On Time God

There is Healing in The Darkness…

What a wonderful weekend and back home safe. An hour time difference makes it easy to be home before midnight…having God with you makes it possible!!!

On Saturday morning, my husband’s uncle Lester was laid to rest. After the repass, we went home, grabbed some fruits & waters and at this point the beach gear stays in the car, so we made our way to one of our hideouts. Neither of us really like crowds, so we only listen to the sounds for a while. On tonight it was Koncrete Soul and they are wonderful. But let’s be honest; nothing satisfies quite like the sounds of the winds and the waters and the glimpse of God’s creatures gliding through His blue skies listening to their chitter chatter…other than unveiling the clouds that hide the moons full splendor yet still be in awe of its presence as only a sliver. We did not bring the telescope this round. My drone sits on my desk…The No Fly Zone Days of My Life…Geesh! Still the sky was bright with more stars than the mind could imagine. Here. There. Everywhere. Twinkle Twinkle indeed & In the darkness, I trust that our prayers did reach heaven. Tonight it is beautiful. One must remember that things done in the dark will come to the light…And the prayers of righteous availeth much!

The air; finally cool on the skin & laden with the fragrance of the gulf. Sandy sand between my toes like always, as we walk the waters edge…and these lovely little crabs seem to love sandy sand toes at the nights end as well.


Teamwork makes the dream work…

God is a Revealer. Things that our blind eyes cannot see, He shows us…when He knows we can handle it…when He knows we are ready. Ready to let go and let God. Whom we lose becomes unimportant & those we gain become gold…refined… purified…washed in His Waters & dried by His Winds…& His Words are like fluids; quenching the thirst and may we never forget to drink our water and in reading The Word may it speak to you!

Prophetic Whispers!

Prophetic Reminders!

Prophetic Gestures!

Prophetic Artistry!

Prophetic Voices!

Prophetic Words!

Prophetic Peace!

And when life becomes by invitation only…this is what you will know as well as have.

I invited a few women on a journey with me this year…only one accepted the invitation. It has been phenomenal. God is blessing her in spite of…healing…revealing and her heart is so full as well as open. She is a testiment of His Works. Mighty & Powerful He Is… removing the struggle out of her business and I’m believing God for more open doors and opportunities for growth.


Endless Possibilities…

On the subject of growth…Vetta’s Garden is thriving & surviving this Florida heat. This is my sweet potato patch…I’m so ready! The Father has provided more water & nutrients than we could have paid for and that is what has kept the garden going. So many have lost their summer gardens and feel discouraged with fall planting upon us; but I say go for it. Be encouraged to keep on putting in the work. Continue to learn to grow…in life as well as the garden. You never know what might pop up or whom…

So Be Ready!!!

The Great Architect will definitely put you in the room with those willing & ready to connect. In His Perfect Timing; Our purpose begins to unfold. Right there in front of our eyes and for all the world to witness.

He certainly moves in mysterious ways…Believe That & Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water!

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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