Sunday Drive

Beginning back in the 1920’s the idea of taking a pleasure ride began and it was done on Sunday’s…On today, we did just that. No appointments. No errands. No particular destination.

Just the two of us…Like always.

It’s the first time all week that my husband has felt energized. He even showed me how to change the bulb in the Benz. It was nice to get out and ride through the city. The winds were a little harsh…we didn’t mind at all and then the sun started to peep out at us.

We made our way home and he checked out the garden. It’s grown alot from Monday to Sunday and he was definitely proud…God’s Rain has been a blessing to Vetta’s Garden.

He sat downstairs for quite a while as I prepared lunch and as always complimented me on how I had yet once again rearranged the furniture. He noticed the plants as well saying that I was working my way back to having a jungle downstairs again and all I could do was laugh. He also noticed that the aloe plants were not only getting big but multiplying as well. He makes sure he puts them to good use and I love it. I cut him a fresh piece off to have by his bedside.

I’ll need to harvest more oregano soon, it’s growing so fast…and so finally today I tucked away what I had previously dried that I had just lying around and placed it in jars so I have room for the new. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to cook with fresh herbs…even more beautiful that they come from my own little garden. I am going to make oregano oil with some of this as well.

A little goes a long way…

This evening as we talked during dinner, I reminded my husband of were we were this time of the year several years back…In California. It was our first time. We attended a two day festival in San Bernidido, visited Disneyland in Las Vegas and explored like we always do when we travel. There was a wax museum that we found but it was closed. I was so disappointed. It was an amazing experience that I always hold dear.

Let The Good Times Roll

This evening I took some of our greens from the freezer and cooked some rice…we left the meat at the market and I’m glad about it. We have certainly been indulging more than we normally do and it was time for a break.

I am thankful that he felt up to leaving the house today but it certainly tired him out, but he rested well which is exactly what he needs.

I am also thankful for a good week ahead for him…for us both. Thankful for our intercessors. Thankful that our strength comes from The Lord.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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