The New You

To awake for prayer and hear the subtleness of sprinkles from Heaven’s clouds and as that prayer increases so does His rain and sprinkles down on Vetta’s Garden…April showers bring May flowers. I can now see the sun peeking out.

The writing on the wall…

On Wednesday I was out and about and though the Sun was shining brightly I still managed to capture both a rainbow and the number 8 in God’s Skies. Biblical Mathematics tells us that the number eight always means new beginnings or a new order of things. The new in contrast to the old. The very thought of resurrection and the rainbow God’s promise, yet fullfilled. Igniting hope and preparing our spirits for a brand new start. I love a new start and I’ve always loved rainbows, so much so that I had a rainbow wedding…assigning each of my lovely ladies a color and because Vetta does things the way that she likes them they all got to walk with their husbands. Oh What a Beautiful Day at the park; with just the perfect breeze off of the water. I’ve been asked a few times why the rainbow wedding as though something was wrong with that, I simply remind those that have forgotten that the rainbow is God’s promise to God’s people and that we His and that’s that. A wedding is a new start so why not demonstrate God’s Glory, His Promise at the start of our new life together but that’s just me.

Also on Wednesday I purchased three new garden babies, yes only three. My husband thought it strange as we left the nursery especially when I spotted an elusive beauty and walked right past her whispering “I’ll be back for you”…I’d been very intentional on this purchase, yes indeed. A new way of doing things, a new adventure, a new perspective, a new culinary experience, a new dream…placed in the Heart by The Father. The new dynamic…a new chapter in our beautiful books of life and as the pages turn… I strolled through that nursery as though I was walking through paradise…the thought of the Garden of Eden where every need is met and the sounds of satisfied souls. In honor of satisfied souls I decided on my three new garden babies and in honor of my sister friend, the sweetest dream girl I know; a Cherokee Purple Tomato, a Gypsy Sweet Pepper and in honor of all the newness in her life, the Havasu Hot Pepper. As I was researching this hot pepper, the Havasu I found the meaning was literally blue-green water, so that’s settled that and she’ll catch that. I’m going to do something authentic and grand with these baby boys. Now the Cherokee Purple Tomato, bursting with its own distinctive flavor is rich and smokey…it’s so pretty that you almost don’t want to eat it but you do and you do so because it’s full of all the good things that our bodies need…vitamin C, especially in the pulp near the seeds. Vitamin K for strong bones. Vitamin A to help maintain a good immune system and promote good eye health. And because we always save the best for last even though this is all good, we have the Gypsy Sweet Pepper, now this is the result of a Bell Pepper & an Italian Bull Horn crossing paths and there you have it…Vetta knows some phenomenal women oh and for those of you who don’t like the Heat this will be perfect for you, it’s a sweet flavor with no heat because sometimes we want to be on the chill side & that’s ok & even though she’s not a hot mama she loves God’s Sunshine…kind of reminds me of my sister friend, the beauty that love soaking up God’s rays, so she’ll find her place in the garden so that she can get full sun. I’ve got a pretty little grow bag waiting on her and it’s right near the potatoes and an update; those Russets are doing what they do and in full bloom; flowering indicates that the vines have enough leaf area to begin forming the tubers and did you know that within a few weeks of glimpsing those pretty little flowers it’s harvest time. We all know potatoes are symbolic of love; always and forever and that’s how it goes and goes well together and that’s life and the things of love. I feel so bless y’all, to know that God is indeed doing a new thing…a new thing in the me, a new thing in the lives of all those I hold dear.

Always & Forever…

My heart is in flutters…I feel butterflies… oh the things of love… the loves of our lives…the days of our lives, they are beautiful and crazy and calm and peaceful. Oh so peaceful, just lovely because there is always peace in the valley…valley’s deep with so much love. Love that overflows and flows like grace. Oh my God, this man love me because I am a beautiful beautiful mess…a hot mess…but he says that I am his mess, so that’s that…so to my sister, be a mess…be your man’s hot mess…he will have it no other way…be his damsel…just for fun because…we are never really in distress. Be his mess sis…he loves it and he loves you…he is on fire…I see twin flames…the glow matches perfectly…oh the things of love. Madness and you are pure radiance…if you were indeed a real life mermaid…he makes you want to find an ocean somewhere and swim until there ain’t no swim left…and the oceans…if those ocean walls could talk, the things they hear, as one swims…bathing in His Waters…basking in His Glory…washing away all of our sins, blameless. Daily baptisms in His love… Clean Waters…the refreshers course…be his mess honey golden girl…Mrs Thang strut your blessed self baby girl…be your man’s mess…a hot mess she is…but aren’t we all though? I feel a dance…I see a twirl….get it girl…twirl…I see you. Handle your twirl. A new twirl in a new world…a new thing in the lives of all those willing to be a part of His Plan…so much is happening. So much beautifully orchestrated madness and it’s all for our good, believe that. I just love the anticipation, the excitement while waiting on God. That Supernatural surge one feels in their Spirit truly overriding all our moments of doubt, unbelief, sadness…all the things that we all experience from time to time. These Supernatural Surges most often have me wandering…caught up perhaps but then I put on the mind of Christ. The belt of truth…The breastplate of righteousness…my feet ready y’all. The shield of faith…the helmet & the sword. Because I am preparing for the serenity, that madness, The VERY Passion of our Christ… thankful that he both died and rose for us. Our sweet Jesus, our Savior, our Lord and His Promise…sometimes just sometimes that promise is over in a foreign land; glowing, smiling from ear-to-ear, wedded bliss indeed…The look…The look of a woman in love…the look of a woman being loved just as The Father intended and it is a beautiful thing. She is the hand and he is the glove, she is always covered and she knows this. As he inhales…you, breathe and let him have His way and you let go of all of your pain, relax those thoughts and heal just as The Father intended. Be made whole my sister…and know that he comes with freedom…now be baptized in His love & you’ll never drown in His goodness…he is so full of grace… distinguished grace…a life of lessons yet to learn and share with you and only you. Tender moments…. Tender Mercies and blessings, blessings abounding to you and Hallelujah…it’s good good to the last drop…Ya’ll please don’t forget to drink your water…Peace.

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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