The Beauty of His Creations…

@druidhillpark, Maryland…

What a wonderful spring break. Our two youngest were out of school so we took some time to see them. They are both growing up, trying to make some sense out of life… like most. And like with most all you can do is pray… that they remember the lessons taught and that they make it through ok.

We also had a opportunity to see family and friends… sowing seeds with some & with others, praying that our presence was enough & provided a sense of peace.

In all that we do, my husband reminds me that our main objective is to come in peace… When people have wronged you and lied on you, the truth will eventually come out.

When people have kept secrets and maintained lies, they will try to persuade others to keep their distance, oftentimes making grand statements as to play the victim. I don’t mind at all…

I’ve been a survivor of lies and decite for quite some time… I’ve learned to not let anger lead me. I rarely bother defending my name anymore. When people that were supposed to protect you and cover you… when people that were supposed to be your friend kept secrets about you that were ugly lies and no one ever saw fit to even ask but instead smiled in your face constantly…you learn to shake off the hate real smooth like and let God handle your lightweights.

Now look at these two… standing strong… the beautiful blue skies.

These are the skies that we pray under… and then we wait.

Vetta 🦋

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Podcaster- Coley Chronicles: All Things Real w Vetta/ Certified Life Coach/ Ordained Minister/ Mentor/ Prophet

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