a good report.

The rain is coming along with hail and tornado warnings…I am thankful that today we have no appointments and don’t have to be out in the weather.

Today is a good day for laundry. The floors will be cleaned as well. At some point while loving on my plants, a small lizard made it’s way inside…little fella is all over the place and last night I stepped on his tail. I hope he is OK because I haven’t seen him since.

Dinner will be light and a early night of rest with all of the rain…the very best weather to sleep in. Mr is sleeping well. He certainly needs his rest…I asked if he was going to call his daughter and he declined…I think he made a wise choice. Once he thinks she has calmed down he will check on her. I’m proud of him for putting himself first. His health is most important.

I can’t wait to see how the garden does after all of this wonderful rain…Blessings Abounding, Vetta


My Prayers

Today was a good day. I do believe my husband was up before me on today. He enjoys his rehab sessions; mainly for the massage. He was all smiles as he came out of his session.

We’d normally go for a ride by the water but we were both tired and ready for lunch and a nap. My prayer is that soon he will be able to sleep through the night without needing the pain pills. Until then my alarm remains set to every 4 hours…through sleep and all I’m sure that I am able to get his meds to him on time because if his pain level gets above 6 or 7 it’s a struggle for it to not be at 10 in no time if he is late with his meds.

He is eating much better and more frequently…I pray that it continues even after chemo on Monday.

I played in the garden this evening…planting several more watermelon from our stash from last summer. I didn’t label them so it’s either red or yellow just as long as they are sweet. A few cantaloupe, onions, more sweet corn and pinto beans.

I added more flowers as well. A heirloom fragrant flower mix.

Next was my own little experiment…creating my very own heirloom. I’m so proud of myself and excited to see the results.

I’ve got to give some attention to the jungle on this weekend. My inside babies are giving me the side eye in the mornings as I turn off their grow light and head outside with merely a whisper.

I’m thankful that it’s sometimes barely a whisper when I call on His Name…yet The Father hears me…He knows my voice and continues to answer.

He Always Answers…Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta



Today has been full and I am so thankful.

A early morning teleconference to further establish my husband’s care plan. Not having to leave the comfort of your home is a plus and needed. I was able to complete my chores…last night’s dishes loaded in dishwasher and a load a day keeps the laundry at bay. A quick trip to the market. A pleasantly short line at the pharmacy and I am home for the day.

I spoke with my dad today and he has completed his chemo and all is well…I am so grateful to God. His spirits are always high and he always has an encouraging word.

Without further ado, I signed up for my real estate class…a little anxiety but it was short lived once I remembered that I have the best of the best mentoring me.

To take the edge off I planted more ginger and tumeric. I’m thankful that you can gently dig around if you need some of either rather than waiting for the 8 or 9 months for a complete harvest.

Reluctantly I topped all my peppers…I want max fruit this season and topping them ensures that the plant focuses on producing rather than just growing tall and skimpy or even empty in rare cases.

Mr is back craving the meats…so on today his request was for baked chicken and again I joined him. Regular baked for him and because I’m special I’ll be having orange pepper baked chicken. We still have red beans & rice and collard greens for sides. The chicken has the house smelling wonderful on this evening.

I have a small project that I have taken on and a good friend is up for the challenge to help me out; so this evening will be full as well.

A early night because Mr has another early morning appointment at Rehab. I’m thankful that it’s not that far from home…because home is where the heart is.

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Over and Out

Tuesdays visit with my husband’s primary went well…it always does. He even gained a couple pounds, tipping the scale at 110lbs. We both agree that God has blessed him with the best of the best in physicians. Asked what day would we like for his next appointment in July…I turned to my husband and asked if he’d like to come on the 19th so that we would without a doubt be on the beach for our anniversary and he said of course.

These 8 years have gone by so quickly and quietly. Just the two of us…in our own little world.

The weather was weathering this morning. A lovely 48 degrees @ 6:30 as we started moving around here in The Sunshine State. I certainly didn’t want to leave the warmth of my bed.

After his appointment it had warmed up just a little so we enjoyed the sunshine and the breeze on the beach for a few before heading back across the bridge.

Mr had a craving for a homemade cheese burger, which has become rare since his cancer diagnosis…If you can’t beat em’ join them and so I did. We stopped by the market and purchased ground chuck and enjoyed a nice lunch; adding baked beans and corn on the side.

He even sat out back and soaked up more vitamin D while I cooked and chatted a little with my Bonus baby ( his oldest daughter)

He had facetimed with his teenager directly after his appointment.

His friend from up north had texted me early morning to check on him as well. It’s always a blessing to be able to give a good report to those who are concerned.

And because napping has become life…after lunch we did just that.

I didn’t rest well because of a headache. I’m not sure what brought it on but it’s after 10pm and it’s still nagging at me.

Before I started dinner I headed to my happy place and did some more sowing. Finding a space for all of these goodies. Turnip, swiss chard, kohlrabi, radish and some lovely morning glory. Those few potatoes were added to the potato patch as well and I must say it’s doing good…leaves are popping up everywhere which means tubers are sure to form.

Everything has it’s place

I even took the time to check on my babies for bugs.

Mr wanted red beans and rice with his collard greens that I harvested on yesterday and dinner was served. A little television and prepared for bed early because tomorrow is yet another appointment. We’ve got quite the schedule and we are learning to take the good with the bad and thankful that we are here for the ups and the downs of life.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


In The Long Run

Monday was magical.

It certainly didn’t start out like that but I had to make up in my mind and settle in my spirit that no weapon formed would prosper.

My husband had quite the appetite again. He was even able to get out for a little walk around the garden. It exhausted him but he desperately needed the exercise as well as the sunshine.

I ran a quick errand while he napped. Returned home and started in the garden…

All Is Well

The pepper patch was doing well after the hard rain. I am so excited for the cayenne and sweet peppers to be added to the circle. The tulips in back are ready to be cut back…maybe in the next few days. With the anticipation of my careless carrots, all I can do is smile. I’ll do my happy dance once I see some green hit the surface.

I started another small bed on the side. I dug a hole and added some collards that something had been feasting on and a few kitchen scraps…there’s nothing quite like composting. I think that bed will be dedicated to more tomatoes. The rest of the collards made their way into Vetta’s Kitchen for Tuesday’s dinner. Mr saw them on his tour and decided that he’d like some for dinner soon.

An early morning appointment on this Tuesday to his primary so across the bridge we go. He needs the fresh air and the scenery.

On Monday I had a good conversation with a friend that I hadn’t spoken to in months. It was good to hear her voice and catch up with one another.

Sometimes life has one so busy that we forget we need our friends…and so God sent me another friend Monday evening and we talked and talked until we lost track of time. I was able to show off my garden and gift a few baby aloe plants.

It’s now late in the midnight hours and I am praying that sleep finds me soon.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Said And Done

Saturday’s rain was music to my ears. The winds were strong…making the curtains sway wildly and then I felt the rain on my back rushing through the screen of the open window. Once my skin had enough of the sensation, I closed the window.

Staring out in the darkness as the clouds released upon God’s Earth…Thankful that Vetta’s Garden was receiving all that she was in need of.

We had announced that we would sleep like babies due to all of the rain…but I did not. My thoughts consumed me and later my prayers would do the same.

A big breakfast for my husband on Sunday morning and he enjoyed it all. His appetite is definitely improving. Same with lunch. I was pleasantly surprised. A light dinner and all is well.

I was able to do some weeding right before sunset…after the rain is the best time to pull weeds because the ground is still wet and things come up and out much easier.

And because I really don’t mind working under the moonlight…I was able to complete a few other tasks as well.

Three of the cucumber plants stayed in the ground awaiting a trellis. The other three went into containers that I placed around a folding screen that my husband purchased for me last year. This will be quite the trellis once they begin to climb.

The tulips that my husband’s cousin gifted me went into the ground. I separated the bulbs and three plants became nine. Three up front with the other six placed behind a few peppers. A green bell pepper, a jalapeño and a purple bell pepper. The peppers are all established so directly in front of them I carelessly sowed carrot seeds…the peppers will serve as shade to the carrots as the heat is soon to be upon us here in The Sunshine State.

Counting Down The Days

More corn was sowed as well. I finally moved our purple cherokee tomato from her container into the ground and she looks much happier. A marigold to the left and a green onion to the right with mints of every kind in ground nearby…all to keep the critters and pest away.

All of the runners from our red strawberry plant took their place in a pot as well…the pot that once held lavender.

One of our prayer warriors came out to play with her herbs as I was working. She always says it’s just for fun…if it grows it grows and I always laugh. She had a marigold and so I pulled a green onion from my garden and placed it in her container that held a tomato plant…explaining to her the purpose. She’s always amazed that I know all these little things and it’s just the funniest thing to me. She also had a bag of soil that she was not going to use and passed it right to me…I’m always so thankful that she’s right next door. We chatted for a while and then she left me to finish my work and enjoy my peace.

A light water on the garden and a heavy spray on The Bimmer & The Benz…the pollen was heavy and I don’t think a yellow vehicle is all that appealing lol

A hot shower and a recap for my hubby of my garden antics and I am one tired chica. A nice tall glass of lime water next to my bed…a early night because I have a early morning.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Under The Moonlight

Friday’s afternoon appointment was rescheduled. My husband’s primary was out sick. So instead we took a little joy ride through the city.

Some areas are on the rise while others look as though not much progress has been made since Hurricane Michael…the years are just passing.

Mr needed peppermint patties, so we made a quick stop before heading home.

I cooked crab cakes for lunch. The jumbo lump crab meat was so fresh and they were exceptional.

Afterwards, a little laundry and lots of laughs. I’m happy for him…that he is feeling better despite the continued diagnosis of other issues.

One Day At A Time…Sweet Jesus!

It’s early Saturday morning and I’m thinking of making rose oil this weekend…oregano, lavender, clove and peppermint oils are definitely overdue. I’m completely out. I also desperately need to make aloe vera gel for my hair. So much to do!

This is Medicine

I’m excited that the recent rain has the garden popping. Bush beans have escaped the soil. I can spot the foliage of potatoes as well. I need to get radishes and carrots in the soil next…more flowers too…lots more. A busy weekend indeed.

I’ve been known to work in the garden under the moonlight…I think I’ll enjoy some tea instead and listen in on the birdies…they are having another beautiful melody of music to my ears.

It’s so peaceful on today already. I look forward to more of this.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Early Birds & Worms

A very informative Tele Health communication with Dr Sara, she has been filling in for my husband’s regular oncologist. I really like her…Dr Johnson is great as well and I am pleased that everything has been running just as smoothly as if he were still in the office.

Lab results were better…from a 7 up to a 8 on hemoglobin. The overactive thyroid will result in a referral to an endocrinologist in the next couple of weeks…prayfully they will be able to get it under control which will result in him being able to maintain a reasonable weight. She’s prescribing a medication to help increase his appetite as well. Next round of chemo in 10 days.

Now if I could only get him to eat a reasonable breakfast on this morning. He says he is burnt-out on grits and eggs and oatmeal and wants cereal…I’m to exhausted to protest, so cereal it is.

Another small miracle would be him not continuing to take off his oxygen…how important is breathing is my constant reminder to him. Without proper air to the body’s organs things just aren’t going to work properly. But he knows best…so I digress.

Last night right before midnight, I opened the upstairs window to enjoy the breeze coming off the water…It was lovely and as I attempted to get a little rest before the next medicine scheduled I could hear the birds chatting it up. At first it was quite entertaining…by 2am I was over it. I gave Mr his meds and tried to rest but those little birdies were going at it. I decided I’d get to talking too…talking to The One Who Does All Things Well.

When all else fails…

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

I think we might both try and nap before lunch and his afternoon appointment. A tired body does you no good.

I was planning on working in the garden a little this morning. Instead I will let all the hard work I’ve been doing by composting do it’s work instead…I can’t wait to get my hands on some of God’s Earth and those little wigglers.

Rest is all that’s on the menu for now.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Wasteful Thinking

Thankful Thursdays…

I finally made it over to visit my husband’s cousin…we always have the best little talks.

The gift that keeps on giving…

She had 3 Lilly plants to give me. I’ll cut these babies back and in the ground they go. A nice little weekend project. A little love and I’ll have more beauty in the garden this year and for years to come. She also had one potato and two sweet potatoes that had sprouted…I put those babies in the ground as soon as I got back home.

I planted the hydrangea that my neighbor gave me as well but not before clipping a few flowers for a lovely bouquet.

For my viewing pleasure…

My husband sat out front for a few as I prepared his dinner. He asked for baked bbq chicken for dinner…of course he could not eat the chicken. He enjoyed rice, beans and mac/cheese. The chicken he said, was full of more steroids than he is after chemo. All I could do was laugh.

We took a ride after dinner to Dollar General…he wanted chocolate. I encouraged him to pick a dark chocolate and he reluctantly agreed. Now of course, I will be able to enjoy a piece or two…or three.

An early morning Tele Health called is scheduled for tomorrow and then a follow-up with his primary from his last ER visit…that’s on the beach. Not fun at all. Fighting the traffic is a nightmare, especially on a Friday. But I trust we will be just fine…both going and returning.

We are Always Covered!!!

I learned a valuable lesson this week…people seldom truly change. Some say they have. Some even think they have…but if you are in contact with them enough…and long enough it will surface. It’s so disappointing. It’s also very sad.

I am thankful that I am in a constant state of growth…not even who I was on last week not to mention 5 or 10 years ago. I reconnected with a few people on last year and have come to realize that the relationships are beginning to drain me again and are still very one sided. The only person that is going to drain me is going to be my husband and even that’s going to have it’s limits. Loving from a far is the best I can do for now…

I’m not interested in wasted time!

My time is valuable to me and meaningless conversations are a waste.

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water 💦

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


The Prayers of The Righteous: A Ray of Light

Life never ceases to amaze me…I often times wonder why others seem to think that life happens with others as it happens with them. I also am alarmed when people make statements insisting that they will be there for you and refuse to show up.

That’s why it’s so very important to depend on God. To understand that He is our source…our present help in times of trouble. Letting Him direct the path that He already knows that we are on.

Trusting that it is a blessed path…regardless of how it is perceived.

On this morning I rose with a grateful heart…thankful that on last night my husband slept peacefully. Excited that late last night he wanted popcorn and made his way downstairs and prepared it…we haven’t had a microwave in about 3 years and so it was fun to watch him. It turned out perfect…just as it always did before he became ill.

At times I get unnerved even scared when he gets these burst of energy…other times I am excited for him.

On this morning as we discussed how he was feeling he shared that he is once again starting to feel as though he cannot void…the pain is not back but the pressure is starting again. The thought of him having that foley again is unnerving. And so…as I felt the tears about to overtake me, I headed downstairs for a moment of prayer. I try desperately not to let him see me cry…

Silence Is Golden

As I sit in silence for a few moments my heartbeat returns to normal and my breathing is back at ease. The Father Knows and He Answers…He Always Answers. This is my Testimony!!!

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Otherwise: All Is Well

Not that Wednesday hasn’t been wonderful…I must add that it had it’s Wild Moments.

Mr came downstairs for breakfast without any prompting. He sat out back as I finished cooking and enjoyed the breeze.

Another moment in time at Social Security…surprisingly there was one other person in the lobby when I entered, unlike yesterday when it was standing room only. I was able to drop off my husband’s appeal and exit the building in under 5 minutes!

I received a call back from Medicaid Services and an appointment was established for next week.

Scheduled an appointment with his primary for the end of the week…something was troubling me as I checked the calendar though. No upcoming appointment with the uncologist so I called. Long story short he was scheduled for today @ 1:45 for hydration, the very thing that I had been fussing about with him on Monday, Geesh…

We still had time to make the appointment and apologies were given for them not confirming with me…but things happen. I understand that as well as anyone. They were even able to go ahead and do his labs. He weighed in at 105. Three pounds lost…regardless I am thankful that he is not below 100lbs with all that he has going on.


I received a NO from another agency but I was expecting it. It only means that God has made provision elsewhere.

My husband’s friend from up north called to check on him. They’ve known each other since grade school and I try to keep him updated on Torrey’s progress because he always checks in on him…always and he is the only one of his “friends” that does.

On yesterday I spoke with my Bonus Sweetie…it’s always good to hear from her and catch her up with her Pops progress as well as his antics…

Some days are better than others and today ended up being one of those days that I felt like throwing in the towel…instead I picked the towel up, used it to wipe the sweat from my neck and carried on. I’m not sure…I guess it’s his illness but it’s as though I am not dealing with an adult. The problem with that is that I don’t do well with children who carry on like spoiled brats. I can’t seem to do enough for him…Mr had a temper tantrum in Publix today!

So on today I have made up in my mind that I’ll no longer attempt to cater to his every need…it’s too draining and it’s too painful. I am tired of the constant stress from his constant demands and constant complaints. I’ve got my hands full. My priorities are those that will ensure that we have a roof over our heads; praying daily that all our needs are met…that his recovery and healing is a progressive thing. I’m beginning to feel as though he cares about none of it and it’s so disappointing…my heart breaks for him even when he is driving me crazy.

And so, we arrived home just before the rain…I needed a minute and headed out to the garden…where I always find my peace. I planted Zinnia and Coleus. They will bring lots of color to Vetta’s Garden. I also got a message from my husband’s cousin; she has a plant that’s in distress that she wants to give to me. I love a good challenge. I’ll pick her up tomorrow and find a place for her in the garden.

The rain is always welcome and I am always thankful…now it’s dinner time and the very thing that Mr had to have from Publix, he does not want…just as I had known. I prepare him something else and head to the spare bedroom to take a nap. It’s the routine of life and we must carry on.

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water 💦

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Highs and Lows

Monday started out well and ended on a very high note…but some of the in between was rough.

I was able to sow some seeds…the beauty that will soon be taking place in our garden is exciting. Both the Alyssum and Bachelor Button made their way into the soil. My yellow and red roses are blooming beautifully. Marigolds are vibrant and I see more popping up from the seeds I sowed. I even saw a few coming back from last season.

I started out with 6 okra plants and one is a total loss, which means I now have room to spread them out once I remove the lost one. All 6 cucumber are doing well. Now it’s time to make plans for a trellis…and just as the rain began, I let all of my inside babies come outside for lovely bath.

This was all before 8am…

It’s now time for meds and breakfast. Mr decided he wanted bacon…of course this meant I had to go to the market, for pork because he doesn’t like turkey bacon. Doesn’t matter that he hasn’t eaten pork since before the cancer diagnosis but I suspected this would happen sooner rather than later because of his recent request for steak. Everything in me knows that he isn’t going to eat the bacon but I head out anyway.

Orange juice, cheese grits, scrambled eggs, biscuits and the pig…and as I suspected he can’t bring himself to eat the bacon. The bacon that I went to the market to get in the rain. Let’s just say there is a certain time of the month that I’d rather not be troubled…let’s just say that menopause is hell and cramps make hell even hotter. Yet he was still asking for things…Looking lost and helpless; I lost my cool and for a solid 10 minutes there was a small explosion from within.

A useless explosion because nothing is going to change anytime soon…he is ill and life just is what it is. Me creating a scene from the wild wild west does little to help.

With that being said, I started the laundry and found myself on my Shwinn outback peddling for my life…for my sanity…for my peace as well as my husband’s healing. For life to be what it had been before this year of a nightmare began when all of sudden I glimpse the leaves of one of my sweet potatoes swaying in the wind.

Sweet Reminders

I stopped peddling and started smiling as I listened to the sound of peace as the birdies spoke and silenced the pain inside of me. The disappointment left and I was reminded of a ever so peaceful life that we had shared. A memory of how my husband had given me a beautiful moment in time…of such beauty and such peace that my heart smiled.

Sweet Memories

Our first of countless trips to the mountains for his 50th birthday. When life was simple. A simple reminder that he held me close and held me down and I’ll do the same…on the good days as well as the bad.

After lunch, we both had a nap. After, I completed the days laundry and had a nice soak in the tub. I’d need to pick up his massager after 5:30 and he was going stir crazy and felt up to riding along. We left early and took the long way home. Oftentimes we find ourselves at a park or near some water for a while. We weren’t that far from where we were married, Kinsaul Park in Lynn Haven FL but the wind and the weather said otherwise so we didn’t dare. A cold is not on the agenda for him…for myself most definitely not. I’d do him no good.

