All Things Real

I got my Yes…

I had been open to receive. I had said to my husband that I was pretty sure that this was the right time, just not so sure about the person.

I was trusting what my spirit had felt.

I had been feeling a connection for quite some time, but with everything that was happening I had to just step out on faith.

She would either say yes or no.

A yes from her would be a yes from You God is what I had spoken.

A no simply meant to keep seeking Him, still with the added bonus of walking with her in the morning and gleaming all that You would release to me.

Thank You Father, for a mentor with Your Heart.

One with the true spirit of a Mother.

I’m so excited!!!



All Things Real

Most think I’m strange. I use to think the same…

Until I fully understood and embraced that I was peculiar…that I was holy because He Is Holy… that I should carry myself like royalty because My Father Is The King.

When I let go of the guilt of being Chosen… guilty because I just wanted to be like everyone else. Not wanting others to think that I thought I was special somehow.

When I left ALL those things behind me, I began to feel the honor and blessing that it truly is be a Daddy’s Girl.

I will continually speak of His many blessings.

I will declare what He has done. I will testify every day of my life…all day… ever day.

Vetta is life…

I will receive my crown.



All Things Real

The sky is the limit.

Never stop pushing and pressing towards your dreams…your goals… your vision.

All these Things are yours.

God placed them inside of you.

Don’t expect, require or become distracted or disappointed that others do not see what you see.

Keep your eyes focused on your vision.

As long as you are pleasing God in All you do.

As long as your spirit is being lead by The Holy Spirit… Carry On.



All Things Real

I’ve learned that we will always be tested….

Our relationships will be tested.

Our careers will test us.

Family dynamics will test us.

Our marriages will test us.

Our children…

Life will test us…and even with all the test, when our back is up against the wall, when it seems like we cannot resist temptation…

God is there.

He always has a way out for us and when He provides that way out, when our faith is tested and we stand strong… know that we are being made perfect.

Perfect in Him…

Regardless of what the world says and thinks or feels… when we’ve been made perfect in God we lack nothing..






All Things Real






Apostle Catrina Garrett


All Things Real

And when death had came for me and my seed…

God had been there to guide me.



Thy Kingdom Comes Global Ministry: Apostles Tommy and Catrina Garrett


All Things Real


All Things Real

And it had been under His skies…

And in His Waters…

With His Son shining upon his intercessors that that I had called for Him…

The sound of my intercessors Had called for Him…

The voices of freedom and liberty had called for Him and He had answered…

He had answered Me…

He answered under His skies…

And in His Waters with His Son shining over All His Nations…

Lord I Thank You for divine connections…

I thank You that I was never lost to You…

I thank You for saving me… on that day.

I will declare your word forever…

And Thank You for blessing my intercessors…

And as You bless our seeds…

We also Thank You For blessing our intercessors seeds…

And our seeds seeds seeds…

Vetta 均


All Things Real

Oh the trials we bring on our seed when we do not let go…

When we do not surrender…oh what burdens they must bear.

And their seeds and their seeds and their seeds seeds…

Lord, help us in letting go.



All Things Real

Lord We Thank You For Divine Appointments.



All Things Real

Use your voice…

So that The Well is not shut in your region.

Rise Up…

Lift your voices…

Release a sound in your city…

In your region

In your nation

Cry Out and release the sound that covers All The Earth.



All Things Real

And it was under His sky and near His waters…

With His moon, shining upon His intercessors, that He called for her…

The sound of the intercessors and the voice of freedom and liberty called her and she answered…

She answered under Our Father’s Sky… Near His Waters, With His Moon shining over All His Nations.

Lord Thank You for Divine Appointments…

Thank You My Lord, that none are lost to You…

Thank You Father, For All that declare Your Word…

Thank You for blessing them… and their seeds and their seeds seeds.



All Things Real

He is The Creator of my timeline…

Where His Word is released…

Where His Word becomes spoken…

Where His Light is illuminated…

Where All the world will see…

And All the world will hear…

Where my life is not my own…

And where All is recorded.



All Things Real…


I Thank You For Revealing…

I Thank You For Your Strength…

I Thank You For Equipping Me…

And For Using Me.

I Bind The Spirit of Fear…

All Things designed to keep me from fulfilling God’s purpose for my life…

All things designed to bring torture to my mind, body and soul…

All these Things,

I will put under Your Blood.

