Rest In Him: Nuakh

To awake with a song in your heart and upon your lips…to then realize that dawns chorus is as well giving praises to God. Yes, even the birdies know.

On last night, we little a candle. A year to the date my husband lost his sister. A few years back, he lost a close friend. We have always had this tradition of lightning candles for those we love…be it their birthday on earth or their celebration in heaven.

We sat quietly and the room was thick with peace and fatigue. I was sure that my husband would get a bit of rest…I had just given him a rub down in an attempt to help reduce some of his body pains. I was so fatigued that I left laundry in the dryer and had only enough energy to say a prayer as I lay my head on my pillow.

That prayer included a request for rest. I felt as though I were running on fumes. My eyes were heavy as I prepared our dinner and started with the laundry. My husband was too tired to come downstairs for dinner and at one point after I had taken his up to him, I sat at the dinner table prepared to eat alone. My body was not willing yet my heart gave me the strength to climb those stairs so that we could eat together.

There must always be love in the mix…

For dinner we had breakfast. I love salmon croquettes and I love them even more when I mix them with jack mackerel. I add in onion, bell peppers and jalapeños for a little extra and cheyenne for a little kick…grits, eggs & toast and we were happy campers.

On this morning, I am thankful…for rest. My faith has been tested lately and the battles seem to be many but the God I serve will give you rest on every side. I found myself deep in His Presence before drifting off to sleep and He answered my prayer…I slept for 4 hours uninterrupted. I feel brand new on this morning.

I had spoken with a mentor earlier in the day and as God would have it, my soul was blessed. Transparency is key in any relationship and I am so very thankful for the few that The Father has placed in our lives to be a blessing.

Even with mentorship off of the table for me…God still has need of my service and I am always in need of him, so I was able to briefly minister to two individuals on yesterday.

God Is Faithful!!!

I am for sure that this battle is not our but The Lord’s and that as long as we are in His Will and continue to let Him use us for His Glory, that He will take good care of us.

Remaining in His Presence and Resting in His Power.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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