As we arrived home, I eagerly showed off our one red strawberry to him…covering it back quickly so that the birds don’t get first dibs. He smiled as usual.

We made our way upstairs and I started setting up his massager but had forgotten something in the car…when I returned he was sitting back in his chair massager completely set up and on; a little smile on his face and relief in his eyes…the pain seems to sometimes be constant and to see him experiencing some relief was a good thing. After sitting for a while we then positioned it so that he could be in bed because he can’t stay on his bottom too long…he was pleased.

Dinner and a Movie…he mentioned that although Saturday Night Steak was exceptional he’d would wait on green beans once we had some from our own garden; those from the market just weren’t it. I smiled, pleased that he always prefers what I grow to anything that comes from the market.

Shortly I find myself rearranging furniture while he naps. With a medication schedule of every 4 hours, true sleep is nonexistent and the naps are much needed and a pure pleasure.

Tuesday is upon us…I finally bring all the inside babies back inside. This is all that remains in The Jungle. I can’t keep up anymore. One of my Birds of Paradise is now outside in the ground. Ferns, cactus and several other aloe plants. My little Swiss Cheese plant didn’t make it…I shed a few tears over her. The remainder of my pothos are outside in water but they will probably just end up in the ground as well. I lovely ground cover in the garden. All in all they enjoyed the rain bath and everyone is happy.

Ms Sassy Pothos and Shorty, my Dwarf Umbrella Tree plant like being close to the drum set
This Is Ms Sassy’s twin…Ms Classy loves the camera
Three of the most important things to have in the home…Peace, Healing and Life. All of these plants were gifted to me…all three were in distress. Not any more! Gary our peace lily is exceptional. From one distressed aloe, I have lost count as to how many I have had and I love it when my husband ask for a peace as opposed to store brought products. Same with our Life plants…countless and they are still multiplying.

Always stand strong and avoid the foolishness

Everyone is happy except this gal. My corn plant. Missie is her name.She’s been around for about 4 years and shows out every time I sit her out. I should have known this time would be no different. She will bounce back though…she always does.

A little trim and lots of love always makes Missie happy

That’s how one must look at life…enjoying what you can when you can and look forward to better days. With that being said I look forward to a Wonderful Wednesday.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Our Hearts Desire

Today is going to be one of those Matchless Mondays…I can sense it already. I have plans for the garden and that’s always a good thing. I’ve accumulated more scraps for composting. An added bonus in these scraps will include fish heads from a lovely Red Snapper and shrimp shells.

The rain was heavy on Saturday so I postponed sowing flowers so I’ll tackle this task as well. A few Alyssum and Bachelor Button are going to be beautiful in the garden this year. The white attracts the eye as the blue reminds me of our healing journey.

Blue in The Back…

I was blessed again on Sunday…we have new neighbors on the waterside and one made her way over to introduce herself with gift in hand. A breathtaking hydrangea…a beautiful purple she is and with all of her grand symbolism, what touches me most is that as a young child, my great grandmother (Grandmother Easter) she was called because of her birthday had them covering the front of her house. Such beauty. Such fond memories! Such needed joy…God is So Good!

Say hello to Reign

Reign went back outside after her photo shoot. Once she is adjusted to her new surroundings she will go in the ground. I am so excited.

A little Epsom salt and alot of rain go a long way. Vetta’s Garden is thriving. Our first tiny strawberry is turning a beautiful red.

With the mention of red…I share our Sunday Dinner with you.

Red Snapper over Rice with Grilled Onions & Peppers and Grilled Shrimp…it was outstanding!

My husband can’t have any spice while he is taking chemo and he is not happy about that but he still enjoyed. I on the other hand spiced my portion well, the added orange pepper, lemon pepper along with fresh lemon & lime juice took this dish to a whole new level.

Same as with God…I am trusting Him on a whole new level. Believing that He Answers all things simply because He Knows…

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Grateful Hearts

On today, as always I am thankful and ever so grateful…

There is a slight chill in the air. The Easter cold snap it’s called, just in time to touch our collard greens. I picked them this morning for tomorrow’s dinner because today is Seafood Sunday. I purchased the prettiest little Red Snapper and a few shrimp, I can hardly wait.

It’s 8am and I’m back in bed. My husband has had breakfast and his meds. I can hear an old western coming from the television.

On yesterday I was tremendously blessed…unexpected and very much exactly what I needed. I wasn’t really surprised though…because The Father knows and He Answers.

On yesterday evening as I was resting I could hear my husband moving about more than usual…it had been a rainy day all the day long. I spent the morning running errands and had gotten wet more than once and was over it. Yet as I decided to check on him, I saw that he has taken a layer off of his beard and mustache, had gotten somewhat dressed on his own and wanted to go for a ride…

On our street alone it was merely a drizzle but as we continued on, he saw exactly what I had been experiencing. We turned around and just rode through our little neighborhood before returning to the warmth of home.

His earlier grooming had exhausted him, I knew he would sleep well so I started dinner early.

I baked chocolate chip cookies too. He was delighted. We watched a little television and before I knew it he was sleeping peacefully. I decided that I’d do the same.

Today is the day the world celebrates Resurrection…The Savior getting up. He paid the price so that we don’t have to…we can’t work our way into heaven but we can certainly work ourselves down and into a early illness or even a early grave. We have to know when enough is enough and understand how important rest is…

So on today it’s going to be the same. More peace and lots of rest; just as it should be…remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Good Reports

As Good Friday is upon us, I am thankful for good reports. On yesterday my husband’s appointment with the urologist went well…no cancer in his prostate and the foley was removed.

He was exhausted though…we both were. The appointment was early morning and he struggled. After the appointment he was to tired to eat lunch, so instead he had a protein shake, some fruit and lots of water. Then he rested. I sat my alarm for the next round of meds and tried to rest myself but could not…I contacted my husband’s daughters with the latest update.

I’m so tired…I phoned a friend and talked briefly and then a mentor called and allowed for a brief vent session. I then plundered in my garden…planting flowers, cayenne and three varieties of sweet peppers all from seed. A neighbor from the water side made her way across the street; bringing with her a beautiful ocean shell for me to add to my collection. Her husband and my husband would often speak yet this was our first interaction since they moved in a few years ago. She shared a story of a friend who stopped chemo all together and has been suffering and said that she’d be praying for us. The shell fit perfectly on one of our tabletops out front.

Additions to the garden…

I can stay in the garden for hours…sometimes working, other times just sitting but always praying. I move things around alot as well…sometimes you just know that a plant is not where it should be, so you move it… that’s when it gets happy. I have one bird of paradise that must have gotten jealous of it’s twin in the house and just started to fall apart…she’s out in the garden now and I am praying she finds her way back. I moved a watermelon to her final destination as well. I’m excited to see if she is yellow or red…either way she’s going to be just as sweet as can be. I also added the lovely Thai Basil to the mix…all that is left is to find holy basil and make myself smile my happy smile.

Today was a good day and I pray it was for you as well…Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water 💦

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Productivity Produces Results

This week has been busy but productive. The weekend was even better and full of surprises…my brother and sister in law was the best surprise ever. They drove from Texas to visit.

It’s such a blessing to have people in your life that love you…just as you are. Cheering for your successes and praying for your strength. After briefly speaking with my husband and giving him an encouraging word…we left him to continue resting and made our way outside to check out Vetta’s Garden 😊

I even took them out back and showed them where potatoes were planted as well as sweet potatoes with a few leaves peeking out from the sweet potato to say hello. We then sat out front and enjoyed the breeze that was coming off the water and talked until we couldn’t talk anymore…such pleasant conversation. Deep, meaningful and much needed.

On Sunday, I did laundry, cleaned the house and rested; preparing myself for the week ahead.

On Monday, my husband had his second round of chemo/autoimmune therapy; 4 hours this go round. He did well. His weight improved and we were thankful for that 107 weigh-in in contrast to the previous 97lbs. My prayer is that after this session he doesn’t fall back into the previous pattern of complaining about the taste but rather be mindful that he is not eating for pleasure…he is eating for survival.

We sat out back after his session for quite a while and enjoyed the birdies. Then it was nap time!!!

On Tuesday and Wednesday we stayed close to home…he had wanted to take a ride both days yet after getting dressed he was exhausted and we stayed in so that he could rest…I actually went out, to the garden that is.

A little Oregon Oil goes a long way.

I brought in the few potatoes that I had found while digging around the garden…I was sure that the cold weather in previous weeks had did them in. I also harvested some oregano for oregano oil and some will be dried for cooking. The house smells absolutely delightful as I let it sit out and air dry.

Just when I thought I’d take a break, my little feet found their way back in the garden and these little hands decided that we need to sow more seeds, so that’s what happened…

A little hands on…

I absolutely love these beans. A few years ago I was growing them so well that we almost got tired of eating them. I pray they grow in leaps and bounds this year so that I am able to can as many as possible. A few Johnny Jump up and it was a wrap. I also managed to sow several more marigolds seed before I called it quits for the day.

I just love it when productivity produces results.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Better Days

This week was great, the weekend was better and the weather was absolutely beautiful. We ate good as well.

My husband was well behaved and there were no trips to the ER. His pain level never passed 7, he ate well and rested even better. I for one was pleased.

There was supposed to be lots of rain in the forecast but I only felt a few sprinkles as I worked in the garden…I accomplished a lot but there is much more to do.

I weeded the collard greens patch and planted 6 okra plants. Dug up some peppermint, sweet mint, spearmint and of course some of my gingermint and put them in planters for easy access. I planted more chamomile because I’ve been making so much tea lately that last year’s harvest is getting low. I was also able to dig up the basil, rosemary, lemon and german thyme and put in planters…Greek and Italian oregano are as hardy as ever and remained in the ground although I will need to do some harvesting of both soon.

I weeded a area that previously had okra and I think it will be where I start some cucumber and corn this week…I’m so behind schedule. Partly due to 38 degree weather last weekend as well my husband’s illness.

I was pleased to see the foliage of our peanuts…on this week I’ve got to prepare the sweet potato patch again and do some work where I’ll plant potatoes once again. A few pepper, tomato plants and mustard greens and only one eggplant this year. This will be a great start for Vetta’s Garden.

For all of my hard work, I treated myself to a lovely strawberry plant and one of my favorites; purple basil. I have sowed plenty of seeds for flowers because this season is all about the butterflies for me. I want to be overwhelmed by their presence in the garden…somewhat like being overwhelmed by the presence of God in my life.

I even had the opportunity to visit with my Godmother…I caught her up on my husband’s illness and she caught me up on illness with the family. We shared our stories of our garden adventures as well as the disasters and discussed the state of the church; the building that is and both agreed that enough is enough and at some point you just have to walk away from that which no longer serves you…and because God is bigger than any problem we sat in prayer for a few before I headed out. She was cooking her Sunday dinner and it smelled absolutely wonderful.

I then made it over to my dad’s house and got the best hug a daughter could ask for from him and a bonus hug from my step mom. We sat and talked and laughed and let it all hang out as we snacked on some boiled peanuts. He is doing well with his treatment for prostate cancer and I’m super proud of him.

It’s always good to talk and text but there is nothing quite like being in the same room with the ones you love, I so needed those two visits…and because My Father knows me best; He blessed me yet again and while I was simply out taking a ride I ran into a friend and we pulled over to the side of the road and talked and laughed and encouraged each other like we always do.

The Father Knows and because of this, I know that there will be better days.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Just Thinking

At the end of last year, when The Lord spoke to me about no mentorship, no mentoring, no coaching and that my time would have to belong to me…I was not to disappointed. I even had to back out of assisting another Prophet teach a Prophetic class.

Being that my husband was nearing completion of the last of the townhouse repairs as a result of Hurricane Michael my mind said yes, we are about to start our travels again. My little heart was thrilled. I can remember pulling out our passports as well…

On today, my husband had a MRI done on his brain to check for any cancer.

Anything concerning the brain makes one think…so after I said a prayer for him, I was thinking on The Goodness of God.

He Knows…and He Answers…and He goes before us. Oftentimes, so far ahead of us that it’s almost scary. It can also make the mind wander.

But I am thankful for an ear to hear…thankful that I listen to my spirit and not the opinions of others. Thankful that I am obedient to what I feel in my spirit and what I trust in my heart.

On last year, God spoke to me about creating a product for a Sister in Christ for her business…within hours I received a phone call that was meant to distract me from my assignment. It Did Not!!!

Then again this year, within hours of taking my husband to the ER where he was first diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer…I received yet another call from the same individual…about the same nonsense concerning the same sister in Christ.

Yet another failed attempt by the enemy to build a wedge between us…relentless and still defeated!

This sister in Christ along with her own sisters are among our intercessors as we go through this process. Believing and trusting that God’s Will be done in my husband’s life…praying for his healing!

I share this with you so that you are mindful of people and understand that they can be on assignment and not even realize it…but you’d better recognize it and make decisions based off of your discernment rather than gossip and slander. Imagine being in need of prayer and you’ve allowed the enemy to cut you off from those who have a passion for prayer…those willing to cry out your name to The Name Above All Names.

We have to know people by their fruit…and we must trust that The Fruit of The Spirit is available to help us bear all our burdens.

On the subject of burdens…

On this evening, I had a difficult but necessary conversation with my husband’s teenager. Oftentimes, my husband speaks to her as if he has the common cold and by weeks end he shall be brand new. When he ends these conversations I often say to him that he must be honest with her; it’s not fair to her to not have all the facts…his reply is that he just tells her he is OK so that she will be ok and not worry. I told him on last week that she’s not grasping the totality of this all and she needs to know and expressed to him that I’d be talking with her soon.

She was so very appreciative for the honesty…she was very expressive and I allowed her to cry as often as needed during our conversation. I also encouraged her to speak positively during their future conversations…speaking life is all that is needed at this point. We also agreed that soon she’d be able to come for a visit and she was thankful. Letting her know that I was out picking up his dinner request and that I’d be sure to have him call her after we finished our dinner.

A little something something…

My husband asked for red beans and rice for dinner and so that’s what he received…I decided on yellow rice and topped the red beans with lots of goodies for crunch, a nice piece of sausage and a side of mustard greens. It was quite delicious. After dinner they had a chance to talk and she made me proud…him as well and I told her so. She said she tried her very best to be uplifting and positive and to be honest that’s all anyone us can do.

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Something Out of Nothing

It’s almost midnight and it’s 48 degrees here in the Sunshine State. I know I should be enjoying the weather because soon enough the next complaint will be that it’s too hot to think straight…but I really need to get some things in the ground.

Vetta’s Garden is ready for action! On today, I took out one bag of kitchen scraps to start more compost and tomorrow I’ll do the same. Then the fun will begin…pulling the remainder of the weeds.

My peace and my therapy all in one place and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

On Tuesday, my husband had a very good day. A good appetite, although one of the side effects of food tasting metallic started. He even moved around without his oxygen a little. A long nice shower and a hot soak in the tub with eucalyptus and spearmint. His pain level never got pass 5.

We had talked about taking a ride to sit by the water but it was a very windy day and that wind was cold so we stayed in.

Today wasn’t a great day for him and on this morning I had to reschedule his rehab session due to his pain level but as the day came to an end so did his pain. His appetite got better as well and for dinner we had breakfast…a episode of Carol Burnett and a back rub and he was once again a happy camper.

It’s approaching time for his midnight meds and our midnight snack. I’m prayful that what follows is a peaceful sleep for the both of us.

As well, I’m forever thankful for our intercessors…praying that God continues to cover them as they cover us.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta 🥰


First Rounds

My husband has shared with me that he should have been a trainer for boxers in the ring. Even mentioned one that he was sure that he would have put down lol…but I digress.

I grew up watching boxing and always enjoyed the sport. Not so much any more…there seems to be such a lack of sportsmanship and more antics than anything.


The first round sets the tempo. Used strategically to feel out your opponent…see what you are up against and adjust accordingly.

Over the weekend, we did some prep work through conversation and with prayer!!!

On today, my husband started his first round of chemo and autoimmune therapy. His oldest little beauty queen was still in town and joined us at the appointment. She even went back and sat with him for a while after the session began…he did well, just like the champ he is.

I had thought that he would be exhausted right after but he was not. We returned home and talked for a while and then I went to the market to get him fish for dinner…he enjoyed it best he could as one of the side effects is that things can taste metallic but all is well and his tummy was full. He even moved around a bit with his oxygen off and his pain level never reached 10 on tonight…for that small blessing I am thankful.

I messaged our intercessors and shared the news…the consensus was Hallelujah with love.

It’s sometimes just the small things that make all the difference in your world…

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water 💦

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

Thankful for peace…

Day By Day

I love the sound of rain…it brings calm to me no matter the circumstances and as I sit here on tonight I am thankful for small reminders and even more so for small miracles.

At the beginning of this year, my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. It has been an extremely difficult few months for him…for me…for us and for his children, my son as well. No one that loves you wants to hear the word cancer, yet it is a reality.

I’ve reached out to some powerful prayer warriors and not a day goes by that I don’t feel them waging war on his behalf. This in itself is a blessing that I can not explain.

Last week he went in to have a port placement in order to start chemo and things didn’t go as planned…our plan was to have a nice dinner afterwards being that he had dietary restrictions prior to the surgery and I of course had fasted.

Long story short…my husband was on life support for about 18 hours after the port placement. After the second time of them informing me that he still wasn’t breathing on his own and asking me how they should proceed…I very definitely said to the nurse that if they didn’t get that tube back down his throat that I’d put down theirs and it was understood by all that I was not leaving the hospital without my husband.

Our God was in agreement!!!

We had a heart to heart when we got home…heart to hearts are oftentimes painful because of the unfortunate truths but in the end they are necessary.

We cry, we laugh, we raise our voices and we let it be known that we can get through things together and with God but we must be honest about where we are at all times. Most importantly, we must be willing to forgive…sometimes that means over and over again. Same as The Father forgives us ALL…over and over again, in all of our weaknesses and with all of our flaws.

My husband’s oldest little beauty queen flew in…our intercessor and my sounding board 💌

Earlier tonight after a brief conversation with a young Sister in Christ, I was reminded that my husband has traveled a many rough roads in his lifetime and he has known pain that most will never know…and unfortunately he has not experienced love and acceptance to this same degree. Still he has traveled those rough roads and he has been able to revisit them with me by his side and show me where he came from and what he has survived.

It’s easy to ask the question why…it’s even easier to not understand the answers we receive. This is why prayer is important…so that God can get the judgment out of us, fill us with forgiveness and pour the love in.

From 2019 to 2021 and even into 2022 God was doing a work in me…healing the mind, will and emotions. As well, He healed my body of so many ailments…some of which I had suffered from for over 20 years. My husband was right there with me and right by my side every step of the way…I can imagine that it must have been difficult for him because I know that it was for me…I also am reminded of how difficult I must have been to live with. Healing is a terrible painful thing and those that are around us during this process…those that are close catch holy hell. He caught it all and he did not flinch once.

I’m confident that God strengthened me then for what is now…and that revelation comes only as I write these words.

He never left my side and I won’t be leaving his…I might have to take a ride now and then when he gets on my very last nerve but I’m not going to leave his side either.

All That Matters Is The Report of The Lord…

Tomorrow will be his first day of treatment and I will be right there by his side.

That’s what love is all about…what marriage is all about…what life is all about.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


The Simple Things

This weekend was rough and at the same time beautiful. We must just understand that it’s a balance to this thing called life.

Through it all…I am thankful to see God’s Love at work in this world. I am thankful to see it through the simplest of things.

We desperately needed to get out of the house for something other than an appointment, so I packed us a picnic and we headed out right before dark.

I’m a firm believer that if you can make your way to some water that you have made your way to some healing.

We sat at the waters edge and enjoyed the view like always.

Holding hands and making plans…that’s our thing and then we let God have His Way in it all. That way it works out better!

The winds began to pick up right at sunset and the breeze felt wonderful to the skin. It was as though God was already working out one of my issues…

Since this all began, I have had the absolute worst skin outbreaks. The stress of it all can be overwhelming but as I felt God’s Wind upon my face, I felt healing take place…I felt as though I had surrendered my hurt, my pain, my heartache and the overall stress to The One Who knows.

