The Balance of Life

There must be a rest to the people of God…

It is in this rest that we find balance.

Seeking and searching…

Understanding, that it is all working for our good.

Vetta 🦋

By Coley Chronicles

Blogger/ Host- Coley Chronicles/ Writer & Voice- Vetta's Gifts: A Collection of Poems by Keeser Coley/ Certified Life Coach/ Wife/Mother/Woman Warrior

One reply on “The Balance of Life”

Balance is important. Someone advised me to have enough reading, and praying daily. Keep a balance, and don’t be so heavy in the area of praying. I considered those words. Now I read through the Bible, and I pray to sleep, or when I feel led. Thank you for coming by Rubies Corners Blog. Smile. I do believe fellowship is awesome, and important.

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