Just Thinking

At the end of last year, when The Lord spoke to me about no mentorship, no mentoring, no coaching and that my time would have to belong to me…I was not to disappointed. I even had to back out of assisting another Prophet teach a Prophetic class.

Being that my husband was nearing completion of the last of the townhouse repairs as a result of Hurricane Michael my mind said yes, we are about to start our travels again. My little heart was thrilled. I can remember pulling out our passports as well…

On today, my husband had a MRI done on his brain to check for any cancer.

Anything concerning the brain makes one think…so after I said a prayer for him, I was thinking on The Goodness of God.

He Knows…and He Answers…and He goes before us. Oftentimes, so far ahead of us that it’s almost scary. It can also make the mind wander.

But I am thankful for an ear to hear…thankful that I listen to my spirit and not the opinions of others. Thankful that I am obedient to what I feel in my spirit and what I trust in my heart.

On last year, God spoke to me about creating a product for a Sister in Christ for her business…within hours I received a phone call that was meant to distract me from my assignment. It Did Not!!!

Then again this year, within hours of taking my husband to the ER where he was first diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer…I received yet another call from the same individual…about the same nonsense concerning the same sister in Christ.

Yet another failed attempt by the enemy to build a wedge between us…relentless and still defeated!

This sister in Christ along with her own sisters are among our intercessors as we go through this process. Believing and trusting that God’s Will be done in my husband’s life…praying for his healing!

I share this with you so that you are mindful of people and understand that they can be on assignment and not even realize it…but you’d better recognize it and make decisions based off of your discernment rather than gossip and slander. Imagine being in need of prayer and you’ve allowed the enemy to cut you off from those who have a passion for prayer…those willing to cry out your name to The Name Above All Names.

We have to know people by their fruit…and we must trust that The Fruit of The Spirit is available to help us bear all our burdens.

On the subject of burdens…

On this evening, I had a difficult but necessary conversation with my husband’s teenager. Oftentimes, my husband speaks to her as if he has the common cold and by weeks end he shall be brand new. When he ends these conversations I often say to him that he must be honest with her; it’s not fair to her to not have all the facts…his reply is that he just tells her he is OK so that she will be ok and not worry. I told him on last week that she’s not grasping the totality of this all and she needs to know and expressed to him that I’d be talking with her soon.

She was so very appreciative for the honesty…she was very expressive and I allowed her to cry as often as needed during our conversation. I also encouraged her to speak positively during their future conversations…speaking life is all that is needed at this point. We also agreed that soon she’d be able to come for a visit and she was thankful. Letting her know that I was out picking up his dinner request and that I’d be sure to have him call her after we finished our dinner.

A little something something…

My husband asked for red beans and rice for dinner and so that’s what he received…I decided on yellow rice and topped the red beans with lots of goodies for crunch, a nice piece of sausage and a side of mustard greens. It was quite delicious. After dinner they had a chance to talk and she made me proud…him as well and I told her so. She said she tried her very best to be uplifting and positive and to be honest that’s all anyone us can do.

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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