A melody in the air mixed with the silence. The sounds of the waters and the breeze as well as the fragrance of love.

The Fragrance of Love

Shy D is what some call him…my husband use to do a little DJ’in back in the day. He has his nack for things. He felt up to it over the weekend and filled the house with oldies but goodies. It was wonderful to see him enjoying himself.

I called in some intercession and I can feel the difference already. It’s so very important to have those prayer warriors…on the wall…calling out your name to The Name Above All Names.

I even got a little run in…it was exhilarating and much-needed.

The week ahead is as always full of appointments and we are prepared.

I’ve done the laundry and cleaned the floors…I even washed a few layers of dirt off both vehicles 😂

Had a few moments to play around in the garden and mid week I should have a minute or two to put out some scraps that I have been saving in the freezer…I love making my own compost.

On another note; Mr owes me 100 zillion dollars for all of these massages and with that in mind I smile.

Always find a reason to smile and every chance you get take time to smell the roses…it’s definitely a fragrance of love…

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water 💦

Blessings Abounding,Vetta


Good Times

It’s 2am on a Friday and my crush & I are up eating Lumpia off of Lennox China and enjoying fresh juice from some of the beautiful Crystal flutes he got for me one Mother’s Day.

Reminiscing about a few years ago that we spent the entire summer on the go. A train ride to The DMV…A cruise to the Bahamas…a stay in Jacksonville, a trip to Miami, then Tampa and back home for an overnight stay then off to Mobile for Father’s Day to the races and shopping in the Big Easy the following week. We even went back to The DMV for a week just to check on the girls and for me to try and check out my other crush…Damian Jr Gong Marley lol. (My husband has taken me all over the place to see and hear this young man performing…from Florida to California and all on between)We were home for about 2 weeks and then we returned to Maryland to pick up the girls before school started here in Florida.

What a Blast and another dream come true. I had always dreamed of a summer vacation and God made it possible. Earlier that year we had taken the girls to Disney as well as attended their first Cirque Italia Water Circus at the beginning of Christmas Break. We spent the entire Christmas Break that year in The DMV.

I love playing in the snow!!!

Good Times and Great Memories!

Thursday was a long day of appointments…sometimes it’s as though the appointments last 5 minutes other times it can feel like 5 hours. Either way, I am thankful that God is into numbers and that His Grace is Sufficient.

I shared with my husband a dream as we sat…I was running, like a wild child through a meadow then the scene changed and I was at Tommy Oliver Stadium running the track. I then realized I was running the 880 event that I competed in in high school. As I looked around the stadium while running the only person I could identify was him on the sideline… with the look I first fell in love with so many moons ago.

I awoke from that dream not a bit concerned that I couldn’t remember the outcome. I may not have won that race but I definitely won his heart and he won mine…for this I am thankful.

Blessings Abounding,Vetta

🥰Just Me & My Guy🥰


On Time God

Today’s Lima beans paired with yellow rice and cabbage was quite a pleasant meal my husband said. Desert for us has become whichever fresh fruit I get from the market that day.

This was to be the year that I started back with fruits in the garden…I am still hopeful, yet with so much on my plate it seems as though some days I feel like giving up on the garden all together.

The weather was quite nice today and I had plans to atleast wash my vehicle but at some point, feeling overwhelmed I settled on taking a ride to a nearby park as my husband napped and had a little cry.

Release is good and I try to not cry that often around him.

Life seems robotic lately. I have developed our routine. It’s problematic when you don’t have a schedule and things get overlooked. I’m thankful that we have always maintained a clean home, the only adjustment is that I’m basically maintaining it alone.

My mind races at times…then the reality hits that the three most important men in my life are facing a similar battle. My Dad will start his 48 weeks of treatment next week…my son is scheduling a Dr appointment and my husband struggles daily.

After tomorrow’s appointment we will know which treatment plan the Oncologist recommends and that will bring a sense of relief I suppose.

After tomorrow, I must get in some walking if not running…if not I might very well snap.

I was approached at a store recently by a person with the most trivial and petty of conversation…caught off guard at that. I tried my best to maintain my composure and did what my mother would have called shooing her away. People have no discernment but are as nosey as all outdoors. Approaching people who you really don’t know is a art form and must be handled with wisdom and discernment because you never know what is going on in a person’s life.

I pray more people become aware of this…

The struggle is real but so is Our God…An on time God, oh yes He Is.

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water 💦

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Rise and Shine

This morning came quickly…

Yesterday was a full day of appointments, then Mr decided that he wanted shrimp but not from home. We hadn’t eaten from TGIFs in at least 4 years and his taste buds led him to believe things would be the same. I was tempted to sit this one out…I’m glad that we both now are in agreement on this place. We will not be returning.

Last nite was a fruit fest and on this morning I cooked grits, eggs and turkey bacon. I finally got him to try some coconut milk with pineapple and he likes it. I have lima beans cooking for dinner and we sat out back for only a few minutes. One of the neighbors was out back as well and the faintest of cigarette smoke was in the air so we moved to the front and enjoyed the breeze, chatting it up for a while.

The garden is steadily peeping out and all on it’s own. I’ve been so busy that I have not had time to give it any real attention. Peppermint, Spearmint, Lemon Balm are growing strong. I also spotted both Lemon and German Thyme, which are his favorites. We have an abundance of Greek and Italian Oregano that survived the winter. Various potatoes are still growing strong as well the collard greens are still producing. This weekend for sure, I must get more sweet potatoes in the ground and okra planted if nothing else. This will happen after I’ve done some much needed weeding.

We had two decent nights of rest and then last night, so after I give him his shower we both will nap or atleast attempt to. Tomorrow is another appointment with the Oncologist.

One day at a time!!!

We’ve got this because God’s got us.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Walking It Out

A few years ago, I began asking women to walk with me…those walks were to be prayer walks.

Some of these women I knew…some I did not, complete strangers in this small town that I live in. Some flat out said no. There were a few that I tried to connect with and couldn’t for whatever reason. Then there were those that said yes, but from that day to this day…we’ve not taken one walk together.

I never let this stop me though. I walked until I was jogging and jogged until I was running. Praying all the while.

At some point, my husband would say to me that I was walking to far of a distance from home and he’d start to follow me in the car…block for block, I’d look up and he’d be there.

I’m not one for local walking parks, so eventually we were taking day trips…just so I could walk and walk in peace.

Those day trips were beautiful. As the weather would turn sunny we would find our way to a near by beach, where we’d walk the shorelines together…praying and enjoying The Beauty of His Creations.

Holding hands and making plans!

As 2022 was coming to an end I reflected back on the fact that I had made it this far without those walking partners and made up in my mind that I would no longer reach out to anyone.

I had reach amazing health goals, my mental clarity was at a all time high and the Peace of God was with me on every end.

There were a few days here and there during the past few years that I had grieved the support that I had hoped for…the sisterhood that I had thought would be nurtured through those walks…but as my mother would often say, you come into this world alone and you will leave the same route, so the best thing you can do is let your dependency be on God.

People come and they go and after much revelation I am now thankful for how things worked out. Those prayer walks with my husband turned out to be some of the most important times in our lives…the most beautiful.

Often times we think we know what we need and God shows us that it’s not at all what we needed.

Be Careful of the Friends You Keep!

I had thought that a good support system, a sisterhood, a team of praying women would be just so phenomenal. Lots of times, one looks at a picture of what sisterhood is and it’s all smoke and mirrors…senseless competition. Secrets are seldom kept secret and the careless backstabbing & backbitting that only leads to bloodshed…when Jesus has already shed His blood for us, seem incredibly immature and I don’t want any part of that. What I have learned is that, if a person cannot be there for me on the good times, I’d rather they not be there in the bad.

The beauty in it all is that I have gained an amazing group of women in my life and I am thankful.

One in particular, wanders from place to place and sometimes continent to continent and we cover each other in prayer. Of course, we’re not supposed to have favorites but oh well…she’s mine. Other’s are out living there best life and sending me love, encouragement and prayers from near and far.

I have an awesome mentor that speaks into my life and helps keeps me together…praying and believing that God is working things out for us in this season…

What more could a girl ask for…

On today I am thankful, that peace is our portion…that my husband is stronger than I ever imagined and that God is control.

Blessings Abounding,Vetta

Walking It Out

Rest In Him: Nuakh

To awake with a song in your heart and upon your lips…to then realize that dawns chorus is as well giving praises to God. Yes, even the birdies know.

On last night, we little a candle. A year to the date my husband lost his sister. A few years back, he lost a close friend. We have always had this tradition of lightning candles for those we love…be it their birthday on earth or their celebration in heaven.

We sat quietly and the room was thick with peace and fatigue. I was sure that my husband would get a bit of rest…I had just given him a rub down in an attempt to help reduce some of his body pains. I was so fatigued that I left laundry in the dryer and had only enough energy to say a prayer as I lay my head on my pillow.

That prayer included a request for rest. I felt as though I were running on fumes. My eyes were heavy as I prepared our dinner and started with the laundry. My husband was too tired to come downstairs for dinner and at one point after I had taken his up to him, I sat at the dinner table prepared to eat alone. My body was not willing yet my heart gave me the strength to climb those stairs so that we could eat together.

There must always be love in the mix…

For dinner we had breakfast. I love salmon croquettes and I love them even more when I mix them with jack mackerel. I add in onion, bell peppers and jalapeños for a little extra and cheyenne for a little kick…grits, eggs & toast and we were happy campers.

On this morning, I am thankful…for rest. My faith has been tested lately and the battles seem to be many but the God I serve will give you rest on every side. I found myself deep in His Presence before drifting off to sleep and He answered my prayer…I slept for 4 hours uninterrupted. I feel brand new on this morning.

I had spoken with a mentor earlier in the day and as God would have it, my soul was blessed. Transparency is key in any relationship and I am so very thankful for the few that The Father has placed in our lives to be a blessing.

Even with mentorship off of the table for me…God still has need of my service and I am always in need of him, so I was able to briefly minister to two individuals on yesterday.

God Is Faithful!!!

I am for sure that this battle is not our but The Lord’s and that as long as we are in His Will and continue to let Him use us for His Glory, that He will take good care of us.

Remaining in His Presence and Resting in His Power.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


God’s Constant Love

When I say The Father Knows…I mean just that.

On yesterday morning, I took a little walk. Just across the street to the water but it was nice. The air was crisp, so I didn’t stay long.

As I made my way back home, I glanced the garden and decided that the collard greens were ready for a pot. I snapped off a bag full…The pot next to them was full of the last of our lima beans. Mr will wanted some white rice and so that’s what he will get.

It’s so funny to me how he use to tease me about my food choices…now a days he eats alot of what I eat. I had asked if he wanted grits for breakfast. He has quickly acquired a taste for my Trader Joe’s organic oatmeal and the bag is nearly empty. He loves them. I add a small piece of cinnamon stick, a little brown sugar and he empties his bowl.

After breakfast, we chatted a bit and he took a nap. I cleared out the fridge, sat my plant babies outside and did some cleaning. My plant babies have suffered more neglect than ever but I’ll put in some effort to show them that the are still loved. Cleaning was my focus…I hadn’t realized just how much my husband contributes around the house until he became ill. Cleaning has always been therapeutic for me, so I won’t complain. I also have a tendency to dance around after cleaning and dancing is good for my mental…

We had potatoes for lunch. I made my way to the market afterwards to pick up some fruit and different nectars for him. He is eating more fruits lately and I am thankful.

The sun was shining brightly and the sky was beautiful. When I returned from the market I suggested we take a ride and he was excited for that. I packed our picnic w/ some fruit & water and drove over to a nearby park. I was able to drive close to the water so he wouldn’t get winded and pulled out our chairs…like we always do. We sat close on today…no cigar smoke blowing in the wind & our first outing in weeks.

We got quite the laugh. I am thankful that laughter is the best medicine & that it’s also good for the soul…we were in need & Our Creator always provides.

Simple Reminders

Off course, I took full advantage and did some recording.

I do believe we spotted this rock at the same time. My husband said, it’s us, two little birdies hanging out enjoying the water. I couldn’t agree more…this was the only souvenir we left with. It was all we needed…a simply reminder to continue enjoying life & to continue enjoying each other.

He is still very much the gentleman and habits sometimes die hard…he actually thought he was going to atleast help carry something back and so…I handed him our little souvenir of the day.

Headed home…put on his white rice, chilled some papaya nectar and dinner was served.

Goodness from the garden

After cleaning the kitchen, I headed up to join him and watch a little TV. An episode of Green Acres & a back rub and he is feeling a bit relaxed. But soon his pain returns…it’s almost constant but I am reminded that so is Our God.

Remember That & Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water

Blessings Abounding,Vetta


The Father Knows

I spent the morning in my garden. Had a little talk with the birdies and reminded them that only a few of the seeds were for the taking and all is well. My collards are growing quickly and so, they will be added to the menu this week. They literally melt in your mouth and I for one can’t get enough. The Father knows and so I believe He makes sure that they grow overnight under His elegant stars and His beautiful moonlight.

This weekend was all about the release of sounds. Early morning prayers mixed perfectly with the sounds of God’s Wind and the subtleness of His Rain. My thoughts were of such a peaceful time. My prayer is all remains the same.

And with the mention of time, I trust that our times are in His Hands…in the hands of The Creator of Heaven and Earth and the fullness of life that is only found in Jesus.


The Life given, so that we can be made whole…In His Mighty & Matchless Name…the sweet name of Jesus

And because He Is…the same yesterday, today and forever; I am confident that as He speaks through me, He is healing on today, the same as He healed on yesterday, the same as He will heal forever.

Always remember that we all are in need of prayer, as we are all in need of healing.

On today I also want to share with you that it is wise to listen to people as they speak and be mindful of whom you ask for prayer.

Last year I asked an individual to pray with me concerning a situation and she proceeded to try and tell me all the reasons why the person was going through the particular trial. Rehashing stories that would be 20 years old and older, mostly half truths & gossip… slander was so thick in the atmosphere and when all was said and done she couldn’t even tell me the person’s given name…just a bunch of what she thought and what she had heard and how she perceived things. Her pitiful opinion. I was in shock…out of respect for her age and her position I didn’t even bother to challenge her or correct her. As I sat there in shock, I silently began praying for her.

On today I am thankful that The only opinion that matters is God’s. I left that room with a quickness and because the God I serve specializes in quick things…my friend is healed and whole today.


I want you to understand how important it is to make prayful & conscious decisions on who we ask for prayer…a person with an understanding of the sacrifice of prayer…a person with a pure heart…a person with a mature mind…because the heart is desperately wicked.

An individual with a immature mind tends to think that everything is about them and what they desire and have trouble comprehending that it’s all about God.

At this juncture and in this season of my life, I have no time for the immature…I have no voice for them and no reason to express this journey that we are on.

No room for distractions!

My focus is on God.

Leaning In and Hearing His Voice and taking His direction.

As the saying goes…what’s understood does not need to be explained.

I will however explain this deliciousness in a bowl…

Blessings Abounding…

Rigatoni in a lovely tomato sauce loaded with mushrooms, peppers. onions & herbs. I couldn’t resist and added a perfectly toasted gouda grilled cheese.

Bon Appétit!!!


Resting In Him

It’s been a wonderfully rainy Saturday. We chatted it up a little earlier in the day…I love the decision we made years ago to not have a television down stairs. Conversations need not be interrupted by outsiders…Then we took a nap, because that’s what you’re supposed to do on rainy days.

Despite the rain, I had to go to the market and wouldn’t you know it I noticed my tire was low. I’m thankful that in my past life lol, I learned to do many things. My husband has an air compressor so I aired it up and headed out.

The roads were flooded with rain and so was my garden. It’s been unusually chilly some days here in the Sunshine State…regardless my garden is peeping through.

Mr was resting when I returned. We talked a little and then another nap. Our sleep schedule has been really off for these past few weeks and everything opportunity for rest is welcome.

Dinner is served…

We’ve been leaving the meat at the market lately. On tonight we enjoyed a loaded salad…romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, green/yellow/orange peppers, jalapeños & greek peppers, and we shared a boiled egg. I added hemp, chia & flaxseed as well as bee pollen to mine. I cooked potatoes as well…Mr wanted salt, pepper & thyme. Me being extra added tumeric & curry powder.

Empty plates and full tummies!!! I finished up the laundry for the day and now we will tune into one of our shows before bedtime. Alone, the TV series…listening to the rain during the commercials and thanking God for peace.

My prayers on tonight will include the need for rest, not only for our bodies but for our minds as well. I’m thankful that God is working it all out.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Downpours from Heaven

Today was a good day.

My husband had labs done…he doesn’t like needles but he did good. Afterwards we rode around a little before the rain started. For dinner we made bean burritos w/spanish rice. I added fresh tomatoes and red onions to mine and danced around the kitchen a bit. Mr wanted some fries, so I cut up a potato and surprised him. I spotted a new drink for him w/electrolytes while at Winn Dixie and suggested he give it a try…he liked it.

As well, he enjoyed his first ride in one of the motorized carts. He drives the same way as he does on the road lol. I’m just thankful that he didn’t run anyone over.

On another note…my dad is in Jamaica. His first time out of the country. He said he’d take lots of pictures. I know he and his wife are going to have a blast, her daughter is getting married there…how exciting. We were going to spend our 5th wedding anniversary there but covid happened so I told them to have enough fun for us and I know he will do just that.

When they get back home he will start treatment for prostate cancer…48 treatments and he will be just fine. God’s got him, same as he did for my son’s father last year…same as He has my husband this year.

My son is making an appointment as well for a check up because his dad’s Dr said it’s a must…and all is well with my soul.

I’ll add my biological father to my prayers on tonight that he finds his peace…alzhimers is nothing nice. He was found driving on the wrong side of the road and far from home. Life is not always easy and when we tend to forget what is important for what is convenient we face harsh realities.

The rain is heavy on tonight and I love the sounds as it mixes with the wind.

God’s blessing were heavy on today & on time like clockwork and as always I am thankful.

I am thankful…

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Battle Ready

Preparation is Key.

As last year was coming to an end, I prayed concerning the path for the coming year. As I began to receive the answers, I prepared those around me best I could.

God was revealing to me that there would be no mentoring. This being a passion, I found myself a little resistant but I’m obedient to His Voice regardless. It had been a long year and the rest would be welcome.

Next, it was revealed that there would be no coaching as well…my first thought was that I’d be without that income, my second thought was well Jehovah Jireh indeed will provide.

I had considered that I would be entering a season of rest and was excited for some me time and self care.

I informed my mentees that they had one big assignment for the upcoming year and that assignment was to Just Pray. Reminding them of the approach we had worked on throughout the year, which was to function as though I was unavailable. I never get any satisfaction out of a person being dependent upon me reaching heaven for them because I understand that tomorrow is not promised to any of us. I feel as though if I’ve poured into you and you have received then you have grown and matured to a place of confidence in self and more importantly confidence in God. This was my approach raising my son. This is the same model I use when mentoring. It has been a success for all those willing to succeed.

My coaching student became ill at years end, resulting in early retirement and contemplating relocating. We’ve sat and talked as friends a few times and her health has improved and I am thankful for answered prayers.

As I began to embrace the rest, life happens and I realize that The God I serve is more than enough.

He always goes before us…preparing the way. We just have to be sensitive to His Voice and obedient to His Will.

He was simply clearing my little calendar of all distractions and helping me understand that I would need my hands free to hold the hand that had no other to hold.

I’ve shed my tears and I’ll be sure to shed more…but my main concern is that my husband has both my hands to hold. Nothing else matters and to those who can’t understand that are simply a lost cause. On last year I lost two prayer partners, one whom I asked to pray for my sons father and they proceeded to try and tell me who he was and why he was going through…repeating silly stories that were 20 years old and older and they didn’t even know his given name. I felt as though i was on some reality show and I sat in disbelief and thought thank you Lord Jesus for showing me their true character. The second, was lost because she didn’t know my heart and couldn’t hear my voice…until she heard it.