And then I will Thank You Again, Mighty God…

I will Thank You, because with You,

I can face All Things…

I can do All Things… Through Christ Jesus Who Strengthens Me.

I will Stand in Your Truth…

In Your Righteousness…

Your Peace is with me…

Your Word is in me…

And my Faith is in You.

I will listen for Your voice My Lord…

And because I have chosen to follow You… Lead me…

Guide Me…

Your Sweet Holy Spirit and Your Word.



Look At God…


All Things Real

Emerging from her darkness…

From her rest.


She is ready for her work.

The ground has been broken…

The newness of it all.

Full of Thanksgiving and Praise…

Testifying of His Works.

She is poised.

Patience is her virtue, as she awaits her harvest.



All Things Real

And now so that the ground has been broken…

What seeds will you plant?


All Things Real

And so after the workers came out to repair the water line… God spoke again.

I watched as they broke up the ground, so they could repair what had been broken.


All Things Real

God is speaking…

This morning I woke to a broken water line directly in front of our townhouse.

As I walked closer to investigate, I saw God in this… confirming.

I just stood in awe. If we are truly seeking Him, He will show Himself to us.

Neighbors in a panic, I easily shut down all of those sounds of doubt and fear. My husband will handle that.

The City is not yet open, so while I wait, I’m busy talking to The One Who Does All Things Well…



All Things Real

He is directing my path.

My body is all things of the temple.

My heart is pure.

My mind is sound.

My eyes can see.

My ears can hear.

My hands are ready.

And I smell victory.




The Beauty of His Creations…

When the eye first discerns, there is less beauty.

But look further, beyond the ashes…



All Things Real

It is better to boast in The Lord our God…

More than any other name.

Only The Name of The Lord our God has Power.

But if you must boast then boast of your weakness.











All Things Real


We all have to make them… Sacrifices. But we must be mindful and sure that the sacrifices that we make are required of us by God.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Sacrifice


The Release of Sound

The earth is crying out and there is a echo in the land…Lean in.

Let your spirit lead you to the sound of deliverance and healing.

The sound of freedom and liberty.

Lean in and let your spirit be lead by The Holy Spirit.

Lean in and receive from The One Who Does All Things Well.





Obedience, Overflow and Oil

When we are obedient to God, we are positioning ourselves for the overflow.

The overflow of His Love, of His Grace and Mercy.

The overflow of His Healing and Deliverance.

When we are faithful concerning our destiny, our purpose unfolds.

When the opinions of others, no longer hold us hostage and we reject their rejection…we are freeing ourselves to carry out the assignment of The Father.

Imagine your earthly father giving you a task and you not performing it…there will be consequences.

There are also repercussions to disobedience to Father God.

Distractions will come. Doubt can easily become your portion. Fear will arise, but we must remember that we are able and that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Always remember that the calling on your life is going to cost you, the calling is going to crush you…

If you are called to mend the broken hearted, you are going to deal with being broken hearted.

If you are called to prophesy, you are going to deal with controlling your mouth.

Called to lay hands? Prepare to battle with spiritual viruses.

Called to empower others? Prepare for your self esteem to be attcked.

All of these things are necessary for your mantle to be authentic, to be powerful and to be humble.

These crushings are not easy because your assignment is not easy.

It is a hard fight because your oil is not cheap.



Cry Out

With so much happening in the world today, there can be much to complain about…

Instead of complaining let us cry out.

Cry Out to The Creator of Heaven and Earth.



The Balance of Life

There must be a rest to the people of God…

It is in this rest that we find balance.

Seeking and searching…

Understanding, that it is all working for our good.



Body Scrubs


Thankful for the release of sound…

The sound of the voice with true character.

The sound of prayer and praise.

The sound of God’s heart.



Divine Connections

Standing Strong, In the value and The newness, And the freedom,
To be open and Empowered,
By the spirit, When It is Holy, And It is speaking,
What is written And the glory,

Is abounding,
And it opens,
The delusion,

Of the season,
And the reason For the Glory Shines upon you Like a light upon the feet.


