The Capacity to Building: Seeing Inward

I’ve worked for myself basically my entire adult life. Building businesses is no easy task, yet I’ve always loved the challenge.

A landscaping business for 20 plus years, a boutique that was first storefront and then online, and a cleaning service. I’m currently a property manager for the past 12 years.

In the year 2021, I decided I was up for a new challenge. I began the process and shared with a individual a little of my strategy. They couldn’t see it…simply because they had never built anything. I almost became discouraged though, because I thought so much of them. Lately, I get a good laugh out of it all.

I continued to build…as I had done my entire life.

In 2022, God opened the door that I had prayed about. I became a digital content creator.

Today, 12 January 2023 and The Great Architect has opened two more doors in this digital age and it’s not even 2 weeks into the new year.

It’s official: I was created to create.

I’m excited for the future!!!

Lean In

I share this so that anyone who desires to build be mindful of the downpours because it’s not always sunshine and rainbows…we can’t have the latter without the downpours.

The downpours will be the hurt when few believe in you… When few even acknowledge you…when you get little to no support from those that claim to be “lifers”…when nobody shares your business or product. When they hug your neck and stab you in the back with their words.

I’m thankful that these new ventures are the same as every business I’ve started. I do what I do and still get paid, regardless of who likes it or not.

I’ve got so much up my sleeve it’s hard to keep my shirt on 😂😂

It’s said that folk will acknowledge and support a stranger before they support those in their contacts list and it’s a truth that can’t be denied .

I smile as I view who’s who in my life…thankful that all I need is for them to continue to sit back and look the other way.

It’s something of a blessing to have discernment…to have insight…being able to gain a accurate understanding of who people really are and love them anyway.

I have the best mentors I’ve ever had…in life! It is a rewarding journey and an incredible opportunity.

So….to all those willing to build. Those willing to put in the work. Those who understand that it’s never about anyone else, what they think or what they say…to those I say build.

Stand Firm

Enjoy the journey and give it your all because it definitely pays off in the end.

Be mindful that as God establishes your business, the enemy will use those closest to you to try and discourage as well as sabotage…be mindful as well that you will lose many along the way. Neither are meant to stand in your spotlight or even share in your journey. Hold no ill feelings…they are a lost people. Pray for them and keep on keeping on.

As well, be sure that you have people in your life that can reach heaven because you will need much intercession. The enemy is busy but my prayer warriors are as well.

Now build…be fruitful and multiply each blessing that you are blessed with.

Blessings Abounding & Don’t Forget To Drink Your Water 💦

Vetta 😇

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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