More Than Enough

The root of the problem…

This Is My Now…

My love is feeling better. He sat out front for a few early this morning. His fever broke around 3am…just as I was contemplating heading out to grab up a few greens. Home remedies are the best. He requested apple sauce for breakfast but we were out of fresh apples, so I did a food run. He is now resting.


I’ve harvested more turmeric on this Matchless Monday. I used the last piece we had inside while he has been under the weather making up teas. I see more popping up as well…concession planting is a whole thing and the garden is always full of surprises. I hadn’t had a real conversation within the garden on this morning and as a result I overlooked some goodness.

Color Doesn’t Matter…

Say Happy Independence Day to our watermelon babies. Not sure of the variety. Not really concerned. I just want them to be healthy & delicious. Last year we had yellow and red flesh, so of course I saved the seeds and didn’t even try to label them because what fun is that 😉 The pot has six babies that have appeared along side this one and I am thankful that we will have more than enough.

I moved our cantaloupe a few days ago and she likes the new spot better. A nice trim and she may show off a little herself. I Am hopeful.

My drone arrived over the weekend…without the charger but it’s now “in route”. I’m okay with that being a reality these days, as well as No Fly Zone becoming a hashtag. I’m excited to get more practice in because it’s been a while…my crush crashed our last one while teaching me how to fly. He loves me, so he simply ordered another one.

Trading Places…

You’d think folk wouldn’t do certain things but NO…this is my husband’s little ride. It was actually a Valentines Day gift to me in 2018. It’s been in his possession though since I got him a pretty cool birthday gift that same year…a very nice vehicle and long story short…Basically we traded cars and I drive the Benz and he handles the Bimmer.

Now I will never for the life of me understand why a person would stop by here and remove one of his back light covers…just one. I guess that’s the only one they needed though 🤷

Life has its challenges! We have decided we will take them as they come. I’m just thankful that he is feeling better. His work has him inside of homes and that’s one of the easiest way to get sick as far as I’m concerned.

I’m so appreciative that my mother & father instilled in me the importance of cleanliness. Gwen did not play the radio! Five children & two adults, not to mention one of my aunts came to live with us as a teenager and our home stayed clean and organized. Inside as well as outside. There is no excuse for filthiness outside of physical limitations and that is not a sure all for me anymore after watching a young lady (double amputee) online clean her entire house! Outside of a possible mental illness and your house is nasty and unkempt, you are just nasty and lazy in my book and if you get up & clean up and trust me you will begin to feel better. I have witnessed it happen as well as assisted those that wanted change. It’s a beautiful thing to see a person smile a new smile and there is nothing like praising and dancing and loving and thanking God in clean quarters.

I can hear the abundance of rain outside my window and a cough from across the hall…both sounds are music to Vetta’s ears.

I pray that you understand that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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