The Spice of Life

It’s almost midnight and my hands are a beautiful yellowish orange…I have peeled more turmeric & ginger than ever before.

Some will be put aside for my face mask. Other than that it will be used in the kitchen to of course “spice things up”. On last night I made up some of my tea for us. I’ve most likely shared but each time it differs a little lately…

Vetta’s Tea Time Tonic: Raw Tumeric Raw Ginger Fresh Garlic Fresh Echinacea Fresh Chamomile Fresh Lavender Fresh Rosemary Fresh Purple Basil Fresh Lemon Balm Fresh Spearmint Fresh Peppermint… All from Vetta’s Garden. These lovely ingredients are not alone. I also add Mullien Leaf, Bay Leaves and Raw Honey.

After a little steep time is when I add the Fresh Garlic. I actually enjoy the garlic, tumeric and ginger bits in my tea…it’s like a little snack to munch on lol

I’m sure to drain Mr Coley tea. He doesn’t do all the extra😎 He just wants his tea…uninterrupted by bits & pieces of this and that! On this morning he asked for a 2nd cup.

Our cups have been running over lately….

This month has been full & eventful at best. 1 September was my angel birthday, my great aunt, my hero…I imagine heaven must be happy to have her. I know I sure was. 3 September was my husband’s birthday and 10 September was my God Mother’s birthday…a prayer warrior indeed. My beautiful extra special bonus daughter will celebrate another year of life as well this month. On one of her visits I stepped outside to cut fresh flowers before she arrived and burned the bottom of my foot the side walk was so hot. I use to always be out barefoot in the yard before this happened and my husband would always just shake his head…after a few years of being married he stopped telling me to put on shoes, seeing that I was not. Then life teaches you! You learn the value in the lesson and you have the reminders of what others mean to you, because scars can also be a beautiful thing. It reminds you of the love you feel when you hear their voice or as you stroll through your photos and when google sends those memories to you. It pushes you to pray a little harder as they live out their purpose planned life! To witness their growth is most certainly a Irreplaceable feeling.

I’m blessed indeed! I’ve got a bonus baby that is all the Rave!!!

It’s that smile for me!

On tonight I had a pampering session and did a little DIY that rivals any pedicure.

Soak your feet in three tablespoons of baking soda and water mixture for 30 minutes.

But before you do this plan ahead by soaking a slice of bread in apple cider vinegar for a couple hours or however long it takes to turn into a paste. Apply the paste to your feet and put on socks…Thank me in the morning!

On today I was able to share a photo with my two of husbands nephews of their father as a kid. He left this earth early in life.. I often tell my husband that I was blessed to have met him.

My husband says maybe 3 or 4 years in the photo. I was so pleased that my husband saw the photo book when he went to check on his uncle’s house. I love photos like this. They weren’t able to grow up with him. That makes a difference. I know because I didn’t grow up with mine…I can see so much of their father in them. It’s a beautiful thing.

Things That Make The Heart Smile…

The fact that God knew that I didn’t need him to be in my life because God knows my life would have been different and in a very unfortunate way. I’ve forgiven my biological father for so much…so very much!! I’ve attempted a relationship with him far to many times. I’m Done!

My mother married the coolest man I know…that is my father. My dad. The one who never abandoned me. The one who never mishandled me. DNA is all fine and well but it doesn’t make you family.

Life doesn’t always give us what we want but it certainly gives us what we need. And Closure is a healing balm all on it on. I’m letting it go. I’m letting go of a few other relationships as well. I’m no longer interested in maintaining any relationship all on my own any further. Especially those that drain me at its very presence. I am alive. I am living my life…not just existing! This new season I have walked in is #outwiththegloomifyouwanttobloom. Find something in life that you are passionate about. Do it! And then talk about it. Show it off! I promise you it will make the low times high and the high times fly…like when you’re having fun. Time Flies!!!!

Find your passion. Do what makes you feel alive inside or do nothing else. Regardless of how it appears, you are changing the ways of the world when you live your best life. Your very presence is enough…I want to do all that The Creator has purposed for me to do, that is what makes my heart smile!

The Promises of God

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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