Said And Done

Saturday’s rain was music to my ears. The winds were strong…making the curtains sway wildly and then I felt the rain on my back rushing through the screen of the open window. Once my skin had enough of the sensation, I closed the window.

Staring out in the darkness as the clouds released upon God’s Earth…Thankful that Vetta’s Garden was receiving all that she was in need of.

We had announced that we would sleep like babies due to all of the rain…but I did not. My thoughts consumed me and later my prayers would do the same.

A big breakfast for my husband on Sunday morning and he enjoyed it all. His appetite is definitely improving. Same with lunch. I was pleasantly surprised. A light dinner and all is well.

I was able to do some weeding right before sunset…after the rain is the best time to pull weeds because the ground is still wet and things come up and out much easier.

And because I really don’t mind working under the moonlight…I was able to complete a few other tasks as well.

Three of the cucumber plants stayed in the ground awaiting a trellis. The other three went into containers that I placed around a folding screen that my husband purchased for me last year. This will be quite the trellis once they begin to climb.

The tulips that my husband’s cousin gifted me went into the ground. I separated the bulbs and three plants became nine. Three up front with the other six placed behind a few peppers. A green bell pepper, a jalapeño and a purple bell pepper. The peppers are all established so directly in front of them I carelessly sowed carrot seeds…the peppers will serve as shade to the carrots as the heat is soon to be upon us here in The Sunshine State.

Counting Down The Days

More corn was sowed as well. I finally moved our purple cherokee tomato from her container into the ground and she looks much happier. A marigold to the left and a green onion to the right with mints of every kind in ground nearby…all to keep the critters and pest away.

All of the runners from our red strawberry plant took their place in a pot as well…the pot that once held lavender.

One of our prayer warriors came out to play with her herbs as I was working. She always says it’s just for fun…if it grows it grows and I always laugh. She had a marigold and so I pulled a green onion from my garden and placed it in her container that held a tomato plant…explaining to her the purpose. She’s always amazed that I know all these little things and it’s just the funniest thing to me. She also had a bag of soil that she was not going to use and passed it right to me…I’m always so thankful that she’s right next door. We chatted for a while and then she left me to finish my work and enjoy my peace.

A light water on the garden and a heavy spray on The Bimmer & The Benz…the pollen was heavy and I don’t think a yellow vehicle is all that appealing lol

A hot shower and a recap for my hubby of my garden antics and I am one tired chica. A nice tall glass of lime water next to my bed…a early night because I have a early morning.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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