Something Special

There’s just something special about Saturdays…I always reflect on times when I was young and my siblings and I would watch Saturday morning cartoons and eat cereal. Eagerly anticipating the prize that would be inside of the cereal box.

On this morning, as I was talking to God I suddenly realized I was hearing the television…my husband had tuned in to the early morning cartoons. I made us some breakfast and joined him. We had a few laughs before he nodded back off.

I spent the rest of the morning in the garden…I needed to trellis a few things before the stormy weather returned so I used several palm tree limbs and some twine to secure tomatoes, cucumber and the Japanese Eggplant. I also did some companion planting; adding watermelon radish, lavender and more sweet corn to the garden.

The Best Is Yet To Come

For lunch my husband had a craving for Pizza Hut…I’d normally make us a pizza but the chemo treatments really make his appetite decrease…so when he wants something I get that to ensure that he eats. It’s been quite some time since we’ve eaten Pizza Hut and I joined him on today. I went straight for the garden after picking up our goodies; adding thai, purple and spicy basil, parsley and fresh green onions to mine…a few sprinkles of my crushed red pepper flakes and I was a happy camper. We watched a little television and chatted it up…he had questions concerning his life expectancy and I reminded him that God has the final say in these matters and as one of our intercessors had said just this morning that he has prayer all around him. He says that he feels me even in his sleep when I am laying hands and praying. No Dr’s have said anything of the sort. Just one oblivious nurse during one of his ER stays saying to him that he should be in hospice…of course I had went home to shower. People are weird and careless with their words so often. Planting seeds of doubt in a already fragile mind is disgusting and I reminded him that the only thing he needs to replay in his head is the last 8 years of our life together and couple that with looking forward to putting up with me and my garden for a minimum of the next 25 years.

I told him that we’d be growing some new things in the near future…I ordered some medicinal herbs/roots.

Health is wealth!

With the mention of wealth…check out our peanuts. I’m just so proud of my little garden. To me, it’s the grandest of any homestead ☺

This is the mindset that one must have…the appreciation of the little things open up the miracles of your life.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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