God’s Earth

Small Miracles…

What a wonderful day indeed…In relax mood! Captain Kirk is up to his shenanigans again and I smell like blessings…like always! God’s Word says I Am blessed & I Am anointed to receive & I receive His Word… I Am Blessed! I struck more gold, black gold this evening while enjoying the garden. God’s Earth…I just smile when I dig deep and spot those worms wiggling. My compost game has been on point lately. I Am proud of me. We’ve got russet potatoes coming, sweet potatoes, corn, some black beans and green peas…all from seed. No evidence of the other seeds I sowed, no okra, or pumpkin, no summer greens. But I Am has blessed me to trust what true patience is. And my husband is a man of great patience, so I’ve followed his example & his instructions and he is an excellent teacher. Is it easy? NO. Is it worth it? YES. And it is worth it, because it pleases The Father. AND WE SHOULD LET EVERYTHING WE DO BE PLEASING TO THE FATHER…I prepared my new herb bed out back and I’ll sow seed tomorrow morning…all the good stuff. I’ve shared some of the herbs out front that survived the winter and wintered the storms. We also have basil, green onions, sweet onions & the aloe are multiplying just as God’s Word mentioned. I’ve got some goodies in the cupboards, some favorites in the window sil, a catalog of heirloom seeds and a ready hand.

A few of the inside plants have decided all on their own that they’d prefer to be outside…so outside they are and soon to be in the ground.

Then there’s a small miracle…a lovely experiment yours truly did last year that I thought didn’t make it. I grew ginger and mint together in a container. At some point it was thriving, then it wanted out of the container. I buried it deep because it was in the 30’s. Well bless The Lord that being buried is exactly what we need at times because when it’s time to reveal, more is well with our souls and prayerfully we aren’t who we were.

Always Transforming…each and every day there is potential for growth! Vetta received another small miracle, my husband put all of his tools INSIDE of the shed!

Check out the lavender…an updated photo. The blooms are intoxicating. One can get lost in the richness of this hue of royalty. It hurt a little as I harvested for oil and tea. Both the lavender and my ginger mint have me happy and excited about the next experiment.

Showing up for life and experiencing it all. Blessings Abounding Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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