The Father Knows

I spent the morning in my garden. Had a little talk with the birdies and reminded them that only a few of the seeds were for the taking and all is well. My collards are growing quickly and so, they will be added to the menu this week. They literally melt in your mouth and I for one can’t get enough. The Father knows and so I believe He makes sure that they grow overnight under His elegant stars and His beautiful moonlight.

This weekend was all about the release of sounds. Early morning prayers mixed perfectly with the sounds of God’s Wind and the subtleness of His Rain. My thoughts were of such a peaceful time. My prayer is all remains the same.

And with the mention of time, I trust that our times are in His Hands…in the hands of The Creator of Heaven and Earth and the fullness of life that is only found in Jesus.


The Life given, so that we can be made whole…In His Mighty & Matchless Name…the sweet name of Jesus

And because He Is…the same yesterday, today and forever; I am confident that as He speaks through me, He is healing on today, the same as He healed on yesterday, the same as He will heal forever.

Always remember that we all are in need of prayer, as we are all in need of healing.

On today I also want to share with you that it is wise to listen to people as they speak and be mindful of whom you ask for prayer.

Last year I asked an individual to pray with me concerning a situation and she proceeded to try and tell me all the reasons why the person was going through the particular trial. Rehashing stories that would be 20 years old and older, mostly half truths & gossip… slander was so thick in the atmosphere and when all was said and done she couldn’t even tell me the person’s given name…just a bunch of what she thought and what she had heard and how she perceived things. Her pitiful opinion. I was in shock…out of respect for her age and her position I didn’t even bother to challenge her or correct her. As I sat there in shock, I silently began praying for her.

On today I am thankful that The only opinion that matters is God’s. I left that room with a quickness and because the God I serve specializes in quick things…my friend is healed and whole today.


I want you to understand how important it is to make prayful & conscious decisions on who we ask for prayer…a person with an understanding of the sacrifice of prayer…a person with a pure heart…a person with a mature mind…because the heart is desperately wicked.

An individual with a immature mind tends to think that everything is about them and what they desire and have trouble comprehending that it’s all about God.

At this juncture and in this season of my life, I have no time for the immature…I have no voice for them and no reason to express this journey that we are on.

No room for distractions!

My focus is on God.

Leaning In and Hearing His Voice and taking His direction.

As the saying goes…what’s understood does not need to be explained.

I will however explain this deliciousness in a bowl…

Blessings Abounding…

Rigatoni in a lovely tomato sauce loaded with mushrooms, peppers. onions & herbs. I couldn’t resist and added a perfectly toasted gouda grilled cheese.

Bon Appétit!!!

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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