Jehovah Jireh indeed provides…trust me! He has revealed to me all I need to know and I trust Him with my life. Only two months into the year and already I’ve let go of so many…I’ll lose more and I’ll carry on. I have no time or space in my life for the self centered.

The Master showed me just who I’ll depend on for this journey and I am thankful…regardless of anyone’s perception, especially those with no clear sight.

Happy Days…

Over the past weekend I spoke briefly on my Podcast about a love challenge and I must admit I didn’t do so well. I had a rough couple of days. I am on a better path now and my husband is a constant reminder…sometimes I don’t want to love on others and then I am reminded that I must do just that. I don’t have to like their behavior, I must love them even when they are ugly though. One thing I know for sure is healing is a ugly process, be it spiritual, emotional or physical. It has been just that…but I’ll finish my assignments as always and as we all should.

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Just Breath

There will be good days…there will be bad and this is Life.

My friend said to me on today to hold my head up and keep it up. I plan on doing just that even on the hard days. I know there will be plenty but I’m battle ready as I said to another just the other day.

To be confident in God is all I know to do.

I spoke with my son on tonight and he is always a voice of reason. I know that his prayers reach heaven and I’m thankful that he doesn’t mind using his voice to speak with God.

An added bonus…is when one of your bonus babies is also a prayer warrior and she says breath…you just breath and as you feel the release you find your calm and understand that you are in your peace.

You trust that God has everything under control, you let the tears fall where they may and you continue on your journey.

I’m finding my way along this blessed path and I am confident that the blessings are abounding.



God’s Plan

Today was a good day and the moon was beautiful on tonight.

We ran errands early and were home by lunch time…I pan fried a few baby golds from the garden and a ear of corn to share. Also some polish sausage w/sauerkraut and a massive salad…Mr wanted a little treat from the corner store, a sort of icee. He has been so good at drinking his water lately that I couldn’t refuse. He drove himself and gased up my vehicle while I prepared lunch. I noticed he was a little winded when he returned.

During the day we shared stories as always and has lots of laughs. I am thinking on tomorrow that we might make our way to the water and enjoy some views as well as the fresh air…we haven’t done that in a few weeks now.

It will be different on tomorrow because he won’t be fighting with the wind to assure that no cigar smoke comes my way. I’m so proud of him…and thankful. I am also thankful that peace is our portion.

Being so, I share with you, G our peace lily. I had offered him to a woman who I felt was in need of peace, as a prophetic gesture…she seemed so excited as I spoke to her about gifting it to her, smiling from ear-to-ear, but after several attempts at contacting her and no response, I just left it alone.

How often we have our own plans…and how often we soon find out that they have nothing to do with God’s Plan.

Still all is well with my soul. Blessings Abounding, Vetta



On this morning, as we shared our dreams what stood out to me was that we were doing things together…as always.

My dream was that we were riding bikes across a bridge. As we were heading to the peak I could see hats coming off other people in the group and then one of the guides got off his bike and proceeded to go to look off the bridge. Of course, I was yelling for him to not leave his bike in the middle of the bridge but of course, you can’t help everyone. Some will simply do as they please and complain about the consequences later.

What I was proud of the most is that neither of us did what we would normally do…which would have involved us stopping and trying to convince the gentleman that he was putting himself in danger. This of course would have put us both in danger as well and we aren’t doing things like that at this juncture in our journey. We are traveling the path God has us on.

My husband’s dream was us dancing all over our house he said. There was a button on the wall over a Honduras piece of furniture that he bought me and it would play music for about 3 or 4 minutes then we could take a break. He said we were really getting down lol.

I laughed and said so you finally learned how to dance and his reply was as he looked in the mirror that he didn’t look that cool while dancing… so he didn’t learn to dance lol But that’s OK, I have enough rhythm for the both of us.

As I reflected back on my dream I’m not sure what bridge we were on. We’ve traveled to 41 states and spent a beautiful anniversary in the Bahamas at Bob Marleys Resort during our marriage and crossed many bridges…together.

So that’s the plan…to continue to cross each bridge as they come…together…because that’s what we signed up for.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

Just The Two of Us


Master Yourself

I just wanted to come on and share a little. I pray you are doing well on today. Taking care of you is important & putting ourselves first is quite often our most difficult challenge…I know it use to be for me. Not anymore!

I give my all to my Creator and no one else because only He has proven Himself worthy.

People who look at your life and assume that it comes with ease will drain you if you allow it, they mean no harm and often don’t even know any better so it’s important to establish boundaries. It’s important to schedule self-care, turn off the phone as well as the television and tune into God.

There are also some who look at your life and feel some type of way…they can be draining as well and this is why it’s important to be tuned in to God.

This past weekend I spent my days doing what I enjoy most…walking and talking to The One Who does all things well. It rained alot for which I am thankful, I recently dropped a few seeds in the ground and the downpours from heaven were an answered prayer. He always answers. And I desperately needed answers…pertaining to so many things.

Sometimes our answers comes in reminders; sometimes gentle reminders other times they are harsh realities. I say that to say this…

Recently I had a conversation with an acquaintance and I was reminded of a time in my life that a young lady was hell bent on slandering me. This went on for years. She would say the darndest things…like most with the mind of a child would. I remember mostly she wanted others to think I was a witch, practicing black magic in it’s most evil form. As a prophet, I’ve always understood that this was simply an attack by a person on assignment.

It’s real out here people and anyone who would say such horrible things about a person is suffering…in the worst way imaginable. Letting the enemy use you for such smallness is simply minded yet those with broken spirits and unhealed hearts are available for all types of things. I live in a very small town so things like this spread around like butter on a hot summer day yet I was never really phased by it…annoyed but never unnerved because people simply are who they are and oftentimes don’t know any better. Forgetting that what goes around comes around…but I digress.

This acquaintance and I laughed at the memories same as we would laugh back in the day. They also reminded me that all the awful things she wanted others to believe about me were actually the awful things that she has shown herself to be. We also agreed that we would keep her in prayer because she certainly needs it…still to this day! But don’t we all…She has certainly changed her life in alot of ways but we reap what we sow!!!

I share this with you so that you are mindful of people and their presence in and about your life. We may never understand with our minds why things happen but if we trust with our hearts that God is with us…it will be understood that no weapon will prosper. So continue to live your life and live life like it’s golden.

Never mind them…

Stand Firm and Master Yourself, understanding that people are who they are and they do things…just because. Same as The Father blesses just because

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water 💦

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Mind Your Business

Is it just me…

I’m in such a blessed season. I’m so excited about what God is doing in my life and I get to witness so much that is happening in the lives of others and it simply makes my heart smile.

Even so there’s always a flip side.

Like crabs in a bucket…

Messy Mindsets!!!

Always remember and never forget that those who are hurting will never be happy for you. They themselves are most often in need of an adult time out and are not even aware of the spiritual aspect of things.

They are lost!

Living by the flesh is dangerous. So once you identify this in an individual the best way to maintain your peace is to simply disconnect from them. I’ve had to disconnect from many. My peace and my prosperity in God far outweigh anyone’s position in my life.

Recognize that they are lost in their own tragedy. This world is their playground and ultimately their downfall if they cannot recognize their wrong.

Pray for them often not much else can be done…and don’t forget to drink your water 💦



The Capacity to Building: Seeing Inward

I’ve worked for myself basically my entire adult life. Building businesses is no easy task, yet I’ve always loved the challenge.

A landscaping business for 20 plus years, a boutique that was first storefront and then online, and a cleaning service. I’m currently a property manager for the past 12 years.

In the year 2021, I decided I was up for a new challenge. I began the process and shared with a individual a little of my strategy. They couldn’t see it…simply because they had never built anything. I almost became discouraged though, because I thought so much of them. Lately, I get a good laugh out of it all.

I continued to build…as I had done my entire life.

In 2022, God opened the door that I had prayed about. I became a digital content creator.

Today, 12 January 2023 and The Great Architect has opened two more doors in this digital age and it’s not even 2 weeks into the new year.

It’s official: I was created to create.

I’m excited for the future!!!

Lean In

I share this so that anyone who desires to build be mindful of the downpours because it’s not always sunshine and rainbows…we can’t have the latter without the downpours.

The downpours will be the hurt when few believe in you… When few even acknowledge you…when you get little to no support from those that claim to be “lifers”…when nobody shares your business or product. When they hug your neck and stab you in the back with their words.

I’m thankful that these new ventures are the same as every business I’ve started. I do what I do and still get paid, regardless of who likes it or not.

I’ve got so much up my sleeve it’s hard to keep my shirt on 😂😂

It’s said that folk will acknowledge and support a stranger before they support those in their contacts list and it’s a truth that can’t be denied .

I smile as I view who’s who in my life…thankful that all I need is for them to continue to sit back and look the other way.

It’s something of a blessing to have discernment…to have insight…being able to gain a accurate understanding of who people really are and love them anyway.

I have the best mentors I’ve ever had…in life! It is a rewarding journey and an incredible opportunity.

So….to all those willing to build. Those willing to put in the work. Those who understand that it’s never about anyone else, what they think or what they say…to those I say build.

Stand Firm

Enjoy the journey and give it your all because it definitely pays off in the end.

Be mindful that as God establishes your business, the enemy will use those closest to you to try and discourage as well as sabotage…be mindful as well that you will lose many along the way. Neither are meant to stand in your spotlight or even share in your journey. Hold no ill feelings…they are a lost people. Pray for them and keep on keeping on.

As well, be sure that you have people in your life that can reach heaven because you will need much intercession. The enemy is busy but my prayer warriors are as well.

Now build…be fruitful and multiply each blessing that you are blessed with.

Blessings Abounding & Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water 💦

Vetta 😇


Life Is A Teacher

Sometimes it’s just the writing in the sand…

Life, She teaches you. I say She because I Am speaking of me…

In life, we will experience so so very much and so very very much of it will hurt.

But the pain is the beauty of it all. And all of those ashes are needed is what I have learned.

At a very early age, before I ever even started school, I learned about pain. A pain that taught me to fight. Fight for my life…my sanity…fight for my peace.

There were several years of my life that I lost myself because I had begun to dislike “The Fight” because I felt as though I would lose too much or rather too many.

There are seasons though, that we can’t escape the fight and it is ever present.

What is important I am realizing is that we must be sure that what we are fighting for is worth it.

So, now that I am sure. I’ll say this…

When two opponents step in a ring, there is an expectancy of a end and the prize is victory over all of these wicked plans.


In my thirties I had a conversation with a woman via telephone. This was my first conversation with her ever and the only conversation as to this day.

She shared with me how glad she was to finally be able to have a conversation with me after all these years of never knowing or meeting me being that she was my aunt. We talked some small talk and then she shared with me why she didn’t have a relationship with my biological father (her brother). She shared with me how she had once left him at her home to watch her daughter only to return to him trying to rape her daughter (his niece) and how she had chased him out the house with a knife.

My response was good for you and thank you for sharing your story with me.

It was then that I found my voice. My aunts words were an echo of my own. I began to share my own story of how my biological father had molested me as a child.

I felt as if God had allowed this divine moment to happen so that I would never again question myself and my own experience. I understood then that my biological father was simply a sick individual.

What other rationale is there for a father to be on top of his own child…a child so young that she isn’t even enrolled in school yet…a child so young that perhaps he thought I would not remember. His own. His only child. His prey!

I once confronted him with this information and he began to express to me what he had gone through as a child, never any mention of any sexual perversion and then I stopped him in the conversation and let him know that at this point in my life I couldn’t be concerned with hearing his story while in the middle of processing my own.

He then offered a somewhat piss poor apology for anything that he had ever done to hurt me.

A few years later, I received a phone call from him in reference to the original letter I had written him about the molestation that lead to our conversation…he now knows nothing about the molestation. This was the first time he had read the letter…it must have got mixed up in old junk mail is what he said. The dates/age that I had estimated in my head didn’t add up to him because he had been in prison at the time…So it couldn’t have happened. Geesh!!!!! So what were you apologizing for previously.

I expressed to him that if I wasn’t 4 or 5 then maybe I was 3 or 4 and in all honesty if I was 100 yrs old let’s please not make me out to be the liar here. Because regardless of the date it had happened, right in my great mother’s house on Caldwell Drive in Panama City FL.

I share this with you all because…

It’s important that these stories are shared. The predators in our family don’t deserve more than those that have been preyed upon.

Family secrets of this nature happen more often than most would admit.

I have spoken with many women & men in the last 20 years that have experienced some form of sexual assault. Unfortunately, it’s common in families. Often swept under the rug while many suffer in silence.

The suffering is intense my friends. It can become tragic.

I’ve given up trying to have any form of relationship with him. I have come to the realization that it does not benefit my life in the least. I have no desire to and there is such a freedom in it that it brings healing to my soul.

And whatever is good for my soul is all that I plan on doing at this stage of life.

Oftentimes others wonder why there is estrangement in families…this is why.

So before you judge why family members are not close or why they don’t come around…consider this.

I’ve got more stories to tell than NBC could handle about these matters within my own family.

So before you jump to conclusions or believe alot of noise from perpetrators, please take the time to get to know why families are not close. Why family members don’t show up to gatherings, Why siblings are not welcome at siblings home.

I’ve chosen to live my life wide open so that the hurt can heal.

I’m also praying that the echo that was my aunts voice becomes my own and I am as brave and courageous as her Wynn my time comes.

The Truth Hurts but so does Healing…Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Unheard Of

He Answers! He Always Answers.

I Found My Tribe!!!

Recently I’ve expressed the importance in & of finding your tribe. Life changes in the blink of an eye. One moment you are listening to a heart beat…the next moment it stops.

With this being the reality, it’s important for me to waste little time on or with life’s small battles when there is a real war going on.

Most would consider that I am referring to some political matter; much to do with the election, perhaps even a racially charge debate on the rise…

Things of this nature never draw my attention far.

I see this world through the lense of my spirit. It is the only way in which I can survive.

The war that I am referring to is the war within…regardless of the words we speak our actions are our real truths.

Going within. Doing the work. Looking in the mirror and seeing past what the eyes see and experiencing what is felt within is the true test of seeing selfworth.

So many believe they are healed….believe that they have all the answers…believe that their way is better than the highway.

A willingness to hear another perspective and extend grace is oftentimes rewarding and have been some of my most important lessons.

Being unable to hear the voice of wisdom and experience…leaves many unfortunately stuck and repeating destructive patterns. I see it through coaching and mentoring often. It can be gut wrenching and leave one drained.

More self care…

So as this chapter begins, I’ll dedicate more of my time to myself and my interests.

Now back to my tribe…

This 50 birthday was blessed. A few days of what has the best self care retreat ever.

Relaxation! Observation! Conversation!

With Like Minds…

I experienced a women’s retreat like never before. Just imagine entering a room full of beautifully scarred and gracefully healing women.

Imagine being the new one. The painfully shy one. The one who’s voice is seldom heard…rarely appreciated and often ignored.

The one who is unheard of…The Birthday Girl 😎

I Asked Big Though & He Answered!

During this time I had the pleasure of hearing so many truths and speaking so much truth to so many women. I also had the pleasure of my voice being heard…by others but more importantly by me. It’s life changing and certainly makes the heart smile.

I’m excited about the connections.

Thankful for another answered prayer and the opportunity for growth.

Thankful for acceptance and community.

What an absolutely blessed birthday it has been.

I’m excited about the future.

What you see is what you get…

With that being said I am excited to share with you what I came home to on today. I have successfully grown peanuts. Last year I didn’t do so well. The reason was because I was impatient. Pulled them to soon.

Sometimes we just know a thing. We see or get a glimpse of what an end result might look like and we want it to soon. Or either we want to try and avoid it all together. Either way we suffer a loss.

So we must learn patience.

It can yield us our future.

It can surpass our past.

But you’ve got to do the work.

Peanuts are the 12th most valuable cash crop in the US.

Imagine: Investing in yourself. In your future. In the future of your offspring and leaving them a legacy…

And I’m not talking about The Money. I’m referring to a legacy of Divine Appointments…

On today, I embrace all of me…the good, the bad and the ugly.

Honoring the past helps you to appreciate the good memories and avoid the same pitfalls and mistakes in the future.

Release others and embrace yourself.

Release your past and embrace your future.

Accepting what was enables us to accept what is…

We all need time to grow and mature but we can’t stay in the ground forever…or we suffer.

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Birthday Blessings

On today I celebrating my birthday and expressing three things…

All any of us can do, is do the best we can!

Accomplishing your dreams will spark even bigger dreams!!

Love is a powerfully beautiful thing!!!

I challenge you as well to live your life.

Live it to the fullest and share your gifts with the world.

Those certainly are my plans because when I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say…

I used everything you gave me…

Think about that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Just Breath

Lean In

A early morning ride in search of fall. The air was crisp and the breeze was gentle. We watched the squirrels play for a while and then listened carefully as the birds spilled the beans.

To Sum It Up…

When your world seems like it’s too much to handle, just breath…take a deep breathe & have a good laugh. It clears the mind and frees the spirit.

Later today we will be with family and that’s always a blessing. Although today we’re laying to rest a family member, there will be lots of love and laughter. I am thankful that I also get to give out hugs.

Just to see the Smiles….

It’s important to create enough memories with the ones you love so that when their physical presence is no longer available…you are sustained until your spirits meet again.

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


The Findings

It’s important to make peace with the past. I mean truly make peace. Releasing all the things that hurt us. Forgiving ourselves for all the pains we have caused…it can become exhausting and crippling otherwise.

So on last night we did more moon chasing. I was finally able to capture a beautiful shot and she was on fire.

She reminded me of a friend, a dear sister whose entire being is a flame. I prayed that her fire continues to burn. I prayed for her twin flame to burn a path to her heart. She sets this world on fire with her magic and she deserves it all.

We all do!

With each thought & each reflection of life, my heart melted a little. I thought of the two beautiful souls that I texted earlier in the week just to send some love…both who have invited me into their homes and allowed me to sit at their tables and cry…releasing pains unimaginable. I was grateful to have yet another beautiful soul that I spoke with over the phone and all the laughter and history that we have shared. Thankful that we have enough stories to last a lifetime.

And here we are again…thankful for life.

Thankful for the beautiful souls I’ve been blessed to journey with.

It’s Thoughtful Thursday. What are you thankful for on today?

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Well Said

Because we live in Florida, I can dress like it’s summertime year round. Today I decided on a pair of Ralph Lauren. Size 12

I am proud of me. No, it was not easy. Definitely worth it though and I’m no where near the goal. From a size 24 down to a size 12 has had its challenges.

A almost 2 year journey. I started by detoxing and doing some gut work. The colon is crazy!!! It’s unbelievable how much “stuff ” we carry. Also a reasonable explanation of why so many are “full of…themselves” 😎

Walking 3 miles until I could walk 6 with ease. From sidewalks to streets to parks & bridges…Building momentum for the jogs and now I’m actually running some as well. Having stairs in your home is a plus but there is nothing quite like having access to 3 flights over the summer months. Additionally, I lift weights. Years ago, I was almost to toned for my own liking so I’m sure to keep my workouts soft 😇

I’ve been asked what I was taking…Better care of myself is the answer!

When others don’t have the discipline to put in the work, they assume you think like they think…No pills involved, Thank you very much! No surgery on my mind.

All natural!

I softly whispered to an acquaintance recently, “Don’t act like you didn’t know me Wynn I was a size 8” Geesh 😎

I pulled out my size 18 wedding gown and smiled. I’ve got big plans for her!

A friend reminded me that this body is my canvas and I’m going to create the most Pleasant Peace I can.

I owe it to myself! So do you… Now don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding,



In The Midst of It All

Wynn Things Are…Just Right Like

So on this evening I made dinner while Mr made beats! Being that its Taco Tuesday, I gathered the goodies necessary to ride the wave.

I’m not sure what to call it besides Delicious. Maybe Vetta’s Toasty Nachos…and because today is National Nacho Day, I put an end to our cravings.

I used Santinas Tortilla Chips as the base. Yellow Rice for a lovely centerpiece. Ground Beef topped with black beans, fresh tomatoes, red onions, cheese, cilantro, lime and all the peppers I desired. A little sour cream will help me deal with the fact that I couldn’t find a ripe avocado. A nice drizzle of Ortega Street Sauce and it’s a wrap.

