It Won’t Prosper

Check out our Lemon Cucumber. She has been thriving with all of the rain. We were to be going to my “Happy Place” for the weekend so of course I asked ahead of time for The Creator to take care of the garden while we were to be away. That request was BIG to me but EASY for God…sometimes we leave home and don’t know how to return but she is thriving! I just shared a video of her last week with a friend who has started a small farm. She was just a baby then & look at her now. He was questioning his cucumber plant, so I shared a little knowledge with him. My husband was like you should start a class to help people out…hmmmm!!! We then reminisced about a year that I had a bathtub full of cucumber and how babygirl and I use to eat them all up raw without pickling not one lol. I’ve promised him that this year will be different and I will pickle him some. He is keeping me at my word and has become very hands on lately, even saving his banana peels for me. I knew he was paying attention & I knew it wouldn’t be long. 😇

Growth is Growth…

What a lovely Sunday evening. The fireworks have started…again. Oh Happy Day is on the way! There is a property that we manage that is vacant and I had thought we’d be able to sit on the rooftop balcony and enjoy the views on tomorrow night but I’m not sure. My love is still not feeling it as of now. I am thankful though that he is now actually going to sit out front for a while. Progress is Progress!

This is his 4th time not feeling well in the past couple of years. I am shocked that I am not feeling down at all because when he gets sick…we get sick. I made tea for him; lavender, chamomile, echinacea, gingermint, mullien leaf & turmeric is my staple and all grown in Vetta’s Garden. This week’s batch had some extras though. I visited the garden and made it extra special for him…because he is extra special to me. I need him feeling better!

I’m thankful to God that I’m not clocking in Anywhere! With the way they sprinkle 19 around, illness is everywhere and I’m able to be at home with him instead of worrying about how he is doing while at some job. He is the perfect patient. Drinking his tea, OJ and certainly his water.

Another visit to the garden and a trip to Winn Dixie for chicken thighs because no matter how exceptional the vegetable soup is…he will need a shred of chicken. He loved it!!!

I realized on today that I’m a little spoiled. My husband handles so much. I’m capable but he so often just tells me to rest that it seems to have become my way. I’m blessed to be able to spend my mornings with him before he starts his day. Blessed to spend as much time as I can stand in the garden. Preparing meals for us from out back and out front. Overloading myself this year with classes and trainings…it’s been so intense. I have so many projects going on and I love it. And I get paid to post on my social media now, Facebook as well as Instagram. How neat! Just posting my day, if I choose. Doing Me! That’s the blessing of it all. I don’t keep up with trends. I’m not twerking. Not pranking. Not with my face stuck in the camera every other day looking for approval, acceptance or likes, with an abundance nothingness for content. Some of the things I see; “UNREEL”

Just sharing my view of God’s Glory and The Beauty of His Creations, getting my little money regardless…I don’t need one like from no one to get my coins…because The Father knows. He knows and He cares & I trust Him. I trust that He will always be Jireh…

The Impossible…He will answer and when He does others will see. Then you will see…just how ugly folks are…just what they think of you…and the blessings that have your name on it will drive them to utter ugliness unheard…unless you have a ear to hear!!! But it’s all good! Ignore the chitter-chatter and those that question your NOW…those that want to know how; I’d just remind them that questioning God blessing me will Never get you blessed. I’d also remind them that I went through my hell and they’ll have to go through their own in order to receive.

The Best Is Yet To Come…

Remember that so many more blessings are on the way…in this rainy season.

Receive that and don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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