Seeds Of Prayer

On last year I was given a assignment. I had to pray and I had to pray on Facebook. I tell you this…you better learn how to reach heaven on your own before you ever depend on another soul. I had folk in my inbox worried that I was having a nervous breakdown. Others just thought I was losing it… those people were right. I was losing lots of things but those were all the things that were weighing me down and tormenting my soul. I also did some major dump sessions. I did several with a Woman of God. The rest…you guessed it I had to do publicly. I’d do these on my Podcast, Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta. It was difficult but I had to get it out, we all do otherwise we are doing ourselves an injustice. Release is good. Crying is ok. It’s just an indicator that we are still alive and as long as we have breath we still have hope.

A part of the assignment was to see what people actually responded to…I mean after all how many folk actually read the post. Unfortunately I learned that all most do is hit the like button on a cute picture. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, I prefer prayer over likes. I’ve recently cleaned up my FB page and I trust that it’s full of prayer warriors.

But on today I want to share with you one thing that I did end up losing that still pains me. I lost a young lady that I was mentoring. She walked away from her mentorship all due to addiction. She was addicted to pain, after all that was all she had known. She once shared with me that God had already told her a woman was going to come into her life to help guide her and that the woman was going to be a tough one and be a prophet, I was like well here I am, let’s do this. For a while we did just that. I invited her into our home. She sat with me for hours as I worked in the garden. I poured into her like I had not done in years but it was because God had revealed to me that our time together would be short.

I used my resources to secure her decent housing at a decent price. I invested into a business she wanted to start, even came up with a name for the business. She had full access to me. I didn’t grant that to clients that I use to coach back in the day and they were paying me. She gave it all up for a male that had nothing to offer but sex and his hands around her throat. But all one can do when it comes to helping others at times is pray so I pray for her often.

On last year it was also revealed to me that a organization would be closing their doors soon. I offered on several occasions to try and help with the business but realized they didn’t want my help, so I pulled back. I even had a chance to offer a new location for the business but I was instructed to gauge their response to the structure and it was not one that I can say impressed them so I let the owner know and he put it on the market. It’s been totally restored and is gorgeous. I sometimes wonder if folk really know what a blessing is. If they fully understand what not despising small beginnings really means.

And here I am again, seeing what could possibly be another closure and all I can do is pray. Sometimes we have to just know what we know because God knows we will pray. Intercession is not for the weak… not for the selfish. You gotta pray regardless of how you feel. You’ve gotta pray without ceasing. When the world is stuck on and in the drama that it loves and craves…you gotta pray. When all seems to be falling apart, do what it is that we are required to do.


Blessings Abounding, Vetta

Pray Without Ceasing…

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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I read your messages. Thank you. I am a minister’s wife, and I pray much. Mom taught me to pray with her, and we found the joy of the Lord when the answers came. Her training has lasted for a life time. Married 52 years, and still love to hear his sermons.

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