Blessings Abounding

To work off this great meal, I decided to chase the moon on tonight. She was radiant…beautiful and seemingly full of life. I often say that not everything can be captured. Some things simply have to be enjoyed…witnessed…appreciated and held close to the heart.

Traveling a few blocks before realizing that tonight was for me and that I am blessed beyond measure by the simplicity of His Love.

As our adventure came to a end, I witnessed someone else enjoying God’s Full & Beautiful Moon and that was good enough for me.

Moon Chasers

Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water,



In Search Of

In the story of your life, write the best book that you can.

Have pages on understanding and tales of hardships.

Fill your story with adventure, laughter and love…

Make each chapter reflect time well spent. Meet your obligations and take time to meet your aspirations as well.

If you live up to your potential you’ll never have to live down any disappointment.

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone


The Life Giver

We are Trees of Righteousness

As I welcome November, I am pleased to celebrate another year of life this month.

On Today…I Am Thankful for Life!!!

And oh what a beautiful life it is…when I say thankful I mean just that.

When I say beautiful…well beauty is in the eye of the beholder…so,

All around me & Everywhere I go and with Everyone I see…I look for the beauty within…not only inside of them but as well, the beauty inside of me.

It’s important for our “insides” to match our “outsides”…for our walk to meet our talk.

In other words…#allthingsreal

Just as we are created to be!


Life’s too short to be looking down on people. Instead, look up and find the beauty in one another.

Enjoy The Beauty of His Creations!

It’s easy to find flaws when that’s all that you are looking for…Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding,


All Things Real…


Out & About

Just the right touch…

I had thought about getting a nice fall centerpiece but after a few aisles at a few stores I changed my mind. Everything is the same or so very similar.

Just as I forgot about it, my crush says, “It’s time to ride”

A coaching session needed to reschedule, so we had the entire day to hang out. We had a full tank, so we took a little ride, found a little water, had a marvelous picnic and then a beautiful stroll as we made our way to the dock. A gentleman was fishing for dinner without complaint. A boat passed in the distance and then the calm. The temperature was just right with the perfect breeze off the water.

Breath In!

Breath Out!

Good Conversation!

Good Revelation!

The butterflies were as busy as could be and fluttering all around me my husband said. But I was caught up…I had saw a vision and I was going to make it happen. It is not always clear in the beginning…these visions, yet we must trust that if God gives us a vision and we put in the work it will come to pass.

Trial & Error is the way of life. We learn as we go and we unlearn as we grow…trusting the end result that speak volumes.

We left the dock and the calm of His Waters to explore more. I gathered my goodies. Excited about each discovery.

Our work is done and after a simple prayer…Home Sweet Home!

I am thankful for creativity! I made our fall centerpiece and my crush made some music. Then I did some editing. Fun Friday indeed!!!

And there you have it…check out the little video I made😇

Live. Laugh. Love…and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Trying Times

Another blessed day and I am thankful. This morning I was up before dawn. My first words of each day begin as a prayer from a thankful heart.

On this morning, I just sat up in bed for a while. I watched the sky light up. I listened as the birds shared their good news. Then just as I closed my eyes in the silence, I could hear the sound of motors passing. Those heading to the office. Others are heading to the base…the hospitals…clocking in & clocking out as life goes on.

As my mind begins to race…I can see myself going for a jog this lovely morning and then I conclude that I’d rather not leave the house yet. I’ll spend some time on my Schwinn. A little music in my ear and all is well. I resist the urge to ask Mr to make a donut run. Some quiet time in Vetta’s Garden and then a nice ride by some water.

I called my brother and chatted for a while today. It’s always good to hear his voice and thoughts on life. Good conversation is a gift.

I’ve recently been working on tuning people out…sometimes it’s the safest thing to do.

As for those I feel the need to listen to, I’ve also been very intentional on tuning in and listening to the words they offer me. It has been incredibly insightful and inspiring.

How do I decide who to tune out?

Most aren’t talking about much to begin with so that’s that…it’s easy to tune out nonsense. Those that i find myself engaged with…It’s simple, if my spirit is disturbed I will excuse myself and exit the conversation…the relationship if need be!

Today is pedicure day!!! I’m thinking turquoise for the toes. I’m walking boldly through life and my feet have always been a priority, so I’m sure to take good care of them as they take good care of me.

I captured this beauty while my crush and I were out and about. A single bloom…that’s all it sometimes entails. Just know that there will always be thornes…in Life that is!

The likeness of the thornes…

Life is too precious and too short to waste on what isn’t good for your soul…figure out what is and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Vetta’s Gifts

And these are just that…these things…these things that’s I do. Simply gifts, little gifts to myself, that I also share with others.

They are our reminders…simple reminders of life and it’s simple pleasures and sometimes hidden treasures that just ought not be hidden but shared by all those willing to see The Beauty of His Creations.

See God’s Beauty All Around You…each and every day. Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding,


The eyes are the windows to our soul…

Shadows of Doubt

The Palm of His Hand

On today I am thankful for rest.

Quite often I have found myself overextended…that is becoming a thing of the past for me. Busy being available for others can easily lead to not being available for self.

I’m living more intentional these days…It seems as though it was just yesterday but it’s actually been a year that I asked God to show me Who’s Who in my life. Once we gain this knowledge it’s easier to wait on God. People can love you and mean you no harm yet still be a distraction.

Distractions lead to Drainage!!!

I’m thankful for sight beyond sight as well as a ear to hear because He Answers.

So on today, I rested and rested well. Trusting God that regardless of anyone’s behavior or anyone’s belief that I’ve been true to self. Also knowing that beyond a shadow of a doubt God’s Got me…right in the palm of His Hand!!!

I’ve learned to speak less and pray more…Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


About Last Night

One With God

Because Knots Have To Be Tied and Brooms Need To Be Jumped…

Because of those things and so many more, my Dad stood in the sand on yesterday and waited on his bride…patiently!

Smiling from ear-to-ear. Wiggling his toes in the sand. Rocking from side to side…grinning 😊 He had the perfect view of God’s blue skies and His deep waters as The Sun shined down upon him…only one GOOD THING missing.

When The Groom Brings Extra Flowers…

“Where she at?” was what I heard lol…what I saw was my Dad dancing around in the sand nervously. It was time for his love to be by his side and all I could do was smile. I joked with him before the ceremony that he had found him another knot to tie…and why not. If we are blessed enough in this life to find love enough in our hearts for another person…why not share sunsets with them as often as possible.

And laughter, lots & lots of laughter as well as everything else that life has in store for you.

Growing in Love. Growing in Life.

My Dad’s advice to my husband & I after we married was to just be good to one another. It’s really that simple for me.

Yes, life can be challenging at times yet being a good human to another human shouldn’t be a challenge at all.

Remember That and Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

This Is Why He Loves You…

Home Sweet Home

Change is good…

This weekends plans changed…and for the better. There was a Seafood Festival nearby in Destin FL but I really didn’t want to be around people and I really wanted my husband to rest.

So in luei, I marinated salmon & shrimp; Jerk seasoning, cracked pepper, lemon & lime juice and several of Vetta’s herbs.

Once it hit the grill with olive oil and some irish cream butter I added sweet onion, ahola pepper, big bertha pepper, havasu & jalapeño as well as lemon and lime slices…That’s when I see Mr peeping and taking his seat at the table😉 Paired to perfection w/ jasmine cilantro lime rice & sauteed spinach w/ fresh garlic & lemon juice.

We were certain there was not a dish quite like it at the seafood festival.

To add to the fun of the night, my crush made his way to the market for brownie mix because he makes the best…But oh my, how many sit ups will this cost me!!!

Dinner & Dessert!!!

It’s all worth it though! It’s always nice to just be at home…looking at one another…telling jokes…living our best life right from the comfort of our home.

Always remember and never forget that this world owes you absolutely nothing and there is absolutely nothing that you owe this world.

No if’s ands or buts about it…Believe That & Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water.

Blessings Abounding,Vetta


Understand This

On today…I am thankful for understanding. Understanding that there is no healing with blaming.

Who did what is done and over with.

Self-reflection of One’s Own patterns is where Healing Begins.

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

Own It…or It Owns You!

With The Swiftness

All Is Well

What a day…another Fun Friday…another beautiful day in paradise. It’s just past noon and the day has already filled me up.

A tenant moved. Walk through was at 10am. 98% of the townhouse was cleared out. Unfortunately they put items they no longer wanted across the street on someone else’s property including a few bags of household trash…Yuck!

I am thankful because that neighbor across the street has the tenants on camera putting it on their property and were kind enough to call code enforcement.

It really doesn’t pay to be ugly…because just like that the tables can turn. When those tables begin to turn is the point at which one normally understands what is important. If they do not then this is the point of no return and you are the cause of all the problems they suffer. Tears are shed. They pretend they don’t know your name so they call you “something else” 🤐 Fingers are pointed and they are pointed at you…phone in hand and on record!

Blah! Blah! Blah!

When all is said and done…My peace is unDisturbed and you are now faced with losing more than you gain by being nasty.

And life goes on…So don’t forget to drink your water. Blessings Abounding, Vetta


James 1:12

It’s been said that if we find ourselves being everything to everyone, most often we have neglected self. I’m certainly understanding this more and more.

Once we begin to neglect our self…this world will follow suit.

In the past, I’ve tried to always stay connected…regardless of the situation.

No More!

I’m tired….tired of doing 99% of the work it takes to maintain a relationship. If I don’t touch base with you, if I don’t text you, if I don’t plan something…nothing is planned.

The notion that I only hear from you is when you need something is over as well.

I’ve already set my phone to Do Not Disturb…the only time my phone actually rings is if my one and only son calls me. I have to add a 210 area code to that list when I finish this post because I have a new phone…and I love to hear her voice. Baby girl; her and I have had one conversation about this and I’m going to have another one with her soon. These days I check text messages and respond accordingly. In this season I am focused on my son and his father’s healing. I am focused on praying him as well as his father through their process.

The Three Amigos

It still saddens me to think of those I asked to pray with me for him and the first response is how awful of a person he was…from people who don’t even know him personally. Folks is something else. Like literally don’t even know his name. For the record; my sons father was never awful to me. He may have been alot of things and he may have been not the best but he was there. Most often we have to grow up before the realization hits. We never went without what we needed! Didn’t get everything we wanted but who does? He was better than most father’s I’ve witnessed. He did better than most men I know! He did the best he could at the time and has definitely learned some life lessons. His father left this earth before he ever got to know him…still a baby himself!!!

The two of us know our story…we know our truth! What the world thinks is irrelevant!!! We’ve both had to set a few straight and then life teaches you that you don’t owe anyone an explanation about 20 years of your life and you certainly don’t owe an explanation of our friendship now. He gave me the best gift of all…My Sunshine. Our Golden Child! And for that I am forever grateful.

Nothing else matters!

No Luck Involved…we are blessed.

On another note; I cooked black eyed peas, ribs and yellow rice for my husband. I make the very best homemade BBQ sauce. My husband says it should be on shelves. How neat would that be. The peas are full of goodness from Vetta’s Garden. Onions, garlic, bell peppers, okra and lots of herbs as well as peppers. Cooking is certainly a passion of mine. Life without passion is not for me.

Sometimes you have to just let others keep on living to understand things! Some will. Some won’t!

In the meantime, you keep on living as well and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta 💌


The Spice of Life

It’s almost midnight and my hands are a beautiful yellowish orange…I have peeled more turmeric & ginger than ever before.

Some will be put aside for my face mask. Other than that it will be used in the kitchen to of course “spice things up”. On last night I made up some of my tea for us. I’ve most likely shared but each time it differs a little lately…

Vetta’s Tea Time Tonic: Raw Tumeric Raw Ginger Fresh Garlic Fresh Echinacea Fresh Chamomile Fresh Lavender Fresh Rosemary Fresh Purple Basil Fresh Lemon Balm Fresh Spearmint Fresh Peppermint… All from Vetta’s Garden. These lovely ingredients are not alone. I also add Mullien Leaf, Bay Leaves and Raw Honey.

After a little steep time is when I add the Fresh Garlic. I actually enjoy the garlic, tumeric and ginger bits in my tea…it’s like a little snack to munch on lol

I’m sure to drain Mr Coley tea. He doesn’t do all the extra😎 He just wants his tea…uninterrupted by bits & pieces of this and that! On this morning he asked for a 2nd cup.

Our cups have been running over lately….

This month has been full & eventful at best. 1 September was my angel birthday, my great aunt, my hero…I imagine heaven must be happy to have her. I know I sure was. 3 September was my husband’s birthday and 10 September was my God Mother’s birthday…a prayer warrior indeed. My beautiful extra special bonus daughter will celebrate another year of life as well this month. On one of her visits I stepped outside to cut fresh flowers before she arrived and burned the bottom of my foot the side walk was so hot. I use to always be out barefoot in the yard before this happened and my husband would always just shake his head…after a few years of being married he stopped telling me to put on shoes, seeing that I was not. Then life teaches you! You learn the value in the lesson and you have the reminders of what others mean to you, because scars can also be a beautiful thing. It reminds you of the love you feel when you hear their voice or as you stroll through your photos and when google sends those memories to you. It pushes you to pray a little harder as they live out their purpose planned life! To witness their growth is most certainly a Irreplaceable feeling.

I’m blessed indeed! I’ve got a bonus baby that is all the Rave!!!

It’s that smile for me!

On tonight I had a pampering session and did a little DIY that rivals any pedicure.

Soak your feet in three tablespoons of baking soda and water mixture for 30 minutes.

But before you do this plan ahead by soaking a slice of bread in apple cider vinegar for a couple hours or however long it takes to turn into a paste. Apply the paste to your feet and put on socks…Thank me in the morning!

On today I was able to share a photo with my two of husbands nephews of their father as a kid. He left this earth early in life.. I often tell my husband that I was blessed to have met him.

My husband says maybe 3 or 4 years in the photo. I was so pleased that my husband saw the photo book when he went to check on his uncle’s house. I love photos like this. They weren’t able to grow up with him. That makes a difference. I know because I didn’t grow up with mine…I can see so much of their father in them. It’s a beautiful thing.

Things That Make The Heart Smile…

The fact that God knew that I didn’t need him to be in my life because God knows my life would have been different and in a very unfortunate way. I’ve forgiven my biological father for so much…so very much!! I’ve attempted a relationship with him far to many times. I’m Done!

My mother married the coolest man I know…that is my father. My dad. The one who never abandoned me. The one who never mishandled me. DNA is all fine and well but it doesn’t make you family.

Life doesn’t always give us what we want but it certainly gives us what we need. And Closure is a healing balm all on it on. I’m letting it go. I’m letting go of a few other relationships as well. I’m no longer interested in maintaining any relationship all on my own any further. Especially those that drain me at its very presence. I am alive. I am living my life…not just existing! This new season I have walked in is #outwiththegloomifyouwanttobloom. Find something in life that you are passionate about. Do it! And then talk about it. Show it off! I promise you it will make the low times high and the high times fly…like when you’re having fun. Time Flies!!!!

Find your passion. Do what makes you feel alive inside or do nothing else. Regardless of how it appears, you are changing the ways of the world when you live your best life. Your very presence is enough…I want to do all that The Creator has purposed for me to do, that is what makes my heart smile!

The Promises of God

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Learning to Walk With God

The most important lesson I’ve learned in life was learning to walk with God. Learning to walk with God enables me to learn to talk to God. Learning to talk to God has taught me to know & hear His Voice and because I know His Voice, I’ve learned to listen & always trust His Plan.

Is it difficult at times? Yes! Does it get easier? Yes! As long as we trust the process.

At the beginning of this year I began working with one of my mentees on hearing God’s voice. I expressed to the individual that if they never heard from me again I needed to be at peace knowing that they recognize His Voice.

Leaps & Bounds!!! Hurdling over any and all obstacles. Standing firm in & on The Promises of God. Fasting & Praying! Trusting God.

I am so Blessed! A true blessing indeed to see such growth!

All Things Real

It’s a Lifestyle! Kingdom Lifestyle…believe that and don’t forget to drink your water. Vetta💌


Ready Aim Fire

We have all been hurt. With the blessing of life…each & every day is yet another opportunity for the disappointment of pain. It is a part of life and there is always a purpose for our pain. Knowing this…we Live and we learn. Attempting to avoid hurt is similar to attempting to avoid the common cold. It’s not going to work because folks everywhere and folk full of sickness. Ready and willing to spread the pain and misery. I’ve entered a season of life that once I sense that you take pride in your pain, once I recognize that this is where you want to live and see that you have unpacked your bags and pulled out your badge of misery and pinned it to your heart…I’m out. I’m praying for you from a distance.

Praying that all is well with your soul. Praying that you release a sound that allows healing to be your portion. Praying that you understand that triggers are simply unhealed wounds. Praying that you give in to God’s plan. Praying for your strength. Praying that you realize there is hope. Praying that change is your portion.

I no longer sit at tables that need to be turned over. I’m not entertaining your demons…same as I’m not entertaining my own! I’m not sitting by silently while you talk about folk things that I ought not hear. I’m certainly not sharing my struggles with you, so what’s the point of this meeting? I’m not listening to gossip because my time is to valuable for nothingness and nonsense. I’m staying in my lane…staying to myself and drinking my water.

A Serving of Hope & Change

Anywho…check out our okra harvest for the morning, just enough! Each and every day I harvest these beauties. On yesterday I was able to finally harvest a few from the plants out back. They are nearly as tall as the ones on the side and I love it. On tonight’s menu there will be okra & tomatoes. I could easily purchase some corn to add but patience is key, so I’ll wait for more corn from Vetta’s Garden. I am seeing silk again so it won’t be long.

It won’t be long at all. Change is coming…Receive that & don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding Vetta 😇


Can You Hear Me Now

Hear Me…

When you have poured into another person. When you have sacrificed…overlooked and understood. When it’s all or nothing and nothing is ever done and they’ve never done nothing.

When you have to hear them but they can’t hear you. When you continue to stay and all they do is walk away…to a world and people who are more important than the problem within.

Trust that they are showing you the value that your voice holds. They are showing you that your feelings are not their concern. If you hurt you best figure it out on your own. And you better not trust them with your heart.

Rest In Peace…

Far To Far To Go

Sometimes…not Just sometimes, but all the time we should be thankful.

Thankful that there is a limit…a limit on what is allowed in the temple. As well, what is allowed to go on in a temple.

We All Fall Down…

Yes, on tonight I am thankful! Thankful that He Answers, Thankful that my God Answers, Thankful that Love Answers. The Very Lover of Our Souls. Sometimes a soft whisper & other times it is like thunder & lighting and it is this way because we all fall down.

We fall down because we are not answering our call. So in His Sovereignty, He grounds us. Planting our feet back on solid ground. Putting us in remembrance of what is and what is not…not important, not necessary, not easy, not hard, not your fault, not your business and not your problem. We gain this wisdom after we have asked God, “Who’s Who?” & As We continue to listen with A Ear to Hear!

He Answers.

Oftentimes, we play our own little mind game with our own little self. Listening with the head & Listening with the heart are 2 different realities. We make our own way long and we make our own way hard…when we listen with our heads. But daily if we put on The Mind of Christ, it will enable us to stand because the vile of the enemy is subtle. The stench is sometimes camaflouged.

Stay Alert… Soberminded and Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water

Vetta 💌

Enjoying This Blessed Path…


What You See Is What You Get

Some days are all about revelation. Seeing people for who they are…who they truly are as well as what they believe in. What they will do in your presence is exactly the beginning of what they will do in your absence and then some. Always Remember and Never Forget…that a lie doesn’t care who tells it and a liar’s lips stay ready.

Also, listen to people when they express their thoughts about change. When a person tells you over and over again that they the are not going to change…


An individual with no interest in change is toxic. Especially the ones who expect and demand change from you. It is a sad situation to find yourself in and even sadder as you find your way out. Is it easy No…but as far as I am concerned No is a complete sentence and the answer for all the things that disturb your peace.

And Amen…

So on today I encourage you, as I encourage myself to keep your head held high, knowing that you are true to who you are and your values and interpretation of truth. Those who have not learned the lessons of life after a certain age, those who do not value you, those who answer only to themselves, those who think that EVERYTHING that they do is ok and they then turn around and call you the problem are not worthy.

