Free Yourself

Hello World, I have been super busy with mentoring but I’m back…And just in time for Freedom’s Eve. I’m so excited about what God is doing…how He has been using me to bless others. Working for The Creator is by far the best job in the world but let’s be clear, it’s work but it’s worth the work.

I often tell my mentees that “Freedom Ain’t Free”. I have one in particular that thinks I know all the answers…oh sweetie If Only. It’s a humbling experience to have someone like her in my life. We hold many other titles between us and are connected in more ways than one but we both know that the covenant connection…the divine connection is most important and because this young prophet is also our Goddaughter that solidifies that nothing else matters if we need to connect when it’s a spiritual matter.

I see her coming back from a trip…and I’ll need to be here for her is what I feel the Lord saying. So I’m preparing myself and I’ve let her Goddaddy know we’re about to level up in prayer again and of course Mr Coley stay ready for battle, that’s the Baltimore in him lol. He also reminded me that it’s only so much we can do. When I asked God for instructions on how to proceed with her mentorship for next year, the answer was to Just Pray and that’s exactly what I will continue to do…Praying that she begins to say what she sees…praying that she trust what she feels. Praying that she understands that the journey is often times difficult but the rewards are great. I pray that as her gift makes room for her, she walks in to those rooms boldly, confidentiality & courageously. I pray that the blessings I spoke over her marriage, as I performed the union are manifesting each and every day as long as they put in the work. And those two little blessings they have, I pray that she understands that that’s all the confirmation she needs. I also pray birthday blessings over her…she’s a new year baby y’all so after she pops the bottle and toast to New Beginnings in 2022, I pray she Always Remember how much she means to me and Never Forgets to drink her water…

She doesn’t know it but she’s my hero…pouring into her has blessed me in ways that can’t even be articulated and it enables to her to grow as she should but what one must always understand is that as we pour out we must be refilled. I’ve been able to let her see what peace is all about…but there’s always more. So I pray a birthday prayer, that this peace that I’ve found not escape her and that prayer will always be a gift I offer to her but I also pray that she has been faithful to have a ear to hear…what I’ve been saying to her but most importantly what God is trying to tell her.

Birthday Blessings to my little Wild Child 🌹

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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