Vetta’s Gifts: A Collection of Poems by Keeser Coley

Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w/ Vetta Podcast


Wisdom Talk w/ Apostle Catrina Garrett

#releaseasound #sounds



Apostle Catrina Garrett – The Prophetic Zone



Affairs Of The Heart

As we ended the conversation, I held the phone close to my heart and began immediately talking to my Maker…

I had never been more aware that I needed His help.
“You know You’re going to have to help me Lord” I said to Him with a mouth full of my own tears. Yes, I had laid back on my bed, sinking slowly into the pillows. Motionless as the tears flowed effortlessly from my eyes to my mouth as I was pleading with God to quickly ease my pain. The pain, the hurt…the devastation of it all was quickly becoming unbearable.
I cried for days…

Through all of the tears and with all the pain, I made a conscious decision that I would not give in to my flesh, I would not act out. I had no plans on giving the evil one any of my energy, no no he had done enough.
Feeling God’s presence through it all, I took a break from my sorrow and asked,
Why did it have to happen like this?
His answer would only multiply my tears…
See, I had known that the relationship had served its purpose long before the betrayal.
But I had remained faithful to it versus being faithful to God and where He was leading me.

I had loved the person and loved her deeply. Most importantly, I had loved in spite of…
Had I loved too much?
Perhaps… and as I share the experience on today, I still feel the love and I still feel the pain. I feel the faintness of painthat lingers and causes the slight ache in my heart. I wipe away the few tears that remain and thank God for the release. I thank Him for being my Comforter, my Healer and my Heart Regulator.
I’m thankful that this moment in time is exactly where I need to be in order to get to where I should be.
It is a part of my journey.
It is a reflection of who I was.
It is a fact of who I am.
A constant reminder of who I am becoming and why.

Betrayal is devastating.
The enemy meant to change my heart. To harden it so that I might become the same as the one who hurt me. But his plan failed.
I still love and I love with the love of my Father. I love because He first loved me.
I did not let the hurt consume me. Instead, I use the experience as a guide. It guides me in life and through life. My approach to situations and how I treat others is different but always through love. Love of the person but as well love for myself. I don’t mind when I become aware that my relationship status with a person is pending or ending because all I hold on to now is God’s unchanging hand.
It serves as a reminder for me to constantly examine my own heart. It is my testimony of how God can and will heal the broken hearted. It is the evidence that He is, always has and forever is with me.
My Healer.
My Comforter.
My Shield.

In this life, we are going to experience it all…and through it all, we must continue to show up for life.
Is it easy?
Is it possible?
My response is and always will be-
Because we can do all things and I do mean all things through Christ who strengthens us.

What the enemy meant for my bad, did not work!!!
God turned it around, he didn’t just turn it around because He can, it was because I wanted to be okay and my heart was right. I did not lash out.
I did not turn from God.
I did not blame God.
I did not retaliate or try to hurt the other party.
My character remained in tact.
Instead I leaned into God and let the healing begin.
Notice I said let the healing begin
This has been well over 5 years and I am still healing.
God is still mending the heart.
I am allowing the release and the soul tie that was there has almost finished unraveling.
I take all of the special moments and place them in my heart where they belong, letting all others fade away.

Affairs Of The Heart

The heart on it’s own,

The heart is unknown…

Strong but yet weak…

After pure things, the heart must seek.

Always revealing. Always healing.

Never hidden.

Never concealing.

The heart is forgiving.

The heart is uplifting.

Resisting pride.

Resisting condemning.

Pure and Holy

Tried and true.

Blessed be the heart, as God heals you.


Affairs Of The Heart

Vetta’s Gifts: A Collection of Poems by Keeser Coley


Burden Bearer

Burden bearer. Weight carrier. Tried-and-true she stands.

Eyes wide open, Not easily broken and a witness to it all.

With ears to hear,

She cast out fear and doubt begins to fall.

As she feels the pain,

More faith she  gains,

As she shares the grieving heart.

Through tears and prayers,

She boldly declares and The Deliverer does His part.


To hear the reading of Burden Bearer please visit

Burden Bearer

Vetta’s Gifts: A Collection of Poems by Keeser Coley


Divine Positioning

It is so important for us to be in divine position.

We may not like it but that position has its place as well as it’s purpose.

That position is where our purpose is fulfilled.

Being in the right place at the right time according to God’s plan for your life is important especially as you are seeking His will for your life.

God will use people, places and the resources and opportunities in your environment to sharpen you and prepare you.

Are you where God has directed you to be?

Are you still struggling with your flesh?

He knows exactly what you need and where you need to be.

Trust him!

To hear my story on Divine Positioning please visit

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Deceived Minds

Deceived Minds.