A fool is a fool is a fool indeed…

You are responsible for maintaining your own heart and those who continue to do things that make your heart heavy should be removed from your life.

Do this for yourself and Do it…By Any Means Necessary.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Another Day in Paradise

On today I am thankful…I have no countertop space but considering the aromatics in the air, it’s all good. I’ve been drying herbs all weekend and on this morning I finished my last batch.

Thai Basil is the favorite for this season. I add it to everything. It grows in abundance and my favorite thing to do is add it to our Cabbage, the flowers as well and a generous amount indeed. Delish! With the mention of Cabbage, I am pleased with my outside baby. I have my very own cabbage growing for the umpteenth time. Started her inside and she has been outside for 2 weeks now. Enduring 100 degree temps and rainstorms. I Do Not Give Up…and I Do Not murmur & complain. My ears have become super sensitive to the release of sounds that I take in…from others as well as those sounds that I release. We live and we learn that some things and quite a few number of people will never change. They are “stuck in their ways”. But I digress and in keeping my heart healthy I go to my place of peace and I pray. Moments later, I smile while counting a few more chocolate sprinkles tomatoes peeping out. Cherry blings are nonstop. Roma tomatoes appear to be on pause. I guess everyone & everything needs a break from time to time. I know I sure do from time to time. From people, places and things…

Don’t Allow Your Peace To Be Disturbed…No is a complete sentence!

Goodies from the garden

With 4 okra plants producing everyday and 4 more in the back coming along nicely, I’m pleased that I will have plenty for fall. I love okra.

I’ve dug the potato bed up and we have enough red potato for a month perhaps. I planted more russets about 2 weeks ago and they are coming along nicely.

More Than Enough

The sweet potato patch is thriving and it’s a task in discipline to refrain from digging around for a glance but patience is key. The sweet potato pies I make are like butter on a cloud. I can’t wait. Thanksgiving 2021, I had only enough at the time for 1 pie. This year I’ll have enough for a bake sale, if I so desire and if we are not traveling. The last 5 Thanksgiving Holidays have been at home because my son visits. He sends me his flight confirmation & the menu and I then for the next few months, spend my happiest moments singing through the house “Hey honey, Jacquez is coming home” and do my happy dance. His presence makes the holidays happy once again. As well, he has definitely redefined Mother’s Day a few times. He certainly is My Sunshine. One of my favorite men. One of God’s Chosen. The kindest soul I have ever known…and patience is definitely among his virtues.

Faith, Hope & Charity is my prayer for him…always & forever 🙏 I could write a book about him… it would have no ending. I can just go on and on and on about my hero. As it should be. We should Always Remember to be present with those we love. Never Forget that love is a two way street!

Thoughts of my son always follow with thoughts of my mother…

All my mind can ever think…I give that over to my heart, where God dwells. I know my Maker…and He makes No misTAkes! I surrender yet again, telling The Father that I just want to be OK! And because He Is The Author and because He scribes upon my heart…The Master Communicator reveals.

And healing is the children’s bread!

He Answers! Love Always Answers…and as He Speaks to me. I hear the sound of the abundance of rain. Showering Down and The Abundance of His Grace is upon us all & His Healing Virtue flowing, a Balm in Gideon and the soul pursues peace once again. Another layer of His Love is my portion. He is The LifeGiver & The very Lover of My Soul.

Always Remember & Never Forget…that it is our responsibility to transform our pain into our power. The realization of our power should drive us and it drives us to & in our purpose. We strive & we struggle…yet we purse.

Mr mentioned something about collard greens and I do believe we have enough…for a small pot, but who really wants a small pot of greens with just enough for one meal and then it’s over. I myself like them the next day once all the flavors have married. Once I suggested we wait his mind began to wonder…

Brentstew is what I will name this one and it is by Mr’s design; his requested ingredients are as follows:

Lump Crabmeat Red Potatoes Mushrooms Bell Pepper Onions Jalapeño Pepper and for my own additional pleasure I’m adding one of each of our peppers we have. Those are the ingredients and I will put it all together for him.. Maybe it will take his mind off the greens for a while.

As the day ends, I have concluded that I’m not sitting at tables that need to be turned over. Life is to precious for every conversation and/or interaction you have with an individual leaves you drained.

Speak Life or we do not need to speak.

Blessings Abounding Vetta


The Little Things

At a crossroads…

Happy Sunday!!! Today has been all about rest…because Saturday was a day full of love, laughter & celebration.

I have one that I’m sure prays every year that her birthday is forgotten. On top of that she now has a anniversary to celebrate in the same week and that’s where it gets tricky. Her and her sweetheart can easily disappear to celebrate, Vetta is guilty of this as well so I totally understand the beauty of it all. On this year though I didn’t even bother asking for a good date to schedule brunch. I sent out the dates and once confirmed chose our spot. She’s in town…in the country actually and that’s my prayer answered.

She had no idea because I’m just that good. I turned our normal brunch date into a surprise birthday brunch. I Sure Did!!! And all she did was smile. Not one for surprises but she loves me,, so I can get a pass! The birthday girl & I are the only gardeners in the group; so we went straight in on our passion.

Garden Girl Talk!!!Chitter Chatter of the best kind! 20 plus years of brunches & lunches…dessert runs, laughter and tears…birthdays, anniversaries, road trips, labor rooms & the scars to prove it.

And so much more!!!

Brunch was @ Amivida Coffee Roasters. I left the garden early and took a stroll on the Marina before the ladies arrived. Then a quick glance at the farmers market. I mentioned to someone that it looks like my kitchen counters & the bartop with veggies & herbs… EVERYWHERE!

Life is Full of Surprises…

I didn’t visit all of the vendors but I saw what I needed to…everyone is out selling what I’m already growing or making or either…I’m not interested! I’m not one for crowds so there is No need to fight through crowds for nothing. I’m still all about my 6 feet…and I am not offended if you generously allow me more.


Nothing like growing your own food…and if you can’t or simply don’t desire to at least look into some personal growth in your life. Something as simple as being appreciative of life can change the perspective.

I’m learning that as the days, months & years go by…some people will never change. Never have anything positive to say about anything or anyone; moreso they have about as much interest in your good news as you have in their bad. It is endless!

I’ve decided that I’m just going to love everyone…even the one’s that don’t like me and most importantly I’m going to do so because The Father says so.

I’m so done with the pity party vibes…I genuinely want to celebrate. And not that we can’t have bad times or situations happening. It’s just how we approach each obstacle and how we respond. I am thankful that I am living my best life regardless of trials and not allowing life’s downtime to dictate my mood or what & how things exit my mouth.

The tongue can be sharp and ugly, leaving a bad taste in the mind & heart of those who have not learned the technique of listening.

I Am So Thankful…

I am blessed to have a ear to hear God’s Heart…

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

Crowd Pleaser…


The Promise

The Goodness of God

Life is full of ups & downs…ins & outs…beginnings & endings.

The old…The new! Rainy seasons, heavy clouds & His Rainbows too. Hold Fast! Trust that God’s Timing is just that…Exact!!! This rainbow of fruits is exactly what I need for this weekend. Monday is restock day. This is just another of those things that makes the heart smile.

The rambutan as you can see has already been sampled & it was refreshing. Then my special treats straight from Vetta’s Garden; chocolate sprinkles tomatoes. Definitely my favorite of all our tomatoes. So many goodies & I deserve them all.

He is Jehovah Nissi.

All that I am…. Is The Great I Am. All that He Sees in me. All that He created me to be…His Perfect Will. I am unapologetically His mouthpiece.

Desire to hear from The Father…and He will speak to you. He Answers! But you must have a ear to hear God’s Heart.

We must discipline ourselves to hear…in the stillness as well as in the chaos. Because God is always speaking.

Sooo… As we travel the roads of life, there will be seasons that things might not be as clear to us. In these times, we must simply use wisdom…that can be as simple as pulling over and waiting on a sign from God. And then still, proceeding with caution!

The Blessed Path

Completing your assignments. Loving & Letting God handle rest.

Blessings Abounding & Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water. Vetta 💌


The Weekend

Always Remember & Never Forget The Promises of God…

It’s said that the early bird gets the worm…

I decided that I’d put a twist to that and start the weekend early. Mr is in full agreement. So here’s to Thoughtful Thursday…I’m praying for a quick trip for this weekend but either way it will be grand.

A quick coaching session on Friday morning. Brunch on Saturday and quite possibly a visit to a church service with one of my mentees. She informed me today that she wants back on schedule and God had already sent a word that many from a particular season would be returning…so my Pooh is back on track. So very proud of her. God has something special in the works for her. Something special…so special, that it makes the heart smile!!! My prayer is that she be in divine position so that she may receive all The Father has.

I’m So Excited about what God is doing in this season and so to celebrate I reinvented Bagels & Lox

Bagels & Lox reinvented…

Bagels & Lox Vetta’s Style

When you find the time…toast up a Asiago Bagel on the panini maker with a light spread of Irish Cream Butter. Then a generous layer of Philadelphia’s Best; been around since 1972, just like Vetta… don’t you just love their cream cheese? Smoked Norwegian Salmon Slices (flame roasted), thin slices of the green skin avocado, my very own lemon cucumber, red onions, banana peppers w/ a drizzle of the juices, fresh havasu peppers, fresh garlic, cherry bling tomatoes, fresh mexican tarragon, fresh lemon thyme, fresh cilantro, fresh lime & lemon juice, a drizzle of avocado oil and fresh cracked pepper with as many capers as you can stand!!! Bon Appétit. I just love having access to so much of the freshness. Straight from Vetta’s Garden helping create Vetta’s Version of life’s little delights.


Black Is Beautiful…

I just love eggplant. Mr will have nothing to do with them once they are cooked lol. But they are a sight for sore eyes as they hang from the vine he says. I’m contemplating a recipe…garlic, honey & Vetta’s herb blend w/ some unsalted butter. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I pray God’s Blessings overtake you. Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to drink your water. Vetta 💌


On Time God

There is Healing in The Darkness…

What a wonderful weekend and back home safe. An hour time difference makes it easy to be home before midnight…having God with you makes it possible!!!

On Saturday morning, my husband’s uncle Lester was laid to rest. After the repass, we went home, grabbed some fruits & waters and at this point the beach gear stays in the car, so we made our way to one of our hideouts. Neither of us really like crowds, so we only listen to the sounds for a while. On tonight it was Koncrete Soul and they are wonderful. But let’s be honest; nothing satisfies quite like the sounds of the winds and the waters and the glimpse of God’s creatures gliding through His blue skies listening to their chitter chatter…other than unveiling the clouds that hide the moons full splendor yet still be in awe of its presence as only a sliver. We did not bring the telescope this round. My drone sits on my desk…The No Fly Zone Days of My Life…Geesh! Still the sky was bright with more stars than the mind could imagine. Here. There. Everywhere. Twinkle Twinkle indeed & In the darkness, I trust that our prayers did reach heaven. Tonight it is beautiful. One must remember that things done in the dark will come to the light…And the prayers of righteous availeth much!

The air; finally cool on the skin & laden with the fragrance of the gulf. Sandy sand between my toes like always, as we walk the waters edge…and these lovely little crabs seem to love sandy sand toes at the nights end as well.


Teamwork makes the dream work…

God is a Revealer. Things that our blind eyes cannot see, He shows us…when He knows we can handle it…when He knows we are ready. Ready to let go and let God. Whom we lose becomes unimportant & those we gain become gold…refined… purified…washed in His Waters & dried by His Winds…& His Words are like fluids; quenching the thirst and may we never forget to drink our water and in reading The Word may it speak to you!

Prophetic Whispers!

Prophetic Reminders!

Prophetic Gestures!

Prophetic Artistry!

Prophetic Voices!

Prophetic Words!

Prophetic Peace!

And when life becomes by invitation only…this is what you will know as well as have.

I invited a few women on a journey with me this year…only one accepted the invitation. It has been phenomenal. God is blessing her in spite of…healing…revealing and her heart is so full as well as open. She is a testiment of His Works. Mighty & Powerful He Is… removing the struggle out of her business and I’m believing God for more open doors and opportunities for growth.


Endless Possibilities…

On the subject of growth…Vetta’s Garden is thriving & surviving this Florida heat. This is my sweet potato patch…I’m so ready! The Father has provided more water & nutrients than we could have paid for and that is what has kept the garden going. So many have lost their summer gardens and feel discouraged with fall planting upon us; but I say go for it. Be encouraged to keep on putting in the work. Continue to learn to grow…in life as well as the garden. You never know what might pop up or whom…

So Be Ready!!!

The Great Architect will definitely put you in the room with those willing & ready to connect. In His Perfect Timing; Our purpose begins to unfold. Right there in front of our eyes and for all the world to witness.

He certainly moves in mysterious ways…Believe That & Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water!

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


He Is The Door

The only thing you can tell me is nothing…

My husband took this of me one morning when I stepped out to greet Vetta’s Garden. I am so proud of her…our garden that is. She’s grown in leaps and bounds, that along with The Father’s Blessings & Blessings Abounding; Vetta’s Garden is doing just fine and so is Vetta. And it is just brilliant the way things have fallen in place. A branch found it’s way in the garden and just in the nick of time. The lemon cucumber have outgrown their little cage I created…expressing that they will not be contained. I totally understand that and so, I let them find their way to that fallen branch. I see exactly what God is doing. In my garden…Through my garden He speaks to me. His Presence is with me. He carries me and I carry His Glory. In my garden I have created & cultivated a place of peace. Peace within my garden is peace within my self. And it is self that we must make peace with. With each revelation, each level of elevation, with each layer of healing…within every battle and through each and every storm; we must trust that our peace will be disturbed…it is human nature!


He has given us a way out. Out of ourselves. Out of our logic. Our own selfish reasons…away Out of our very own madness.

The Way Out Is Surrender! He Is The Way Out! It is to The Creator of Heaven & Earth that we must Surrender. Nothing…No One. Only Our God! God’s people. God’s children. Yeshua’s Glory Carriers. Clothed in The Glory of His Essence…The Sweetness of Eternal Blessings & The Aroma of Sweet Parfums…to smell like Blessings that engulf the rooms that one enters as The Greatest Woodsman I know…opens door after door after door.

As I write, I see double doors…Red Doors, The Wood chiseled to perfection and with every flaw…it’s beauty captured by the eye. The previews, Vetta loves it when The Father Reveals…I love it how it Reveals my own heart…when He shows me; that He Answers. When the answer is No. I am thankful for His Mercies in my own life, knowledgeable of His Grace and More trusting of His Plan than ever before. Forever grateful that there is Healing in His Name. Day or night; Our Savior Our Jesus our Sweet Sweet Jesus Our Lord is just a whisper away. And when He Whispers back; He knows just right like how to bless… His Trees of Righteousness, planting them on solid ground. On God’s Earth to bring Glory to His Name!

My smile is still the same, only now my husband says I’ve added a certain hand gesture with each new discovery…each new bloom as well as each new lesson. Always Remember and Never Forget; there are no mistakes in the garden or in life…only lessons. Beautiful, Unforgettable and Never Ending Life Changing, Soul Bearing, Trial and Error…Win Some… Lose Some… All we can do lessons. And all we can really do is breathe and in doing so whisper His Name.

Call on Yeshua!

His Love is Unconditional.

His Word is Not.


New Seasons Blessings to you all.

Vetta 🙏


Under The Moonlight

The Gift Giver

Recently I was gifted 4 of these beauties. I’m invited back to enjoy as many as I can handle. I dare not overindulge…Blessings Abounding indeed.

The Trumpet Lilly will gladly reproduce and I will have more than enough! I normally let my plant babies get adjusted before I put the spotlight on them but I just couldn’t resist. AND she had something to say on this night…This particular one is eye level when I walk out to visit the garden. I’m 5’8. She has a sister that is taller than my husband, he is 5’11. He says she must be atleast 7ft. I say she’s reaching for the stars. I can’t wait to get a few in the ground. This will happen at first light.. They love full sun & with the temperatures here in Florida they are in their element and thriving. My vehicle registered 105 last week and so…this will be their Happy Place. Gotta love The Sunshine State!

The blooms release the sweetest aromatics. I love coming out front. It’s intoxicating…lavender, mints, lemon balm, rosemary and the list goes on. Now adding this in the air and for the touch. The Senses! Allowing the air of fragrance to calm and heal all within. The Father knows exactly what we need. He knows when we need it and He answers.

On tonight, He answer yet again. The answer was No and I do believe that I am glad about it. Another level of freedom. Another Release. Another Breakthrough. Another yes, that He said No to.

And I am so thankful. Because I am so tired. It is terribly difficult to process yet again that a heart has been revealed. Praying that people will change. Laying out before God for their breakthrough. Fasting. Praying. Bombarding Heaven on their behalf. Searching. Seeking. Revealing. Pouring…Into empty vessels…REBELLIOUS vessels. PRiDe FULL vessels of eGO. AND the STENCH…

like a seREpent!!!


And the hEARt heAls & iT breaks & IT HeAls. He is like a balm…an explosion all on the inside of me. Purifying me…of All that I do not need. Echoing in my soul. My feet feel like roots, planting in Him & yet still growing. I am soaking in His Goodness. My portion from my God & He makes me wiser. Providing so that I may create my dwelling of peace both Inside & Out!!!

The Ins & Outs…

This One single Bloom was just destined to Fall. She’ll do her thing for a while on the inside…But those that made it through…those that the trip did not even phase…a 4 hour trip they took back to Vetta’s Garden. I myself even went through because I didn’t want to shock them on the ride with the air on I drove with the windows down and sunroof open!!! My vehicle registered 98 on that day. Thank you Father for the rain showers…I will do it all over again on tomorrow. Blessed coming & Blessed going I shall be! And He will be my God.

The DoorKeeper. On yesterday morning I saw a red door. By that afternoon I was walking up to 2 red doors. Prophetic Reminders from My Daddy! It is still double for my trouble and I’ll wait!


I Will Gladly Wait…

One must be willing to go through…to receive the rewards. And going through means, going through more than what You are going through. Selfishness is vile. One of my favorites said recently “It’s the one’s you prayed through, the enemy will use to put you through, but don’t you dare quit behind this hit”

And I say, “Well Said”

Then suddenly; if only for one moment more you are able…to endure.

I am thankful that The Father has equipped me to see…To see beyond. To see Behind…Behind the Mask.

The Father knows. He is setting every wrong thing in it’s place. His purpose carriers will Enter In… Room after room room…rooms flowing with milk & honey & coated in sweetness. Established concerning His Will. Monopolized with His Glory. His Presence is like a Flood. And this is The Hit that my heart desires we all receive.

Preparing for The Harvest, Vetta 😇

Thai Basil from Vetta’s Garden


More Than Enough

The root of the problem…

This Is My Now…

My love is feeling better. He sat out front for a few early this morning. His fever broke around 3am…just as I was contemplating heading out to grab up a few greens. Home remedies are the best. He requested apple sauce for breakfast but we were out of fresh apples, so I did a food run. He is now resting.


I’ve harvested more turmeric on this Matchless Monday. I used the last piece we had inside while he has been under the weather making up teas. I see more popping up as well…concession planting is a whole thing and the garden is always full of surprises. I hadn’t had a real conversation within the garden on this morning and as a result I overlooked some goodness.

Color Doesn’t Matter…

Say Happy Independence Day to our watermelon babies. Not sure of the variety. Not really concerned. I just want them to be healthy & delicious. Last year we had yellow and red flesh, so of course I saved the seeds and didn’t even try to label them because what fun is that 😉 The pot has six babies that have appeared along side this one and I am thankful that we will have more than enough.

I moved our cantaloupe a few days ago and she likes the new spot better. A nice trim and she may show off a little herself. I Am hopeful.

My drone arrived over the weekend…without the charger but it’s now “in route”. I’m okay with that being a reality these days, as well as No Fly Zone becoming a hashtag. I’m excited to get more practice in because it’s been a while…my crush crashed our last one while teaching me how to fly. He loves me, so he simply ordered another one.

