Master Yourself

I just wanted to come on and share a little. I pray you are doing well on today. Taking care of you is important & putting ourselves first is quite often our most difficult challenge…I know it use to be for me. Not anymore!

I give my all to my Creator and no one else because only He has proven Himself worthy.

People who look at your life and assume that it comes with ease will drain you if you allow it, they mean no harm and often don’t even know any better so it’s important to establish boundaries. It’s important to schedule self-care, turn off the phone as well as the television and tune into God.

There are also some who look at your life and feel some type of way…they can be draining as well and this is why it’s important to be tuned in to God.

This past weekend I spent my days doing what I enjoy most…walking and talking to The One Who does all things well. It rained alot for which I am thankful, I recently dropped a few seeds in the ground and the downpours from heaven were an answered prayer. He always answers. And I desperately needed answers…pertaining to so many things.

Sometimes our answers comes in reminders; sometimes gentle reminders other times they are harsh realities. I say that to say this…

Recently I had a conversation with an acquaintance and I was reminded of a time in my life that a young lady was hell bent on slandering me. This went on for years. She would say the darndest things…like most with the mind of a child would. I remember mostly she wanted others to think I was a witch, practicing black magic in it’s most evil form. As a prophet, I’ve always understood that this was simply an attack by a person on assignment.

It’s real out here people and anyone who would say such horrible things about a person is suffering…in the worst way imaginable. Letting the enemy use you for such smallness is simply minded yet those with broken spirits and unhealed hearts are available for all types of things. I live in a very small town so things like this spread around like butter on a hot summer day yet I was never really phased by it…annoyed but never unnerved because people simply are who they are and oftentimes don’t know any better. Forgetting that what goes around comes around…but I digress.

This acquaintance and I laughed at the memories same as we would laugh back in the day. They also reminded me that all the awful things she wanted others to believe about me were actually the awful things that she has shown herself to be. We also agreed that we would keep her in prayer because she certainly needs it…still to this day! But don’t we all…She has certainly changed her life in alot of ways but we reap what we sow!!!

I share this with you so that you are mindful of people and their presence in and about your life. We may never understand with our minds why things happen but if we trust with our hearts that God is with us…it will be understood that no weapon will prosper. So continue to live your life and live life like it’s golden.

Never mind them…

Stand Firm and Master Yourself, understanding that people are who they are and they do things…just because. Same as The Father blesses just because

Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water 💦

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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