Our Hearts Desire

Today is going to be one of those Matchless Mondays…I can sense it already. I have plans for the garden and that’s always a good thing. I’ve accumulated more scraps for composting. An added bonus in these scraps will include fish heads from a lovely Red Snapper and shrimp shells.

The rain was heavy on Saturday so I postponed sowing flowers so I’ll tackle this task as well. A few Alyssum and Bachelor Button are going to be beautiful in the garden this year. The white attracts the eye as the blue reminds me of our healing journey.

Blue in The Back…

I was blessed again on Sunday…we have new neighbors on the waterside and one made her way over to introduce herself with gift in hand. A breathtaking hydrangea…a beautiful purple she is and with all of her grand symbolism, what touches me most is that as a young child, my great grandmother (Grandmother Easter) she was called because of her birthday had them covering the front of her house. Such beauty. Such fond memories! Such needed joy…God is So Good!

Say hello to Reign

Reign went back outside after her photo shoot. Once she is adjusted to her new surroundings she will go in the ground. I am so excited.

A little Epsom salt and alot of rain go a long way. Vetta’s Garden is thriving. Our first tiny strawberry is turning a beautiful red.

With the mention of red…I share our Sunday Dinner with you.

Red Snapper over Rice with Grilled Onions & Peppers and Grilled Shrimp…it was outstanding!

My husband can’t have any spice while he is taking chemo and he is not happy about that but he still enjoyed. I on the other hand spiced my portion well, the added orange pepper, lemon pepper along with fresh lemon & lime juice took this dish to a whole new level.

Same as with God…I am trusting Him on a whole new level. Believing that He Answers all things simply because He Knows…

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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