Unclean Hearts.

Not Pure.

Not Holy.

Not Chosen or

Set Apart.


Let Go.

Break Free

And you will know.

God’s Love.

God’s Grace.

You will truly,

See His Face.

Stand Strong.

Reject Wrong.

Love Others.

Live Long, in Christ and His Love.

Praising God up Above.


Vetta’s Gifts: A Collection of Poems by Keeser Coley

We must be the light in a world of darkness!!!


Forgiveness is Precious

My oldest sibling and I posing with the beauty. Five little lives she helped to create…

The world has been without her for quite some time now.

9 December 2001, just 10 days shy of her 50th birthday.

She returned to The Creator…

Please visit to hear the complete story.

Follow, like and share.

Return here and let’s continue the conversation on forgiveness in the comments.

And remember, we all do well with light, love and liquid so don’t forget to drink your water.



Behind The Mask

There are many that hide behind a mask…to avoid being truly “seen”.

Hiding and harming is not okay!!!

Behind The Mask

Hiding behind the mask,

Deep within the crowd.

Seeking validation,

By letting the voice be loud.

Speaking things of old,

Yet nothing ever new.

Witnessed by the eyes,

That always truly knew.

Now tarnished by those deeds,

Lost deep within one’s self.

No more losing precious time,

Over emotions never felt…

Moving on. Standing strong, in the life that one’s been dealt.


Vetta’s Gifts: A Collection of Poems by Keeser Coley


Bravery & Self Love

On last year, My family toured The Rosa Parks Museum and Library. The museum is full with artifacts, videos, historic documents and even a life sized statue of Mrs. Parks.

There is a replica of the bus as well. The actual bus, bus # 2857 was once sitting abandoned in a field in Alabama but sits fully restored in The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

Being able to tour the museum is an experience that I hold close.

Her actions on that day, as well as her thoughts, were those of bravery and self love…

I am honored that Mrs Parks is a part of my history…Black History.


For the complete story…

Please visit


Letting Go

I was blessed on this morning, as I became lost in the beauty of the view given me by The Creator.

I first discerned as Spanish Moss hang and streamers swayed with ease by the direction of the winds.

A once barren oak, has now taken on new life.

And just feet away, the stillness of the water resognates the calmness that I desire.

In the distance, a vessel passes and the water changes.

I breathe in and wait patiently for the return to calm…

A light breeze through the open window awakens and refreshes the skin and all is well with my soul.


Vetta’s Gifts: A Collection of Poems by Keeser Coley


The Dedication



Vetta Is Her Name

Life has taught me so many things…

One being that I want to honor my history and those who are a part of it.

Being that it’s Black History Month, I decided to put a little twist on it.

I recently shared that I started Coley Chronicles Podcast. In the 1st episode I do a short intro, paying tribute to one of my aunts.

Check out the episode and let’s connect



All Things Real

I just published the first episode of my new podcast! Listen to Coley Chronicles on Anchor


She Is

Like the morning dew and all it provides…

She is majestic, like sunrise as it opens it’s eyes.

Like the beauty of the rose, with the likeness of the thorns.

She is the rare cloud, after the storm has passed and yet one still mourns.

She is fancy and sassy!

Feisty and classy!

Soft and exact…

She is warm and sweet like the finest parfum.

Always standing her ground.

Always commanding the room.

Like the butterfly in her garden

She is delicate and spectacular,

As all her deeds are done.

Like the lyrics of a song…

She gives and gives until all her strength is gone.


Vetta’s Gifts: A Collection of Poems by Keeser Coley

The beauty of the rose…

To hear the reading of this poem by the author,

Please visit anchor



It’s smiles and secrets.

It’s girls days and weekends.

Lunches & brunches and fun in the sun.

It is love.

It is joy.

Peace and sorrow yet so much more.

It is sacrifice and it is not always nice.

Its harshness needed.

It’s life repeated.

It’s this and that.

It’s tit for tat.

It’s holding close, while letting go.

Saying yes as well as no.

It’s pouring out to fill them up.

It’s bounds of love that fill your cup.

It’s All for Love, Thank God above..

It’s motherhood.


Vetta’s Gifts: A Collection of Poems by Keeser Coley


The Sound

The voice speaking is truly clear.

Learning to listen to what I hear.

And it is like the sounds of waterfalls…

Calling out to that which is deep in the spirit.

