The Life Giver

We are Trees of Righteousness

As I welcome November, I am pleased to celebrate another year of life this month.

On Today…I Am Thankful for Life!!!

And oh what a beautiful life it is…when I say thankful I mean just that.

When I say beautiful…well beauty is in the eye of the beholder…so,

All around me & Everywhere I go and with Everyone I see…I look for the beauty within…not only inside of them but as well, the beauty inside of me.

It’s important for our “insides” to match our “outsides”…for our walk to meet our talk.

In other words…#allthingsreal

Just as we are created to be!


Life’s too short to be looking down on people. Instead, look up and find the beauty in one another.

Enjoy The Beauty of His Creations!

It’s easy to find flaws when that’s all that you are looking for…Remember that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding,


All Things Real…

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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