God’s Constant Love

When I say The Father Knows…I mean just that.

On yesterday morning, I took a little walk. Just across the street to the water but it was nice. The air was crisp, so I didn’t stay long.

As I made my way back home, I glanced the garden and decided that the collard greens were ready for a pot. I snapped off a bag full…The pot next to them was full of the last of our lima beans. Mr will wanted some white rice and so that’s what he will get.

It’s so funny to me how he use to tease me about my food choices…now a days he eats alot of what I eat. I had asked if he wanted grits for breakfast. He has quickly acquired a taste for my Trader Joe’s organic oatmeal and the bag is nearly empty. He loves them. I add a small piece of cinnamon stick, a little brown sugar and he empties his bowl.

After breakfast, we chatted a bit and he took a nap. I cleared out the fridge, sat my plant babies outside and did some cleaning. My plant babies have suffered more neglect than ever but I’ll put in some effort to show them that the are still loved. Cleaning was my focus…I hadn’t realized just how much my husband contributes around the house until he became ill. Cleaning has always been therapeutic for me, so I won’t complain. I also have a tendency to dance around after cleaning and dancing is good for my mental…

We had potatoes for lunch. I made my way to the market afterwards to pick up some fruit and different nectars for him. He is eating more fruits lately and I am thankful.

The sun was shining brightly and the sky was beautiful. When I returned from the market I suggested we take a ride and he was excited for that. I packed our picnic w/ some fruit & water and drove over to a nearby park. I was able to drive close to the water so he wouldn’t get winded and pulled out our chairs…like we always do. We sat close on today…no cigar smoke blowing in the wind & our first outing in weeks.

We got quite the laugh. I am thankful that laughter is the best medicine & that it’s also good for the soul…we were in need & Our Creator always provides.

Simple Reminders

Off course, I took full advantage and did some recording.

I do believe we spotted this rock at the same time. My husband said, it’s us, two little birdies hanging out enjoying the water. I couldn’t agree more…this was the only souvenir we left with. It was all we needed…a simply reminder to continue enjoying life & to continue enjoying each other.

He is still very much the gentleman and habits sometimes die hard…he actually thought he was going to atleast help carry something back and so…I handed him our little souvenir of the day.

Headed home…put on his white rice, chilled some papaya nectar and dinner was served.

Goodness from the garden

After cleaning the kitchen, I headed up to join him and watch a little TV. An episode of Green Acres & a back rub and he is feeling a bit relaxed. But soon his pain returns…it’s almost constant but I am reminded that so is Our God.

Remember That & Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water

Blessings Abounding,Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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