It resonates within…

Connect and hear the voice of God.


Vetta’s Gifts: A Collection of Poems by Keeser Coley



Enjoying the sound of the rain as it washes away those things that need cleansing.

As well, the rain is nourishing that which craves the drip.

I am so thankful for the blessings of God…




Seasons of life constantly change…

But the presence of God is constant…

His Joy…is constant.

His Peace and His Anointing is constant.

His Love is constant.

Therefore, I am…


Vetta’s Gifts: A Collection of Poems by Keeser Coley


Cookies and China

So it’s Friday and late night TV requires a snack.

My crush cooked chocolate chip cookies.

Served on Lenox China…perhaps to persuade me to indulge.

Ending the week on a sweet note.

What’s good on the tube tonight?


Cookies from my crush…


Table Spread

Hey Ya’ll

Looks like my crush is eating good…again!

Curry Mayocoba Beans w/ Okra

Oven baked-Baby purple, red and golden potatoes w/ carrots, mushrooms, onions & sweet peppers

Smoked Ham Hock

I cooked the ham hock in the oven for about an hour and then added the potatoes and a little broth


He actually declined a pork chop with this meal when he saw that hock!

I’m doing some things with the mayocoba beans so I’ll let ya’ll know how my mayocoba hummus turns out!

Of course, I put a few beans to the side to sow.

What are ya’ll cooking up?

I pray everyone had a day full of light, love and liquid…Don’t forget to drink your water!



Skin Renewal Cream

Hey ya’ll

If you are having problems with your skin, this cream has done wonders for me as well as my baby girl.

Baby girl had a horrible struggle with eczema. Prescription creams did little to nothing. Coach Kelley’s cream has been instrumental in clearing up her skin irritations as well, it has cleared her skin up…

I had eczema and psoriasis…I rarely share this but there was a time that it covered certain areas of my body that made cringe. But I’m as good as gold now.

There are times that I may have a outbreak but that’s because I am not eating right or stress tries to visit but a little self care, discipline and a few extra applications of cream and all is well.

A problem area for me was my hairline. At some point I began using it in my scalp and on my hair.

I love this cream and it’s on sale. Check her out, she has lots more to offer…



Even the raws have laws…

With all that the world would have consume us, I’m taking today to reset.

Early morning miles & meditations has the mind and body feeling renewed.

No news for me on today. I’ve decided I’ll catch the reels over the weekend.

I will not be consumed…

Enjoying lunch on this day full of love, light and liquid…Don’t forget to drink your water.


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This is a image I captured while on one of our many trips to the DMV.

My crush and I were in DC on this day. As we often do, we were at a park somewhere taking a stroll when it captured my eyes…

DC is only going through a fall…

The same as leaves are falling from this tree.

It has to become barren and unappealing to the eye.

It’s going to take hard work but the same as it becomes barren, it will again begin to flourish.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had some barren seasons in our life but with hard work life became beautiful again.

All one needs is love, light and liquid…Don’t forget to drink your water.



Plant Life


Wednesday Wonders

Some mornings are meant for reflection.

Pondering over the garden and doing prep work. What a satisfying feeling of being able to continously reap. These are the last of my chamomile and lavender that I harvested. It’s almost that time again and I’m super excited.

Cottagegarden was such a learning experience. So much growth for myself as well. I was able to speak life to myself every day. It was a trying time and I am eternally grateful that I was mindful enough to realize what a blessing it all was and is.

My first garden and I think I did well. Being in a smaller space means I have to become more strategic and I am certainly up for the challenge!

I’ll sip on this lovely blend and finalize my plans.

Let the games begin!!!




The earth is for the meek…

On today, I am living and loving from a place of strength…strength that has been brought under control.

I’ll use that strength to dream, organize and inspire!



Irreplaceable Melanin

Heres a show for you Episode 2: Blue Christmas episode of Irreplaceable Melanin Podcast



Interactions with others can transform understanding into interstanding.

Behaviors are not always easy to explain or understand. When we take the time and more importantly an interest in others, we can free ourselves from the tendencies of judgment.

We all have a story to tell.  That story includes all of our history, our childhood, adulthood and everything in between.

I’m making a practice of listening to the stories of others…

I want to hear the internal voice speak.

I want to feel the internal pain.

I want to see the internal wounds.

I want to taste the sweetness of internal healing.

I want to smell perfumes of internal victory.



