Free Your Mind: 2021 Another Year Of Release

New Year Blessings to all. I want to share a little experiment with you that my purpose partner and I did on last year. A major dump & a cleanse…we got rid of some things and did without some others. Let’s start with the microwave because let’s just be real, it’s enough radiation out there…we don’t need to come home to it as well. We also agreed to not have a television downstairs. Believe it or not at one point we had 5 televisions… anywho at some point early in the year I figured well let’s just hang a small one on the back wall just in case we have company and they want to watch tv. Well the truth is we don’t really have company and it’s not due to COVID… when and if we do I’d pray they come to engage with us. But nevertheless my husband mounted a TV and within days it was every so nicely laying on what was at one time a coffee bar…because we don’t drink coffee like. No damage to it at all and we still have it and we will be watching Judge Judy shortly. Most would say well the husband just didn’t know how to mount the tv correctly. Not the case my friends…I’ve watched this man hang drywall…even the ceilings by himself and we have several satisfied clients that can vouch that not one piece has ever fallen, so a little flat screen is not going to be a problem…or is it? See I told God that I wanted our home to be free of the distraction of the television on all the time and I meant it. I wanted to be fully engaged with my spouse and if we had company I wanted to be fully engaged with them. But sometimes we need a little help in keeping to things we’ve said…to people and to God. Oh and the microwave, let’s talk about that…with the quickness. We were slow getting the microwave out of the house. It was just to go outside by the road because I’m not into giving people things that I know are not good for them, after all would a true friend give you something that they themselves don’t use? Well one night something stayed in to long and literally burnt in the microwave and that was that. I say all that to say all this…Our downstairs is now our sanctuary. If you follow me on Instagram you already know we live in a small jungle lol. The crush told a friend that I have us eating plants and trees and I laughed so loud. But it’s mostly true. We pay close attention to what we put in our bodies these days. And I definitely grow what I can.

Yes, Down stairs is now our little haven. We only play music down stairs now and we carry on, letting laughter fill the room and we talk and are able to be fully engaged and because there is no microwave… when it’s dinner time those talks are everything. And I dance y’all…all around the house and I have plenty of room because we have literally given away almost all of our furniture. We basically only have the pieces that we have purchased since we have been married and trust me, we had lots. I had wall to wall furniture and then here comes my crush adding to it lol but no more because I now enjoy the space more than the stuff that was taking up the space and it takes space to dance. Sometimes I twirl around just so thankful to God for healing me because I no longer have verigo and I can spin as much as I please. A neighbor once asked what I was listening to while working in the garden and I told her It was Tasha Cobb but nonetheless I made it clear to her that she might hear some drop it like it’s hot coming through those soundbars because that’s just how I am…I’m real. One minute I’m doing my praise dance and the next…well let’s just say praise is what I do. But because I’ve always loved music and I’ve always loved to dance…I also dance for and with my husband. Y’all should try it sometime.

I’m strong on my own but with him by my side, I no longer have to stay in beast mode and trust me, he is strong enough for us both and this is why our marriage has lasted… because of his strength and because of his promise. This is the first and only man that has kept his promises to me. And this is why I love him. We use to dance together as teenagers and now we are blessed to dance together for the rest of our lives and all because we waited… Hear me loud and clear, there’s something about waiting!

Personally, I was able to release so much in 2020 that I felt ok but my friends I’m here to tell you when it comes to release and healing, there’s always more. We never arrive!!! And let me be clear healing is not for the faint, because in order to properly heal one must revisit everything and everyone who has been a part of the pain. We also decided no WiFi, we used a MyFi instead. No cable either just a antenna. We live across the street from the water so sometimes tv is good other times it is not. But remember, distractions come in different ways. So when it works it works. We don’t need a television to keep us entertained, entertainment comes in all forms.

With that being said I’m going to end up for the day. I have a session in a few with one of my newest mentors, we are going to be praying during this mentoring session because I asked a few folk questions last year and haven’t heard back from them y’all…go figure. So I decided maybe they don’t have a answer for me and I’m working on being ok with that but it’s been difficult because of what I thought I meant to them. Life is funny y’all and even when it’s not you better learn to laugh way more than you cry.

As the year was ending, I asked The Lord for some answers and it has been confirmed 3 times from trustworthy voices in my life that I have to wait. And if I have to wait y’all have to wait… for my next entry that is.

So until next time…Always Remember and Never Forget, we are all growing and like plants and trees as my husband says…We all do well with light love & liquid so don’t forget to drink your water.

Blessings Abounding, Vetta

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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