All Is Well

My soul got happy today…I was absolutely overcome with joy and The Love of God cancelled out every bit of negativity and confusion that the enemy attempted to throw my way.

On today my son called with great news concerning his Dr appointment…with showing no signs of cancer. He still has to wait on results from blood work because he got a full check up but my heart and mind is at ease.

I was literally talking to God about him and looked over at my phone and had missed his call while in the midst of my prayers that had concluded with me trusting that all was well…and it was…we both got a little laugh out of that, simply because we understand the kind of God we serve.

He celebrated at birthday last week…32 years of life. A life well lived and I couldn’t be any prouder of the man he has become and is becoming.

I love him completely… and that is a mother’s love!

I’ve been super busy lately. Real Estate classes, caring for my husband, enjoying my garden and making time for self care.

Self Care is truly a gift from God…

My husband received the results of his PET Scan which indicate that the cancer is shrinking… Praise God!!! There are other medical issues that he is dealing with but the news of this cancer shrinking far outweigh the other. His spirits are high and he is ready to fight through it all. Chemo treatments are scheduled to continue and in the end…he wins!!!

His appetite has increased and he weighed in at 115lbs; the most he has weighed all year…we both were so tickled with excitement and thankful.

On the home front all is well…my inside babies are thriving and the jungle is slowly reappearing and I couldn’t be more pleased.

I’ve eased up on the emotional eating, started riding my Schwinn more often and even went for a short walk the other day.

And as always, I get most of my exercise from working in my garden.

Vetta’s Garden is thriving… and so is Vetta!!!

Life might not be perfect but life is good and all is well with my soul.

Blessings Abounding and Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water!

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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