Under The Moonlight

The Gift Giver

Recently I was gifted 4 of these beauties. I’m invited back to enjoy as many as I can handle. I dare not overindulge…Blessings Abounding indeed.

The Trumpet Lilly will gladly reproduce and I will have more than enough! I normally let my plant babies get adjusted before I put the spotlight on them but I just couldn’t resist. AND she had something to say on this night…This particular one is eye level when I walk out to visit the garden. I’m 5’8. She has a sister that is taller than my husband, he is 5’11. He says she must be atleast 7ft. I say she’s reaching for the stars. I can’t wait to get a few in the ground. This will happen at first light.. They love full sun & with the temperatures here in Florida they are in their element and thriving. My vehicle registered 105 last week and so…this will be their Happy Place. Gotta love The Sunshine State!

The blooms release the sweetest aromatics. I love coming out front. It’s intoxicating…lavender, mints, lemon balm, rosemary and the list goes on. Now adding this in the air and for the touch. The Senses! Allowing the air of fragrance to calm and heal all within. The Father knows exactly what we need. He knows when we need it and He answers.

On tonight, He answer yet again. The answer was No and I do believe that I am glad about it. Another level of freedom. Another Release. Another Breakthrough. Another yes, that He said No to.

And I am so thankful. Because I am so tired. It is terribly difficult to process yet again that a heart has been revealed. Praying that people will change. Laying out before God for their breakthrough. Fasting. Praying. Bombarding Heaven on their behalf. Searching. Seeking. Revealing. Pouring…Into empty vessels…REBELLIOUS vessels. PRiDe FULL vessels of eGO. AND the STENCH…

like a seREpent!!!


And the hEARt heAls & iT breaks & IT HeAls. He is like a balm…an explosion all on the inside of me. Purifying me…of All that I do not need. Echoing in my soul. My feet feel like roots, planting in Him & yet still growing. I am soaking in His Goodness. My portion from my God & He makes me wiser. Providing so that I may create my dwelling of peace both Inside & Out!!!

The Ins & Outs…

This One single Bloom was just destined to Fall. She’ll do her thing for a while on the inside…But those that made it through…those that the trip did not even phase…a 4 hour trip they took back to Vetta’s Garden. I myself even went through because I didn’t want to shock them on the ride with the air on I drove with the windows down and sunroof open!!! My vehicle registered 98 on that day. Thank you Father for the rain showers…I will do it all over again on tomorrow. Blessed coming & Blessed going I shall be! And He will be my God.

The DoorKeeper. On yesterday morning I saw a red door. By that afternoon I was walking up to 2 red doors. Prophetic Reminders from My Daddy! It is still double for my trouble and I’ll wait!


I Will Gladly Wait…

One must be willing to go through…to receive the rewards. And going through means, going through more than what You are going through. Selfishness is vile. One of my favorites said recently “It’s the one’s you prayed through, the enemy will use to put you through, but don’t you dare quit behind this hit”

And I say, “Well Said”

Then suddenly; if only for one moment more you are able…to endure.

I am thankful that The Father has equipped me to see…To see beyond. To see Behind…Behind the Mask.

The Father knows. He is setting every wrong thing in it’s place. His purpose carriers will Enter In… Room after room room…rooms flowing with milk & honey & coated in sweetness. Established concerning His Will. Monopolized with His Glory. His Presence is like a Flood. And this is The Hit that my heart desires we all receive.

Preparing for The Harvest, Vetta 😇

Thai Basil from Vetta’s Garden

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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