Stand On Your Words

According to Biblical Mathematics the number seven relates to completeness, the spiritual and perfection.

Completeness through the union of earth with heaven.

The word FINISHED is also connected to the number seven.


The last seven days of my life have been interesting to say the least.

On this morning, before the rain I decided to do some grounding before checking the garden. It’s important for me to connect with nature in as many ways possible. Centering myself after a anticipated unbalanced episode.

Stand Your Ground…Protect Your Peace

I’ve completed my orientation with my real estate course and will start work on the syllabus over the weekend…I’m excited and to celebrate I added a Japanese Eggplant to the garden.

I was gifted 2 small Berry Bush Cherry tomato plants that actually had several plants within the containers of each…I separated them and now have tomatoes everywhere that already have blooms. It was quite the surprise and an even better blessing because I only had the one Cherokee Purple Tomato and had considered starting more from seed.

Vetta’s Garden is thriving…White Mouth Day flowers showing up throughout is the tip of the iceberg and Vetta is thriving as well.

I spent one day this week repotting my inside babies. Several had developed multiple plants so I was able to add more to the jungle. Propagating two of my pothos and adding the clippings to pots that sit in a set of beautiful macrame holders that I’ve had for several years just hanging around…literally.

I reluctantly cut back my corn plant because she never recovered from being outside one day…she’s like a woman who had a big chop hair cut but she’s healthy now and that’s all that matters.

A fresh start is what’s needed sometimes…

Gee, our peace lily had multiple babies as well so now instead of one plant we have three…and just in time because I finally let my husband’s daughter know exactly how I felt about her after she let me know exactly how she felt about me….it wasn’t a pleasant exchange but necessary and long overdue. I’m so at peace with my decision to remove her from my life. You try hard to love folks but there are some that are unloveable and unreasonable…The moment I realized that she had lost her mind, I let her know how easily I could lose mine as well and how unreasonable I could be. Her father has lung cancer and she has the audacity to ask him for money while he is sitting in a chair receiving chemo/autoimmune therapy…I was disgusted. After our exchange of words. I let my husband know that she is not welcome in our home and that as she saves her money to come and visit with him, she needs to save enough for a hotel as well. There’s not enough room in here for two grown women…not even for a few days. I bent over backwards for her as a child and tolerated more than I should have…disrespectful and ungrateful children become disrespectful and ungrateful adults and I want no parts of this one. I share this so that others know that you are worthy of respect and that money can’t buy it…same as it can’t buy love. We all deserve both…especially from children that we choose to love…that are not our own. Settle for nothing less!

As my mother would say…two can play that game. Any person that can attempt to drain another and while my husband is fighting cancer among other illnesses has NO PLACE in MY LIFE. Letting my husband know my decision and why and leaving it that. He agreed that she is definitely out of control just as his own mother had spoke that she would be while she was still just two or three years old.

There is NO ONE that I am not willing to cut off in order to maintain my peace…ABSOLUTELY NO ONE!

Monday was his 3rd chemo session and soon he will get another PET scan to see how things are looking from the inside. His oncologist has already scheduled 3 more sessions.

He weighed in just under 112lbs which is the most he has weighed all year. It’s Thurs and the B12 shot has finally wore off which means he will rest more and that’s exactly what he needs.

I was finally able to schedule an appointment with a endocrinologist concerning his nerve pain for next month…until then the Rx he was given is helping somewhat.

Friday is a visit to his urologist and I’m praying for a good report.

The rain is coming along with hail and tornado warnings…I am thankful that today we have no appointments and don’t have to be out in the weather.

Today is a good day for laundry. The floors will be cleaned as well. At some point while loving on my plants, a small lizard made it’s way inside…little fella is all over the place and last night I stepped on his tail. I hope he is OK because I haven’t seen him since.

Dinner will be light and a early night of rest with all of the rain…the very best weather to sleep in. Mr is sleeping well. He certainly needs his rest…I asked if he was going to call his daughter and he declined…I think he made a wise choice. Once he thinks she has calmed down he will check on her. I’m proud of him for putting himself first. His health is most important.

I can’t wait to see how the garden does after all of this wonderful rain…Blessings Abounding, Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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