Trading Places…

You’d think folk wouldn’t do certain things but NO…this is my husband’s little ride. It was actually a Valentines Day gift to me in 2018. It’s been in his possession though since I got him a pretty cool birthday gift that same year…a very nice vehicle and long story short…Basically we traded cars and I drive the Benz and he handles the Bimmer.

Now I will never for the life of me understand why a person would stop by here and remove one of his back light covers…just one. I guess that’s the only one they needed though 🤷

Life has its challenges! We have decided we will take them as they come. I’m just thankful that he is feeling better. His work has him inside of homes and that’s one of the easiest way to get sick as far as I’m concerned.

I’m so appreciative that my mother & father instilled in me the importance of cleanliness. Gwen did not play the radio! Five children & two adults, not to mention one of my aunts came to live with us as a teenager and our home stayed clean and organized. Inside as well as outside. There is no excuse for filthiness outside of physical limitations and that is not a sure all for me anymore after watching a young lady (double amputee) online clean her entire house! Outside of a possible mental illness and your house is nasty and unkempt, you are just nasty and lazy in my book and if you get up & clean up and trust me you will begin to feel better. I have witnessed it happen as well as assisted those that wanted change. It’s a beautiful thing to see a person smile a new smile and there is nothing like praising and dancing and loving and thanking God in clean quarters.

I can hear the abundance of rain outside my window and a cough from across the hall…both sounds are music to Vetta’s ears.

I pray that you understand that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


It Won’t Prosper

Check out our Lemon Cucumber. She has been thriving with all of the rain. We were to be going to my “Happy Place” for the weekend so of course I asked ahead of time for The Creator to take care of the garden while we were to be away. That request was BIG to me but EASY for God…sometimes we leave home and don’t know how to return but she is thriving! I just shared a video of her last week with a friend who has started a small farm. She was just a baby then & look at her now. He was questioning his cucumber plant, so I shared a little knowledge with him. My husband was like you should start a class to help people out…hmmmm!!! We then reminisced about a year that I had a bathtub full of cucumber and how babygirl and I use to eat them all up raw without pickling not one lol. I’ve promised him that this year will be different and I will pickle him some. He is keeping me at my word and has become very hands on lately, even saving his banana peels for me. I knew he was paying attention & I knew it wouldn’t be long. 😇

Growth is Growth…

What a lovely Sunday evening. The fireworks have started…again. Oh Happy Day is on the way! There is a property that we manage that is vacant and I had thought we’d be able to sit on the rooftop balcony and enjoy the views on tomorrow night but I’m not sure. My love is still not feeling it as of now. I am thankful though that he is now actually going to sit out front for a while. Progress is Progress!

This is his 4th time not feeling well in the past couple of years. I am shocked that I am not feeling down at all because when he gets sick…we get sick. I made tea for him; lavender, chamomile, echinacea, gingermint, mullien leaf & turmeric is my staple and all grown in Vetta’s Garden. This week’s batch had some extras though. I visited the garden and made it extra special for him…because he is extra special to me. I need him feeling better!

I’m thankful to God that I’m not clocking in Anywhere! With the way they sprinkle 19 around, illness is everywhere and I’m able to be at home with him instead of worrying about how he is doing while at some job. He is the perfect patient. Drinking his tea, OJ and certainly his water.

Another visit to the garden and a trip to Winn Dixie for chicken thighs because no matter how exceptional the vegetable soup is…he will need a shred of chicken. He loved it!!!

I realized on today that I’m a little spoiled. My husband handles so much. I’m capable but he so often just tells me to rest that it seems to have become my way. I’m blessed to be able to spend my mornings with him before he starts his day. Blessed to spend as much time as I can stand in the garden. Preparing meals for us from out back and out front. Overloading myself this year with classes and trainings…it’s been so intense. I have so many projects going on and I love it. And I get paid to post on my social media now, Facebook as well as Instagram. How neat! Just posting my day, if I choose. Doing Me! That’s the blessing of it all. I don’t keep up with trends. I’m not twerking. Not pranking. Not with my face stuck in the camera every other day looking for approval, acceptance or likes, with an abundance nothingness for content. Some of the things I see; “UNREEL”

Just sharing my view of God’s Glory and The Beauty of His Creations, getting my little money regardless…I don’t need one like from no one to get my coins…because The Father knows. He knows and He cares & I trust Him. I trust that He will always be Jireh…

The Impossible…He will answer and when He does others will see. Then you will see…just how ugly folks are…just what they think of you…and the blessings that have your name on it will drive them to utter ugliness unheard…unless you have a ear to hear!!! But it’s all good! Ignore the chitter-chatter and those that question your NOW…those that want to know how; I’d just remind them that questioning God blessing me will Never get you blessed. I’d also remind them that I went through my hell and they’ll have to go through their own in order to receive.

The Best Is Yet To Come…

Remember that so many more blessings are on the way…in this rainy season.

Receive that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Good Days

Pearly Gates Morning Glory

Finally…patience is definitely a virtue and those things worth waiting on are most definitely beautiful. On last year not one bloom. I contemplated digging her up and trust me I’m so thankful that I did not.

Early this morning I was bragging on our cucumbers and I’m pretty sure she overheard and that is what nugged her to surface. She was laid back chillaxing amongst the gingermint. I gently lead her to the surface so that all eyes can see because she certainly draws the eye.

The Rain is on it’s way back!!! I’ve done a small harvest of corn, herbs, garlic, and peppers. Tomatoes & bell peppers are ok until after the rain. Collards are recuperating nicely after the shock of their move. Mid July I’ll have enough for dinner…along with a few okra!!!

No helicopter ride…No horseback ride…No boating or kayaking this weekend. But I am thankful for the rain. I am thankful that we have peace at our home and we don’t need to be out and about to be “happy” or fulfilled. Just as it should be.


Blessings Abounding! Receive That & Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water.

Vetta 💌


With God

Anyone can do Anything…#foodlover Scene B

It’s Friday night! Something about this moon thing…Mr has the bass just right! Vetta loves it…Music! All night long! The Twirl…along with all that The Father will reveal…On last night we added some of my husband’s music to a video I made…Fun! I mentioned to him recently that I would like to not have to write, I do not own the rights so often. He answers! To celebrate I made a new dish for him that he envisioned and I made happen. A simple request.

Purple Potato Melody w/ Fried Scallop Garnish

Sautéed red potatoes, onions, bell peppers, sweet peppers, mushrooms, jalapeño, havasu peppers and gypsy sweet peppers. Rosemary, german thyme, thai basil all fresh and all except the mushrooms are from Vetta’s Garden. I pan fried the scallops and topped the potatoes with them…Delish! Never fear, I’m going to continue research and I will grow my own mushrooms as well and why not? Anyone can grow… anything…even themselves and their character; if they desire to. Character is important to God. That’s why often time He doesn’t open doors…why others are blessed…why others receive favor…over and over again. Blessing after Blessing after Blessing & Blessings Abounding.


Regardless of how others view it…Live Life. Living in your world, while yet living in this world because this world is not our home. It is to filthy to be our paradise. Temporary indeed. Same as people. Here today…gone the next…but sticking around for the worst of the worst, in love with every day of the dread that is called the head. Painted pretty…but a dirty world we are all just trying to live in. But the dirt…the stench that comes along with it is at times unbelievable!

Stinking Thinking & Not knowing who you are in God brings about and brings out all those with intentions that are merely exposed insecurities.

We should all be out here getting it…whatever your it is. Get it! That’s it! Get It…Getting while the getting is good…Get good at getting it too. Leveling up…Crushing goals with your foot on the head, neck and back of the enemy.

Jealous is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Digest that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Vetta loves you!


For The Greater Purpose

#foodlover…Scene A

I’m blogging…my reminder is on. It’s not that I forget. I’m always writing, I just need to get better at publishing. I’ve decided to share a meal with you all. Stuffed Aloha Pepper, quinoa & ground beef w/ onions and mushrooms as the filling. Sautéed squash & asparagus w/ lemon. The aloha Pepper is full of the sweetest flavors. Delicious both raw and cooked…what a treat. I’m growing green, yellow & red bell pepper and I can’t wait to get a few of these aloha seed in the ground and see what pops up.  I’ve already harvested two beautiful green and used them both. One red is already settled on the bush, which is full of flowers.  I’m so pleased. The yellow went through a little trauma during a storm recently and is on her way back nicely.

In the background are green onions, garlic a few herbs and some tomatoes from Vetta’s Garden. I only have four tomato plants this year. On last year I had about eight different varieties in order to be able to share with my Godmother but Dr said no more tomatoes for her…but I’ve got plenty other goodies in the garden to share.

Yet I have to brag on these special baby tomatoes..chocolate sprinkles. I am so excited about tasting one once ripened. I’ve been popping the cherry bling tomatoes for snacks and adding them to salads. A couple big boys but yet only a few flowers on the Cherokee purple tomato…late bloomer. No worries though as I gather for spaghetti sauce those ready to be crushed…FOR THE GREATER PURPOSE!!!

I’m super excited about tomorrows coaching session. To witness her progress…her excitement. She is proud of herself and so am I. I love progress. I love growth. One step at a time. One day at a time.

Blue In The Back…

Always Remember, we all do well with light, love and liquid now don’t forget to drink your water…


Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Out & About

Peeping at my corn…

Another blessed day. I spent the first part of the morning in the garden. Having that little talk about getting use to all of the rain. It’s just that time of the year. Zucchini Z has decided to push through with a few flowers regardless of the downpours. Cucumber and yellow squash are still hiding. Sweet potato leaves are spreading like love should and I’m holding myself back from any digging. I want them as big as they can get because I can cook a sweet potato for dinner and be happy. I’ve already been plundering for potatoes and came up with several russets that made me smile. Ginger is popping up like popcorn and I love it, especially with my teas. My happy dance today took place because of my corn. I just had to pop one open and peep. All kind of goodies in the garden and I’m so excited.

It’s always a special time when we get a preview…of all the blessings and favor and healing and deliverance and breakthroughs and miracles; that The Father has for us. All the living that is left for us to do.

To Celebrate Life…each and every day. Still standing. Still praising. Still reaching. Still teaching. Still learning. Still growing. Still supporting. Still sharing. Still caring. Still loving.

I pray each and every day that The Father continues to speak to my heart and speak to my spirit; so that I can be a blessing to others. This is something that I crave…blessing others, supporting others. It’s not a hard thing to do either.

On today, I blessed my love with dinner at one of our spots. Seoul Red Barn. The Lumpia are delicious and so is the rest of the menu. Chicken Terryaki is what Mr had on today and he will have it for lunch tomorrow as well because the portions are nice. Then a nice walk home for Vetta…sometimes my husband just looks as though why? Why are you walking around town as though we don’t have three vehicles. I just look back, smiling and waving. “I’ll see you at home honey”.

And that’s that…I’m out and about. Walking and talking to The One Who does all things well.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water 💌


Better Days

How one starts is not always how one finishes…

What a wonderful start to the day. Inspite of water aerobics being rescheduled, I’m having a great day. It’s sometimes a thing to remember, but school is out and the streets seem empty without the hustle and bustle of school traffic. This morning I had a half of Pitaya Fruit…delicious. The other half will be my late night snack.

I had a wonderful conversation with one of my mentees this morning. God has definitely been showing out in this individuals life. Leaning in…obedience and a pure heart. The perfect recipe for favor and those abounding type blessings. The entire year so far has been incredible and I can not wait to see the blessings that are about to overtake them. Proud…So very proud. It makes it all worth it, when you have poured into another and they have been intentional.

I only have two mentees this year and I am proud of them both. Oddly enough, they both have said to me that they are proud of me as well. Vetta has definitely been trying…one day at a time and I am thankful that they are seeing that I’m not just giving them assignments but I’m being given them as well and we are crushing it.

My coachees are crushing it as well. One day at a time. One task at a time. Progress is Progress and any steps back are only to help us get our footing so that we take off when the whistle blows. I call our days together Fun Friday, because coaching isn’t always so easy or such fun. Always remember that wisdom is often tucked away until you realize that you have need of it.

And because Vetta was in need of sushi for lunch, my crush made it happen. I’ve tanned enough for the day. I’ll be tucked away inside for the rest of the day. Checking on Vetta’s Garden after my nap.

Blessings Abounding…

A New Thing

The mind wonders…

Another remarkable berry. The Thai Eggplant is as pretty as a button but is one tough fruit. I had plans to lightly toss them into a stir fry but maybe next time.

This little berry is full of seeds…giving the muscles of mastication a real nice facial workout. Not much taste in their raw state but I have an idea for a fragrant bath for them to rest in. A couple of Havasu, a few Sweet Gypsy and a Cubanelle; a few sprigs of Thai Basil, Purple Basil, Mexican Tarragon and Lemon Thyme…all peppers & herbs from Vetta’s Garden. A little rest & then a tasteful delight. I love a special snack.

I am one to become very bored with food. I have to try new things. I couldn’t imagine going through life not having the opportunity to try new things. Tantalizing the taste buds.

What new thing have you tried to excite the taste buds?

Remember, life is an adventure…

All About the views…

Blessings Abounding


The Small Things

There is nothing quite like a trip to the market for weekend snacks.

The Java Apple has many names. I like best, the love Apple. This little edible berry makes my taste buds experience a little taste of pear as well as apple. I like to drizzle a little raw honey on for a slice of heaven. The rose apple is not only a great late night snack; it is rich in vitamins A & C and provides calcium. Need a little help improving your metabolism? Add these beauties to your diet. They also help boost immunity, hydrate the body and aid in digestion.

These weekend…is all about my fruit. Enjoy yours…I’m certainly enjoying mine.

Blessings Abounding



And because fame only last about 15 minutes, today’s star is our Thai Basil. She whispered something about coming in the house…I assured her that she’d be inside soon enough. I’m thinking about cooking a Thai dish so let’s see if coming inside the house means she’s interested in just sitting around looking cute or is she willing to contribute to Vetta’s well being. I’ll be removing those pretty little flowers before they open. Once they run to seed the flavor will change drastically and become bitter, like any other herb. They are perfect for a garnish. I’d like to try a tomato & cucumber salad and add some thai basil for the win. This is the first year I’ve successfully had thai basil and I’m excited.

Such a versatile herb. I love them all. I’m eyeballing the holy basil and she’s troubled about somethings like us all from time to time. Sweet, Spicy, Purple, and a Pesto Perpetuo Basil. I do believe that will do…for the basil…for now!

After the rain…

And because we like things spicy at Camp Coley, I will be debuting the Havasu Pepper, jalapeños, the lone pepper and garlic. Green beans & green onion will find their way into the mix as well. I’m going to do something special with those cherry bings.

Never stop learning…

Vetta had a little help with her homework from last night. My love on last night and then my cousin this morning. Now I can play around in the garden all morning…my peace! Then a little rest before tonight’s class.

Ya’ll know who my husband is…but don’t we all have way too many cousins in life? It’s hard to keep up sometimes, but not with this one. I’m old school but she just reminded me new school works too…

So when you have A moment goggle Iesha Woodfaulk. You will see one of the sweetest faces of the day and she’s all things real estate, that is. If you are searching for a home, get some help with your search from one of Florida’s Best Realtors.

While you are doing that, I’ll be heading out to my Schwinn. An hour of peddling and I never leave the back porch. Enjoy Life 😉


Seeds of Faith

Today was a good day. Didn’t do much walking but I did get to walk around Walmart while I waited for some of the crowd to thin out…never one for crowds. I got in a work out though…in the garden. I’m on break now watching Mr work on Butterfly, his bimmer…his baby…men and their cars!

I dug 12 holes for transplants…all herbs. From seed, I also started more basil both sweet and spicy. Coriander in both the front and back because I love it. Of course, I’ve shared my gingermint experiment and my plan is to just let it continue to spread by properly preparing the soil, which I did. Also from seed; spearmint, peppermint and lemon balm. Even found a few lavender seeds and tossed them into the mix!

I have marigolds returning and something pretty & pink that flew over from a neighbor and I’ve already thanked her. I took it upon my self to also drop a few nasturtium seed here and there. I’ve recently put one of the citronella outback and she’s not happy…not happy at all. Life!

Our little neighbor Big Man came over for a while. He has a new scooter and knows how to ride it…He’s two but there’s nothing terrible about him. We chatted as he showed us how his Spiderman scooter lights up…he is so eager to learn. He heads over to the car with my husband like, let’s finish this up and play and follows him around the car foot to foot…I took him outback and pushed him around a little in his jeep. The battery is dead, so when I suggest we go back to the front he gives me this look of innocence and mischief perfectly paired!!! Vetta has faith that the innocence outweighs the mischief…and that goes for us all…just as I have faith that these seeds are going to produce…I just believe! And just as one plants seeds and they grow, as one reads The Word, it grows within us…becoming a part us, just as God intended!

The Evidence…Faith Is!

And that’s how life goes, all we can do is plant the seed and see if it grows. I’ve planted some seed lately and I’m trusting God to either have it grow or just say no. I’m just one to try and give 2nd chances and 3rd. I know when God has a person in my path it’s for me to bless them as well as them bless me…sometimes those blessings are lessons…lessons hard learned.

I’m simply at a point of obedience that if God says bless…I’m blessing. It’s up to the other to receive. I am so thankful that God has anointed me to receive…anointed me to believe…

Vetta believes there is nothing to hard for God and just leaves it at that…enjoying the breeze and the birds…and the sounds!!! Sooths my soul, making it easier to wait…wait on change…wait on things to get better…wait on these seeds and easier to wait on God.

What are you doing while you’re waiting on God?

Waiting On God…

The New You

To awake for prayer and hear the subtleness of sprinkles from Heaven’s clouds and as that prayer increases so does His rain and sprinkles down on Vetta’s Garden…April showers bring May flowers. I can now see the sun peeking out.

The writing on the wall…

On Wednesday I was out and about and though the Sun was shining brightly I still managed to capture both a rainbow and the number 8 in God’s Skies. Biblical Mathematics tells us that the number eight always means new beginnings or a new order of things. The new in contrast to the old. The very thought of resurrection and the rainbow God’s promise, yet fullfilled. Igniting hope and preparing our spirits for a brand new start. I love a new start and I’ve always loved rainbows, so much so that I had a rainbow wedding…assigning each of my lovely ladies a color and because Vetta does things the way that she likes them they all got to walk with their husbands. Oh What a Beautiful Day at the park; with just the perfect breeze off of the water. I’ve been asked a few times why the rainbow wedding as though something was wrong with that, I simply remind those that have forgotten that the rainbow is God’s promise to God’s people and that we His and that’s that. A wedding is a new start so why not demonstrate God’s Glory, His Promise at the start of our new life together but that’s just me.

Also on Wednesday I purchased three new garden babies, yes only three. My husband thought it strange as we left the nursery especially when I spotted an elusive beauty and walked right past her whispering “I’ll be back for you”…I’d been very intentional on this purchase, yes indeed. A new way of doing things, a new adventure, a new perspective, a new culinary experience, a new dream…placed in the Heart by The Father. The new dynamic…a new chapter in our beautiful books of life and as the pages turn… I strolled through that nursery as though I was walking through paradise…the thought of the Garden of Eden where every need is met and the sounds of satisfied souls. In honor of satisfied souls I decided on my three new garden babies and in honor of my sister friend, the sweetest dream girl I know; a Cherokee Purple Tomato, a Gypsy Sweet Pepper and in honor of all the newness in her life, the Havasu Hot Pepper. As I was researching this hot pepper, the Havasu I found the meaning was literally blue-green water, so that’s settled that and she’ll catch that. I’m going to do something authentic and grand with these baby boys. Now the Cherokee Purple Tomato, bursting with its own distinctive flavor is rich and smokey…it’s so pretty that you almost don’t want to eat it but you do and you do so because it’s full of all the good things that our bodies need…vitamin C, especially in the pulp near the seeds. Vitamin K for strong bones. Vitamin A to help maintain a good immune system and promote good eye health. And because we always save the best for last even though this is all good, we have the Gypsy Sweet Pepper, now this is the result of a Bell Pepper & an Italian Bull Horn crossing paths and there you have it…Vetta knows some phenomenal women oh and for those of you who don’t like the Heat this will be perfect for you, it’s a sweet flavor with no heat because sometimes we want to be on the chill side & that’s ok & even though she’s not a hot mama she loves God’s Sunshine…kind of reminds me of my sister friend, the beauty that love soaking up God’s rays, so she’ll find her place in the garden so that she can get full sun. I’ve got a pretty little grow bag waiting on her and it’s right near the potatoes and an update; those Russets are doing what they do and in full bloom; flowering indicates that the vines have enough leaf area to begin forming the tubers and did you know that within a few weeks of glimpsing those pretty little flowers it’s harvest time. We all know potatoes are symbolic of love; always and forever and that’s how it goes and goes well together and that’s life and the things of love. I feel so bless y’all, to know that God is indeed doing a new thing…a new thing in the me, a new thing in the lives of all those I hold dear.

