The Little Things

At a crossroads…

Happy Sunday!!! Today has been all about rest…because Saturday was a day full of love, laughter & celebration.

I have one that I’m sure prays every year that her birthday is forgotten. On top of that she now has a anniversary to celebrate in the same week and that’s where it gets tricky. Her and her sweetheart can easily disappear to celebrate, Vetta is guilty of this as well so I totally understand the beauty of it all. On this year though I didn’t even bother asking for a good date to schedule brunch. I sent out the dates and once confirmed chose our spot. She’s in town…in the country actually and that’s my prayer answered.

She had no idea because I’m just that good. I turned our normal brunch date into a surprise birthday brunch. I Sure Did!!! And all she did was smile. Not one for surprises but she loves me,, so I can get a pass! The birthday girl & I are the only gardeners in the group; so we went straight in on our passion.

Garden Girl Talk!!!Chitter Chatter of the best kind! 20 plus years of brunches & lunches…dessert runs, laughter and tears…birthdays, anniversaries, road trips, labor rooms & the scars to prove it.

And so much more!!!

Brunch was @ Amivida Coffee Roasters. I left the garden early and took a stroll on the Marina before the ladies arrived. Then a quick glance at the farmers market. I mentioned to someone that it looks like my kitchen counters & the bartop with veggies & herbs… EVERYWHERE!

Life is Full of Surprises…

I didn’t visit all of the vendors but I saw what I needed to…everyone is out selling what I’m already growing or making or either…I’m not interested! I’m not one for crowds so there is No need to fight through crowds for nothing. I’m still all about my 6 feet…and I am not offended if you generously allow me more.


Nothing like growing your own food…and if you can’t or simply don’t desire to at least look into some personal growth in your life. Something as simple as being appreciative of life can change the perspective.

I’m learning that as the days, months & years go by…some people will never change. Never have anything positive to say about anything or anyone; moreso they have about as much interest in your good news as you have in their bad. It is endless!

I’ve decided that I’m just going to love everyone…even the one’s that don’t like me and most importantly I’m going to do so because The Father says so.

I’m so done with the pity party vibes…I genuinely want to celebrate. And not that we can’t have bad times or situations happening. It’s just how we approach each obstacle and how we respond. I am thankful that I am living my best life regardless of trials and not allowing life’s downtime to dictate my mood or what & how things exit my mouth.

The tongue can be sharp and ugly, leaving a bad taste in the mind & heart of those who have not learned the technique of listening.

I Am So Thankful…

I am blessed to have a ear to hear God’s Heart…

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

Crowd Pleaser…

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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