He Is The Door

The only thing you can tell me is nothing…

My husband took this of me one morning when I stepped out to greet Vetta’s Garden. I am so proud of her…our garden that is. She’s grown in leaps and bounds, that along with The Father’s Blessings & Blessings Abounding; Vetta’s Garden is doing just fine and so is Vetta. And it is just brilliant the way things have fallen in place. A branch found it’s way in the garden and just in the nick of time. The lemon cucumber have outgrown their little cage I created…expressing that they will not be contained. I totally understand that and so, I let them find their way to that fallen branch. I see exactly what God is doing. In my garden…Through my garden He speaks to me. His Presence is with me. He carries me and I carry His Glory. In my garden I have created & cultivated a place of peace. Peace within my garden is peace within my self. And it is self that we must make peace with. With each revelation, each level of elevation, with each layer of healing…within every battle and through each and every storm; we must trust that our peace will be disturbed…it is human nature!


He has given us a way out. Out of ourselves. Out of our logic. Our own selfish reasons…away Out of our very own madness.

The Way Out Is Surrender! He Is The Way Out! It is to The Creator of Heaven & Earth that we must Surrender. Nothing…No One. Only Our God! God’s people. God’s children. Yeshua’s Glory Carriers. Clothed in The Glory of His Essence…The Sweetness of Eternal Blessings & The Aroma of Sweet Parfums…to smell like Blessings that engulf the rooms that one enters as The Greatest Woodsman I know…opens door after door after door.

As I write, I see double doors…Red Doors, The Wood chiseled to perfection and with every flaw…it’s beauty captured by the eye. The previews, Vetta loves it when The Father Reveals…I love it how it Reveals my own heart…when He shows me; that He Answers. When the answer is No. I am thankful for His Mercies in my own life, knowledgeable of His Grace and More trusting of His Plan than ever before. Forever grateful that there is Healing in His Name. Day or night; Our Savior Our Jesus our Sweet Sweet Jesus Our Lord is just a whisper away. And when He Whispers back; He knows just right like how to bless… His Trees of Righteousness, planting them on solid ground. On God’s Earth to bring Glory to His Name!

My smile is still the same, only now my husband says I’ve added a certain hand gesture with each new discovery…each new bloom as well as each new lesson. Always Remember and Never Forget; there are no mistakes in the garden or in life…only lessons. Beautiful, Unforgettable and Never Ending Life Changing, Soul Bearing, Trial and Error…Win Some… Lose Some… All we can do lessons. And all we can really do is breathe and in doing so whisper His Name.

Call on Yeshua!

His Love is Unconditional.

His Word is Not.


New Seasons Blessings to you all.

Vetta 🙏

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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