Always & Forever…

My heart is in flutters…I feel butterflies… oh the things of love… the loves of our lives…the days of our lives, they are beautiful and crazy and calm and peaceful. Oh so peaceful, just lovely because there is always peace in the valley…valley’s deep with so much love. Love that overflows and flows like grace. Oh my God, this man love me because I am a beautiful beautiful mess…a hot mess…but he says that I am his mess, so that’s that…so to my sister, be a mess…be your man’s hot mess…he will have it no other way…be his damsel…just for fun because…we are never really in distress. Be his mess sis…he loves it and he loves you…he is on fire…I see twin flames…the glow matches perfectly…oh the things of love. Madness and you are pure radiance…if you were indeed a real life mermaid…he makes you want to find an ocean somewhere and swim until there ain’t no swim left…and the oceans…if those ocean walls could talk, the things they hear, as one swims…bathing in His Waters…basking in His Glory…washing away all of our sins, blameless. Daily baptisms in His love… Clean Waters…the refreshers course…be his mess honey golden girl…Mrs Thang strut your blessed self baby girl…be your man’s mess…a hot mess she is…but aren’t we all though? I feel a dance…I see a twirl….get it girl…twirl…I see you. Handle your twirl. A new twirl in a new world…a new thing in the lives of all those willing to be a part of His Plan…so much is happening. So much beautifully orchestrated madness and it’s all for our good, believe that. I just love the anticipation, the excitement while waiting on God. That Supernatural surge one feels in their Spirit truly overriding all our moments of doubt, unbelief, sadness…all the things that we all experience from time to time. These Supernatural Surges most often have me wandering…caught up perhaps but then I put on the mind of Christ. The belt of truth…The breastplate of righteousness…my feet ready y’all. The shield of faith…the helmet & the sword. Because I am preparing for the serenity, that madness, The VERY Passion of our Christ… thankful that he both died and rose for us. Our sweet Jesus, our Savior, our Lord and His Promise…sometimes just sometimes that promise is over in a foreign land; glowing, smiling from ear-to-ear, wedded bliss indeed…The look…The look of a woman in love…the look of a woman being loved just as The Father intended and it is a beautiful thing. She is the hand and he is the glove, she is always covered and she knows this. As he inhales…you, breathe and let him have His way and you let go of all of your pain, relax those thoughts and heal just as The Father intended. Be made whole my sister…and know that he comes with freedom…now be baptized in His love & you’ll never drown in His goodness…he is so full of grace… distinguished grace…a life of lessons yet to learn and share with you and only you. Tender moments…. Tender Mercies and blessings, blessings abounding to you and Hallelujah…it’s good good to the last drop…Ya’ll please don’t forget to drink your water…Peace.



A pleasant walk this morning before service…Tyndall Parkway was quiet. I love the quiet & the calm. I had planned on walking to Winn Dixie to purchase some fruit but of course, I left home with no dinero! This would as well be problematic when I realized I would miss an opportunity to take a break and stop by the laundromat…to play Ms Pac-Man!!! I will be tickled pink if my husband ever actually finds me one. I Am hopeful 😇

On the way back I spotted a berry bush along the brush. A few berries sided-eyed me as I leaned in to get a better view. They looked delicious. More motivation and inspiration. We had blueberries, raspberries and blackberries growing at one time. I’ll be adding them to this seasons planting. Another go at strawberries. Last year, 2 berries total! Year before, 6 containers of unyielding fruit!!! I am not sure what happened with those 2 berries but I Am up for the challenge and ready with a twist!

So…who else loves fruit? Don’t mind the ornamental corn plant in the back ground. Those leaves are as rich and lush as it comes in The Jungle. Rather camera shy but I Am trusting that soon these photo ops become a joy. They have been in the family for quite some time and are thriving, as long as they remain in the house…The Twins, one day I’ll show you all how they lean but I’ll go ahead and tell you now that it was because they got put outside and cried they entire time and began leaning toward the front door. They were a shade tree for The Basils but very unhappy. So back inside they’ve been since this past Thanksgiving.

The fruit I’m referring to is Pepino Melon. It is named The SuperFruit due to the many health benefits. I call it SuperTasty because it is…Yummy!

Vitamins A*B*C*K Calcium, Potassium, Fiber, Iron, Copper and Protein. All the makings of a healthy immune system and cardiovascular health.

Of course, I’ve already removed the seeds because they will be in God’s Earth soon. A little late night snack. The Pepino Melon has a flavor of cucumber, pear and I inhaled a hint of apple…like a sweet cucumber indeed. My first time trying one and I Am pleased. I so appreciate trying new things…growing new things…learning new things…the simple pleasure of experiencing new things. No routine. No schedule. We don’t do same old same old. Spontaneity!!! Moments In Time. I’m all smiles when he says “It’s time to ride baby”. We’ve been having a lot of those lately & more to come. I’m excited about what God is doing & as “nervous as a tick” ( I may or may not have just made that up) Mr explained that it’s possible, so that’s good enough for me. We will just call it a Coleyism…now back to the story!!!

The Melon & Enjoying New Things…Life will always have it’s ups and downs. That’s not where we are to dwell…We Dwell In His Presence. So that we are at peace & safe…regardless of the weapon.

We Speak Life…We Live Life…We thank The LifeGiver. Remember there’s something about the power of love and God loves you receive that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding Vetta


God’s Earth

Small Miracles…

What a wonderful day indeed…In relax mood! Captain Kirk is up to his shenanigans again and I smell like blessings…like always! God’s Word says I Am blessed & I Am anointed to receive & I receive His Word… I Am Blessed! I struck more gold, black gold this evening while enjoying the garden. God’s Earth…I just smile when I dig deep and spot those worms wiggling. My compost game has been on point lately. I Am proud of me. We’ve got russet potatoes coming, sweet potatoes, corn, some black beans and green peas…all from seed. No evidence of the other seeds I sowed, no okra, or pumpkin, no summer greens. But I Am has blessed me to trust what true patience is. And my husband is a man of great patience, so I’ve followed his example & his instructions and he is an excellent teacher. Is it easy? NO. Is it worth it? YES. And it is worth it, because it pleases The Father. AND WE SHOULD LET EVERYTHING WE DO BE PLEASING TO THE FATHER…I prepared my new herb bed out back and I’ll sow seed tomorrow morning…all the good stuff. I’ve shared some of the herbs out front that survived the winter and wintered the storms. We also have basil, green onions, sweet onions & the aloe are multiplying just as God’s Word mentioned. I’ve got some goodies in the cupboards, some favorites in the window sil, a catalog of heirloom seeds and a ready hand.

A few of the inside plants have decided all on their own that they’d prefer to be outside…so outside they are and soon to be in the ground.

Then there’s a small miracle…a lovely experiment yours truly did last year that I thought didn’t make it. I grew ginger and mint together in a container. At some point it was thriving, then it wanted out of the container. I buried it deep because it was in the 30’s. Well bless The Lord that being buried is exactly what we need at times because when it’s time to reveal, more is well with our souls and prayerfully we aren’t who we were.

Always Transforming…each and every day there is potential for growth! Vetta received another small miracle, my husband put all of his tools INSIDE of the shed!

Check out the lavender…an updated photo. The blooms are intoxicating. One can get lost in the richness of this hue of royalty. It hurt a little as I harvested for oil and tea. Both the lavender and my ginger mint have me happy and excited about the next experiment.

Showing up for life and experiencing it all. Blessings Abounding Vetta


A Ear To Hear

Thankful Thursday yet again…My husband took this for me. I’ll be honest, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do the podcast or this blog. I am thankful that I don’t have to do it alone…thankful that my husband is right by my side..Thankful for his insight and the wisdom that he contributes in all that God is doing. I’ve been such a private person but someone said something about sharing is caring so I’m here for it all.

The excitement over sharing our God… Sharing how God has blessed our life… Caring for those God has placed in our life…and continually praying that people will have a ear to hear.

I’m excited about what God is doing! I want to invite you to tune in to the podcast. Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w/ Vetta on Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and other listening platforms as well.

Blessings Abounding & Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water…Vetta 💝

Let God Fill You Up…

Boldness At It’s Best

Boldness…Blowing In The Wind…

Italian Oregano…an easy add to your diet. An excellent source of fiber, vitamins K & E, iron, calcium and tryptophan. Tryptophan is a essential amino acid that helps produce a healthy sleep routine as well as boost your mood.

I absolutely love adding a few sprigs into a pot of…anything; Italian, Mediterranean or American. But for sure add them to your beans…yum yum good!

Diffuse in the bedroom to help sleep. My oregano tea does it every time I hear a cough coming from Mr…he doesn’t know what’s all in there, he just drinks it, feels better and then later gives me the look (lol). It helps in lowering blood pressure as well.

Place oregano in boiling water…steep for 2-3 minutes. Once you reach your desired flavor, simply strain & enjoy.

Of course, Vetta loves making oils…if you are using oregano oil to help in healing, be sure to mix in a 1:3 ratio with olive oil. Oregano oil is pungent as well as strong…And Ladies, a little oregano tea helps Vetta out with cramps…a little ginger, a drizzle of honey, a drop of lemon and lots of relief!

I’ll be doing some harvesting on this beauty…drying herbs kind of day and adding a sprig or two to my water.

Don’t Forget…Drink Up.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Stamina To Run The Race

Lavender in bloom…how ya’ll doing?

A flowering plant of the mint family, lavender has biblical roots. Mary used lavender on baby Jesus and then anointed Jesus after the crucifixion when preparing Him for burial.

The color of royalty, a simple reminder of Who’s we are! Symbolizing purity, devotion, grace, serenity and love. The ultimate peace flower. Of course Vetta is blessed to have a plant just like her…an early bloomer that it is enjoyable late into the summer months. And who doesn’t enjoy lavender?

I’m blessed by all The Father has given us…I’ll used these blessed hands to make lavender oil. It’s a tried and true healing plant. Lavender has anti-inflammatory properties and helps heal minor burns & bites from our summer friendly bugs and mosquitoes. I’m running low on my tea blend and lavender has its place in that as well. It is bittersweet but those beautiful blooms have purpose and no worries, as we prune & cut back for purpose…the more we reap in the end and God will keep us.

A few drops in the diffuser or a small bouquet close by for a little spiritual healing from the anxieties and restlessness of the day. It’s not to late to add this beauty to your garden or let this be the start of your gardening journey. Our little beauty made it through the winter months but I’ve sowed new seed as well…

THAT’S IMPORTANT…SOWING SEED and your water, don’t forget to drink your water. Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Up Close and Personal

A Nutritional Powerhouse…Purple Basil

The ideal companion for tomatoes, you want this beauty in your garden, not only does it make a bold statement, it’s fragrance is intoxicating and the flavor is intense. It helps reduce chronic inflammation and is full of vitamins and several other nutritional benefits. Purple basil loves the sun but it can easily be grown inside, just be sure to give it plenty of light if not growing your herb near a window for sunlight. It’s perfect for making scented oils and just as good in turning pizza night into a new experience. Use it in any dish that you make that is already bold in flavors and it’s perfect for jazzing up anything that is boring to the palette! Forget about your plug-ins if you do decide to grow this beauty inside…because your dwelling will be smelling is all I’ll say and you really want to experience it yourself.

As far as the subject of Powerhouses…we all have power within us and that power is The Power of God.

Use that power wisely and don’t forget to drink your water. Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Walking It Out!!!

My first time keeping a citronella plant year round…but she made it and through an unusually cold winter here in Florida, even had to come inside a couple of nights. Check out her blooms and the aroma is intoxicating. I just love gently rubbing my fingertips along the different herbs in the garden…and then the inhale. The citronella will definitely make you smile. Her twin is camera shy, as well as upset about the move (she’s going outback) because living across from the water ain’t living when those mosquitoes start living off you!

What a beautiful Palm Sunday!!! God is good & church was awesome. I cooked pot roast for dinner & used an entire package of mushrooms, as to avoid my husband’s meat, but of course when it’s falling apart like it was, it’s inevitable that you see a little on your plate and get caught up…but no worries, my crush is taking me walking later. As I’m walking, I’ll be thanking The Father for grace & favor!

I’m walking it out.

I’m walking it off.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


A Symbol of Love

Psalms 84:11

From the darkest of cupboards… to the Sun of God, we’ve got potatoes. We used the last of our spuds for Thanksgiving so this year I’ve succession planted so we eat year round, because who has time to be going to the store when we can just go out back!!!

And umm umm good!! Fat-free, cholesterol-free & low in sodium, they are a great filler for the day especially if you’re on a weight loss journey.

I just love potatoes, maybe because the potato is and always will be a symbol of love…remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Our Daily Bread: Praying for Rain

Praying for Rain…

Our Father in heaven Hallowed Be Your Name Your Kingdom Come Your Will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors, and lead us not into temptation but Deliver Us from Evil, for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen

Just Pray…that’s all I can think to do or ask. There is a fire in our home town of Panama City. It started on Friday. I happened to be in the area. It was challenging… traffic was challenging… people were challenging…The Atmosphere was challenging. But most days are. The residents have been through so much…same as the rest of the world, So many Still desperately trying to recover from Hurricane Michael. Folk refuse to stop sprinkling 19 around, all the while so many are still struggling to put their homes as well as their lives back together. These are the challenges that we all face…and we face them globally. Natural disasters occur so often that it makes one wonder if they are natural…but instead of the wondering…we must pray. whether it be face to face or side by side, on the phoneline or via text. On social media platforms or at the park and playground…we have got to get back to the business of prayer instead of just praying, about our business!!! You know, Our wants and needs…our “family future”… we are all connected…through Christ…and There is power in prayer…there is power when we pray for each other…So much power.

Colossians 4:2 says that we are to…continue in prayer and watch in the same with Thanksgiving!!!

With each of life’s tragedies we are prevy to there is a softening…of the heart. Tender Mercies just as The Father has given. Forgiveness and Healing flowing like banners of victory…and this is what manifests as The Father slowly begins to burn out all of the things that are hindering His people…distracting us, to be lead away into the wilderness…into the darkness and stinch of this earth. This is A Temporary Place…Eternity is Forever and Ever and Ever…with our Father…Where Nothing else matters. No worries…No fears…No trouble-No Where.

And when all the smoke clears, we need to remember to be as kind tomorrow as we were on yesterday and don’t forget to pray…every day and not just when things are upside down….these things…that are plots of the enemy…God can turn it all around. But we have got to be willing….each and every day to Just Pray…because after all He is our daily bread now don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Peaceful Passtimes

Because lunch is important…

It’s been a rainy morning here in The Sunshine state…but quiet and peaceful. Listening to the birds conversate is always a delight. So many things on the to do list before we begin our travels…Why not get the day started with a delicious treat.

I love a good raw salad…soaking in raspberry vinegrette. loaded with spinach & cilantro…full of the sweetest red, yellow & orange peppers. Green olives for the bite. Cranberry for the next bite. Cucumber for hydration 😇

And because lunch is important, I sprinkled it with flaxseed and chia seeds…Now don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta


Angels On The Wall

Death Is Only A Dream…

And when all the cherry blossoms had bloomed…

Our sweet sister, found herself in a familiar place…escaped and returned to peace, just as before.

Before this world became her life… Drained! Mishandled! Exhausted! Frenzied! Darkened!

But only for a moment and then His Marvelous Light. To be absent. To be present. Praise Jehovah!!!

So many questions and now all of the answers. The celebration. The destination. Bless The Father because He hears the humble cry.

In memory of Jeryln “Gee Gee” Coley


Always Transforming

I am in a constant state of growing and learning. Suspended…Mid air in His Glory. My mind is expanding. My thoughts are neutral and The Holy Spirit is my guide. On my own I am nothing…a weakened vessel. Vulnerable. Frightened. Lost in a vast wilderness.

But God!!!

He is my strength.  I am His Noah. I am all the things that My Father has created me to be. A Perfect Imperfection, submitted to His Plan.

Created to abide in all of His Ways… sharing in goodness, extending in grace and experiencing love… experiencing God.

I am different than all others. I am unique…formed perfectly while yet in my mother’s womb & then born into this sin but only so that I might find my way, growing and learning to be more like Him…He…The Creator provides me with everything that I need to carry out His Plan.

The Holy Spirit is my peacemaker while experiencing this earthly walk…while journeying on my blessed path. I belong to my Maker. He is my owner. My ultimate and The Finisher of My Fate.

A Cry For Grace

Seeds Of Prayer

On last year I was given a assignment. I had to pray and I had to pray on Facebook. I tell you this…you better learn how to reach heaven on your own before you ever depend on another soul. I had folk in my inbox worried that I was having a nervous breakdown. Others just thought I was losing it… those people were right. I was losing lots of things but those were all the things that were weighing me down and tormenting my soul. I also did some major dump sessions. I did several with a Woman of God. The rest…you guessed it I had to do publicly. I’d do these on my Podcast, Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta. It was difficult but I had to get it out, we all do otherwise we are doing ourselves an injustice. Release is good. Crying is ok. It’s just an indicator that we are still alive and as long as we have breath we still have hope.

A part of the assignment was to see what people actually responded to…I mean after all how many folk actually read the post. Unfortunately I learned that all most do is hit the like button on a cute picture. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, I prefer prayer over likes. I’ve recently cleaned up my FB page and I trust that it’s full of prayer warriors.

But on today I want to share with you one thing that I did end up losing that still pains me. I lost a young lady that I was mentoring. She walked away from her mentorship all due to addiction. She was addicted to pain, after all that was all she had known. She once shared with me that God had already told her a woman was going to come into her life to help guide her and that the woman was going to be a tough one and be a prophet, I was like well here I am, let’s do this. For a while we did just that. I invited her into our home. She sat with me for hours as I worked in the garden. I poured into her like I had not done in years but it was because God had revealed to me that our time together would be short.

I used my resources to secure her decent housing at a decent price. I invested into a business she wanted to start, even came up with a name for the business. She had full access to me. I didn’t grant that to clients that I use to coach back in the day and they were paying me. She gave it all up for a male that had nothing to offer but sex and his hands around her throat. But all one can do when it comes to helping others at times is pray so I pray for her often.

On last year it was also revealed to me that a organization would be closing their doors soon. I offered on several occasions to try and help with the business but realized they didn’t want my help, so I pulled back. I even had a chance to offer a new location for the business but I was instructed to gauge their response to the structure and it was not one that I can say impressed them so I let the owner know and he put it on the market. It’s been totally restored and is gorgeous. I sometimes wonder if folk really know what a blessing is. If they fully understand what not despising small beginnings really means.

And here I am again, seeing what could possibly be another closure and all I can do is pray. Sometimes we have to just know what we know because God knows we will pray. Intercession is not for the weak… not for the selfish. You gotta pray regardless of how you feel. You’ve gotta pray without ceasing. When the world is stuck on and in the drama that it loves and craves…you gotta pray. When all seems to be falling apart, do what it is that we are required to do.


Blessings Abounding, Vetta

Pray Without Ceasing…

Free Your Mind: 2021 Another Year Of Release

New Year Blessings to all. I want to share a little experiment with you that my purpose partner and I did on last year. A major dump & a cleanse…we got rid of some things and did without some others. Let’s start with the microwave because let’s just be real, it’s enough radiation out there…we don’t need to come home to it as well. We also agreed to not have a television downstairs. Believe it or not at one point we had 5 televisions… anywho at some point early in the year I figured well let’s just hang a small one on the back wall just in case we have company and they want to watch tv. Well the truth is we don’t really have company and i