Another Day in Paradise

On today I am thankful…I have no countertop space but considering the aromatics in the air, it’s all good. I’ve been drying herbs all weekend and on this morning I finished my last batch.

Thai Basil is the favorite for this season. I add it to everything. It grows in abundance and my favorite thing to do is add it to our Cabbage, the flowers as well and a generous amount indeed. Delish! With the mention of Cabbage, I am pleased with my outside baby. I have my very own cabbage growing for the umpteenth time. Started her inside and she has been outside for 2 weeks now. Enduring 100 degree temps and rainstorms. I Do Not Give Up…and I Do Not murmur & complain. My ears have become super sensitive to the release of sounds that I take in…from others as well as those sounds that I release. We live and we learn that some things and quite a few number of people will never change. They are “stuck in their ways”. But I digress and in keeping my heart healthy I go to my place of peace and I pray. Moments later, I smile while counting a few more chocolate sprinkles tomatoes peeping out. Cherry blings are nonstop. Roma tomatoes appear to be on pause. I guess everyone & everything needs a break from time to time. I know I sure do from time to time. From people, places and things…

Don’t Allow Your Peace To Be Disturbed…No is a complete sentence!

Goodies from the garden

With 4 okra plants producing everyday and 4 more in the back coming along nicely, I’m pleased that I will have plenty for fall. I love okra.

I’ve dug the potato bed up and we have enough red potato for a month perhaps. I planted more russets about 2 weeks ago and they are coming along nicely.

More Than Enough

The sweet potato patch is thriving and it’s a task in discipline to refrain from digging around for a glance but patience is key. The sweet potato pies I make are like butter on a cloud. I can’t wait. Thanksgiving 2021, I had only enough at the time for 1 pie. This year I’ll have enough for a bake sale, if I so desire and if we are not traveling. The last 5 Thanksgiving Holidays have been at home because my son visits. He sends me his flight confirmation & the menu and I then for the next few months, spend my happiest moments singing through the house “Hey honey, Jacquez is coming home” and do my happy dance. His presence makes the holidays happy once again. As well, he has definitely redefined Mother’s Day a few times. He certainly is My Sunshine. One of my favorite men. One of God’s Chosen. The kindest soul I have ever known…and patience is definitely among his virtues.

Faith, Hope & Charity is my prayer for him…always & forever 🙏 I could write a book about him… it would have no ending. I can just go on and on and on about my hero. As it should be. We should Always Remember to be present with those we love. Never Forget that love is a two way street!

Thoughts of my son always follow with thoughts of my mother…

All my mind can ever think…I give that over to my heart, where God dwells. I know my Maker…and He makes No misTAkes! I surrender yet again, telling The Father that I just want to be OK! And because He Is The Author and because He scribes upon my heart…The Master Communicator reveals.

And healing is the children’s bread!

He Answers! Love Always Answers…and as He Speaks to me. I hear the sound of the abundance of rain. Showering Down and The Abundance of His Grace is upon us all & His Healing Virtue flowing, a Balm in Gideon and the soul pursues peace once again. Another layer of His Love is my portion. He is The LifeGiver & The very Lover of My Soul.

Always Remember & Never Forget…that it is our responsibility to transform our pain into our power. The realization of our power should drive us and it drives us to & in our purpose. We strive & we struggle…yet we purse.

Mr mentioned something about collard greens and I do believe we have enough…for a small pot, but who really wants a small pot of greens with just enough for one meal and then it’s over. I myself like them the next day once all the flavors have married. Once I suggested we wait his mind began to wonder…

Brentstew is what I will name this one and it is by Mr’s design; his requested ingredients are as follows:

Lump Crabmeat Red Potatoes Mushrooms Bell Pepper Onions Jalapeño Pepper and for my own additional pleasure I’m adding one of each of our peppers we have. Those are the ingredients and I will put it all together for him.. Maybe it will take his mind off the greens for a while.

As the day ends, I have concluded that I’m not sitting at tables that need to be turned over. Life is to precious for every conversation and/or interaction you have with an individual leaves you drained.

Speak Life or we do not need to speak.

Blessings Abounding Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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