Soul Soup

Lunch Time

Some days it’s the simple things that are most satisfying…

We have a Miso Soup base and then I let my tastebuds lead me

Asparagus, broccoli, carrots, radicchio, green onions, garlic, mushrooms, sweet red, orange & yellow peppers, boiled eggs parsley & cilantro w/ a side of Kim chi




Plant Life

When Mrs. Finicky brings Ms Finicky home…

I promise I only went to Home Depot to order cabinets. Being that I was maintaining social distance, I politely headed to the garden section after others that were waiting were not.

Just browsing and there she was just smiling at me. I smiled back and said under my breath “No Way”.

See, I’ve been avoiding this plant for the past three years. I don’t jump on the bandwagon when a thing is popular. I have to feel it for myself.

Well today she whispered to me and that was all I needed to hear.

I could have walked away from the smile but the whisper pulled me to her.

She’s home now!!! I do believe that her sister babyJade is happy to have company.

All that’s remaining is to give this beauty a name…



Irreplaceable Melanin

Check out our oldest daughter’s Podcast!!!

Heres a show for you Irreplaceable Melanin Podcast: First Cup episode of Irreplaceable Melanin Podcast


New Year Realizations

There will be no New Year Resolutions for me.

I’m not big on the whole concept and to be honest, I rarely think twice about a “New Year Resolution”.

At this crossroad, I said to myself, ” Then what are you going to do”

That’s when I remembered that I had promised myself that I was going to stop being so hard on myself and I was going to stop being so hard on others as well…

I had been a perfectionist…just down right anal about things. I had expected close to perfection from others as well.

But that’s not reality, in itself unattainable. Facilitating too much stress and strain on the mind, will and emotions.

I’ve been through seasons that were so very stressful. Some self inflicted, some not.

What I have realized is there will always be something or someone out in this big bad world ready, willingly and able to make me “go there” & “go off”.

I’ve learned to choose my battles more wisely and in doing so, life for the me has changed drastically. My mind is clearer… uncluttered & unbothered! My body is healthier. My heart is becoming more open and life is easier.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that my husband has played a major role in helping me to see things differently. He helps me to say yes to myself more often. That in itself makes it easy to say no to the stress!

I’m trying to live life to the fullest. Being more acceptable of my flaws and falling deeper in love with me.


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Sweet Tooth

When your sweet tooth is satisfied…

I do believe that had I actually left this out for Santa that he’d be at our house still on Christmas Day…devouring the rest of this Red Velvet Cake. This was our first order from #sweetbellycookiesandtreats but it won’t be our last.

It’s absolutely delicious!



Life Uncategorized


Looking through old photos and enjoying this beautiful love story…



Healing in The Swamp

Healing in The Swamp

There was a season in life that I had no interest in going to “The Swamp”

My husband had shared with me his experiences visiting and I had expressed to him that I couldn’t go “there”…

Well 3 years later, I was in a different season in life and ready to face fears, as well as have more & different experiences.

I first visited Louisiana in 2019.

I remember calling Auntie to let her know that we were heading to New Orleans for the fireworks!!! She told me to enjoy myself and reminded me that there was a whole world waiting for me to see…

Needless to say, we had a wonderful time over the 4th of July holiday. Such a time it was that 7 months later, we were back for Mardi Gras…Oh yes, I love it!

But not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that 8 months after that, I would be living, working and experiencing life in such an extraordinary way in The Swamp. It’s not been all fireworks and parades but I would not trade this time for anything.

I have met some extraordinary people, broken & flawed like the best of us, yet as real & ready as the next.

I’ve had the Divine honor of hearing the stories of some beautiful women and the Divine pleasure of sharing my stories with them. Not one of us is unreachable and when you have been assigned to do a thing, the way may not seem easy but it’s always accessible.

We are all just a person away from breakthrough, as well as revelation!!!

I’ve learned so much about myself. I’ve learned so much about my husband. All in all, I’ve learned so much about life. I am pleased that my husband and I were able to be a positive & uplifting example to many.

Life is good!

More please…



Bon Appetit

Dinner with my crush…

I’ll be having my beef stew minus the beef on tonight but as the weekend progresses, I’m sure to give into indulgence…

I love creating these Coley Combinations



The Journey Begins

Obedience is better than sacrifice…

Sometimes one can get so full…

I’m here to let it all out. Sharing myself and perhaps even bearing my soul.