And because fame only last about 15 minutes, today’s star is our Thai Basil. She whispered something about coming in the house…I assured her that she’d be inside soon enough. I’m thinking about cooking a Thai dish so let’s see if coming inside the house means she’s interested in just sitting around looking cute or is she willing to contribute to Vetta’s well being. I’ll be removing those pretty little flowers before they open. Once they run to seed the flavor will change drastically and become bitter, like any other herb. They are perfect for a garnish. I’d like to try a tomato & cucumber salad and add some thai basil for the win. This is the first year I’ve successfully had thai basil and I’m excited.

Such a versatile herb. I love them all. I’m eyeballing the holy basil and she’s troubled about somethings like us all from time to time. Sweet, Spicy, Purple, and a Pesto Perpetuo Basil. I do believe that will do…for the basil…for now!

After the rain…

And because we like things spicy at Camp Coley, I will be debuting the Havasu Pepper, jalapeños, the lone pepper and garlic. Green beans & green onion will find their way into the mix as well. I’m going to do something special with those cherry bings.

Never stop learning…

Vetta had a little help with her homework from last night. My love on last night and then my cousin this morning. Now I can play around in the garden all morning…my peace! Then a little rest before tonight’s class.

Ya’ll know who my husband is…but don’t we all have way too many cousins in life? It’s hard to keep up sometimes, but not with this one. I’m old school but she just reminded me new school works too…

So when you have A moment goggle Iesha Woodfaulk. You will see one of the sweetest faces of the day and she’s all things real estate, that is. If you are searching for a home, get some help with your search from one of Florida’s Best Realtors.

While you are doing that, I’ll be heading out to my Schwinn. An hour of peddling and I never leave the back porch. Enjoy Life 😉

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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