The Prayers of The Righteous: A Ray of Light

Life never ceases to amaze me…I often times wonder why others seem to think that life happens with others as it happens with them. I also am alarmed when people make statements insisting that they will be there for you and refuse to show up.

That’s why it’s so very important to depend on God. To understand that He is our source…our present help in times of trouble. Letting Him direct the path that He already knows that we are on.

Trusting that it is a blessed path…regardless of how it is perceived.

On this morning I rose with a grateful heart…thankful that on last night my husband slept peacefully. Excited that late last night he wanted popcorn and made his way downstairs and prepared it…we haven’t had a microwave in about 3 years and so it was fun to watch him. It turned out perfect…just as it always did before he became ill.

At times I get unnerved even scared when he gets these burst of energy…other times I am excited for him.

On this morning as we discussed how he was feeling he shared that he is once again starting to feel as though he cannot void…the pain is not back but the pressure is starting again. The thought of him having that foley again is unnerving. And so…as I felt the tears about to overtake me, I headed downstairs for a moment of prayer. I try desperately not to let him see me cry…

Silence Is Golden

As I sit in silence for a few moments my heartbeat returns to normal and my breathing is back at ease. The Father Knows and He Answers…He Always Answers. This is my Testimony!!!

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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